Writing Service Guide On How To Structure A Level Essay On Different Topics


How To Structure A Level Essay On Different Topics

Structuring an essay is the key point getting good grades in essay exams, same goes with A level essay. Usually, students are not able to meet the standards of writing and structuring which results into bad grades. This is the reason why, A level essays are considered to be one of the most difficult assignments ignoring the fact most of the problems lies in the structuring of an essay.


This is why: My-Custom-Essays have decided to provide a step by step guideline on how to structure A level essays for different topics.

First topic: A level history essay

We will be providing you with three step guideline for writing A level essays, read and follow it.

First step:

The first part will be of introduction where you will be briefly discussing the nature of the topic of A level essays. Generally, students are given the subject in the form of a question so it is crucial that the topic is crafted in a way that reflects the A level essay question and so the thesis statement. Make sure, the topic sentence you are writing is supporting the thesis statement as well.

Second step:

Here, you would be dealing with the body of the essay; the body consists of different paragraphs illustrating separate ideas. As it is related to the history then you should make sure you are utilizing all the historical evidences in the body. You should also make sure that every paragraph start with a topic sentence supporting the whole idea of the A level essay.

Third step:

This section would be of conclusion; here you would be wrapping up the whole essay in two or three lines. The conclusion should be consisting of a short summary, restating of the thesis statement and you viewpoints.

Second topic: A level art essay

First step:

There are number of subjects on whom you can write or order custom essay writings, whatever the topic of you're a level essays, you should make the introduction as compelling as possible so as to engage the reader in the essay. The introduction should ideally be consisting of the background of the topic, thesis statement and a glimpse of what should he expect from the rest of the A level essay.

Second step:

In the second step, you would be dealing with the body paragraphs, it might relate to the music, literature or the visual elements. Thus, you have to think from the perspective of an artist to develop a good body paragraph of A level essay.

Third step:

You would be wrapping up the entire work in two or three lines depending on the recommended length of A level essay. Restate the thesis statement; provide a short summary of what you discussed in the essay and what is the final outcome.

Now, you know what is the ideal structure of A level essays; your essay should be based on three different segments or steps that are introduction, body and conclusion. Final words of advice are to consult your teacher if you have any confusion.


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