My numb husband





The marriage happened too quickly and she thought it’s a fate that had been writing for her since the beginning. So, she shrugs off the negative thought and follow the path she had chosen for herself.

Afraid? Of course! She is only nineteen after all.

The man she is marrying is someone who she barely knows about. The someone she never met before. They never know each other. They never know the background of each other either. It’s complicated, right?

The strange thing is, they are not being forced into this marriage. It’s their own choice, it’s their own decision. The girl never says no, and the man just agrees it, but..

What is going to happen when at the first night after they got married she reveals something he never thought about?

  Shoo the pain and be happy..






Yang Seori (19) 



Jung Daehyun (25)





Daehyun's fic make a comeback again.. hehe

So I'm trying to make something serious with more maturity than my other stories before lol

I'll feel honor if you guys support it ^^


English is not my first language

Posting prologue as a starter..!






I'm sorry, I'm not the best author but I will do my best.. :)


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Chapter 4: Wow.. honeymoon is coming.. honestly daehyun gets a nice character beneath his expressionless face so i think he'd actually great in leading the marriage.
_shinhara #2
Chapter 4: Please continue this storyy.. Pleaseee. I beg youuu. You're the Best and always the Best. Fighting!!
Chapter 4: Wait, why?? I think you're doing good though..
Vwansha #4
Chapter 3: I can see the concept and writing is a lot more mature though. Its a lot more serious.
Vwansha #5
Chapter 3: Hewo!! I’m sorry for not reading your other story but I went back and read some of the Yongguk one shots. I miss Yongguk but dont worry he’s all yours hehe. But I feel like just because Seori vomited its doesn’t neccesarily mean she’s pregnant. Unless she took a test for it. I know its one of the symptoms but I feel like theres more to it than just vomiting. It’s good to know that Daehyun is willing to accept her. But it seems so far like assumptions. But at the same time I’m thinkin it might of been a one night stand thing. Honestly, it would be kind of funny if the one night stand was him and the baby is his. It would be ironic. I tried to subscribe but it wont let me T.T I’ll keep trying! But its good so far despite some grammar errors buts its understandable.
Chapter 2: She never had a boyfriend then how did she end up pregnant?! Wow! This is actually getting interesting!! Update soon :)
Chapter 2: Wow!!! What a surprising statement!
sound interesting, look forward to it !
Chapter 1: It's quite rare to find Daehyun X OC these days. I am so glad that you make one^^. Cheer up!!
New daehyunXoc story! Yes! And don't stop! I love it and will wait for next chapter ♡