Spring breeze and snowstorms

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Baekhyun was so beautiful but Chanyeol refused to fall inlove with him because love at first sight happening in a coffee shop on a spring day is too cliche. However, he saw him again on a summer day, he held the guy's hand one autumn night expecting to see him again on winter.

Or where Baekhyun is of course beautiful, Chanyeol is sometimes stupid, and Jongdae can be a hair stylist. 




"You're beautiful."

"Thank you. I love you"

"I love you too. Move in with me."

"Yes. I'll move in with you if and only if you let me raise a cat. Let's raise a cat together, Yeol."

"Yes, let's do that, Baek."








This is my first time writing and English isnt my first language so forgive the mistakes thankyou <3

Search me up on ao3, username: sandragracelee


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Chapter 7: How can this be your first??? Ugh! I love you already!
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Chapter 4: Ahhhh they met again and chanyeol is totally love sick and I love it
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