Dearly (You are beloved)


Momo and Mina might not be the most well-matched co-worker ever, but they kind of compatible in a way that they can't really comprehend. It's confusing, and sometimes adult makes mistakes too.


insert itsbeen84years.gif here.

Wow, I've been in a cave for damn too long, it physically confuses me to write again. 

It will take time to update this time because, well, I'm an adult with responsibilities. But I'll keep trying to deliver an enjoyable story for all of you.

For your listening pleasure.



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Chapter 5: I love this update so much. The kiss!! Omg
Mina's husband, smh
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Chapter 5: This chapter said more than what the writer write.
I can feel it and it's really hurt my heart.
This story is so beautiful..
Thanks for update Authornim..
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Chapter 5: Her former husband hit karen and Mitang... T T oh man i gotchu baby peach will be here, no need to worry. The kiss so sweet Y.Y im dying
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Chapter 5: This update is... Awesome. The development of Mina in the workplace is heartwarming to see idk I love to see Mina as a manager;-; then the reason why Momo is suddenly bold is interesting tbh sjdjskdjs yes even the Hirai know she is a useless lesbian. I'm glad Karen opening up to Momo tho!! And to put the puzzle, I don't want to assume anything rn and just go with the flow, I'm just glad Mina and Karen got each other-- and now Momo is coming to the little circle, with Mina opening her heart and Karen's unsaid approval, make it even more perfect. Thank you for your awesome update!
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Ahhh yesss finally they kissed XDDDDD
Ooff, I think I've got some ideas about Mitang and Karen-chan's past :(((
I hope they'll recover with Momo :")
Great job and great writing as always, authornim! <3
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Chapter 5: Waaaaahhh. They kissed!!!!!!! Don’t worry Mina, Momo will always be there for you. Momo, please don’t leave Mina, she needs you :’)
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Chapter 5: Can't wait for the next update Author-ssi. ❤️MiMo❤️ Fighting!
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Chapter 5: Ooohhhh this is getting more and more interesting. I want to know Mina and Karen’s past. I can’t wait for the next update hehe. And that ending part where mimo kissed <3
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Chapter 5: I felt that. This is soooo good
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Chapter 5: Ooo Can't Wait To Know Mina And Karen
Past +_+Story Anyway
Thanks For The Update Authornim ((:
Can't WaitTo Read The Next Chapter^^