Need a ride, Puppy?

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He wasn’t expecting a happy ending. No, not when the root of their relationship was nothing but a contract for business partnership. But all wishful thinking crumbled down when his groom-to-be stood him up on the day of their wedding.

Baekhyun, hurt and disappointed, left the event in white tux, with nothing but cold, empty heart.

Then came Park Chanyeol, riding that fancy bike in all leather and helmet.


“Need a ride, puppy?”

Baekhyun initially wanted to punch his handsome face and wipe that arrogant smirk off of his face. How dare he call him with such an absurd nickname?

But maybe, a ride and an old friend was what he needed to forget that day.

Because after that night, he’ll forget everything about his coward fiancé, about his inconsiderate family, anything that has to do with marriage, and that wretched thing called love.


okay, don't sue me for making a new story. i tried to take a break from chanbaek but here i am, crawling back here. yes...yes... it's all because of that biker concept on the upcoming comeback. i need a badass chanyeol riding a bike. leaving you guys with this for now! 

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