Stay With You

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Struggling with financial problems Lee Siyeon was fired from her job to make the matters worst she was kicked out of her apartment with no where to go. Wondering the streets when it started to rain Siyeon hater her life wondering why such unwanted events keeps happening to her. She sat down on a bench hugging her knees to stay warm when she no longer felt rain dropping on her head looking up to see a pair of stunning eyes looking down at her.

“Why are you sitting here in the rain”


Hi, this is my first book in a while so I don’t know is I’m lacking anything, anyway I hope you enjoy.

I’m sorry I was suppose to include a poll but forgot, hehe.

Anyway thank you for reading, please comment what you think will happen next, 10-40 karma points depending how accurate your prediction was.
Thank you for reading


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frenzymenzy #1
Chapter 14: I liked this chapter..It gave me mix feelings,a mixture of sadness and happiness at the same time :) ALSO,the last sentence really got me excited!!!Is Suayeon going to get married?!!!
Chapter 14: O-oh the confession OwO
Dadison #3
Chapter 14: i love this whole plot
Dadison #4
Chapter 14: OHHHMGHODD
THIS IS SO INTRESTING, you’re an amazing writer
frenzymenzy #5
Chapter 13: Siyeon cant lose another Sua/Bora *cries* She's going to get hurt again :( Bora better go for the surgery
Chapter 13: The unknown pov, is that another bora? ^^'
Dadison #7
Chapter 12: thanks for the update
its getting more intresting
Chapter 12: Wait i confuse'^'
Solji3 1 points #9
Chapter 12: Ok im little confused so sua died for real and bora is sick? For my personal test I actually dont want siyeon end with bora is she is really her twin. But love your story
frenzymenzy 1 points #10
Chapter 12: Hopefully that Sua's disease is not that dangerous :( Siyeon can't lose another Sua :( But,i'm also excited to see how would Siyeon act around Bora now that Sua had given her permission for her to date new twin XD