Reincarnation: Unavoidable Fate

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"How many lives does it take to be happy with the one you love?
For most people it only takes one.
For me it is definitely more than that." 

Man Ha Neul has a secret that no one knows. 
She can remember all of her past lives, a blessing and a curse.
For her to forget it all, she has to complete the task given by the Time Controller
~Be with the one you love until the very end. 

She has to find the man determined by her fate to be rid of the curse.

Even though Ha Neul manages to find him, fate is cruel to them once again. 
Kim Jong In, the man of her dreams, is framed for murder and now Ha Neul has to save him no matter what. 


I grabbed the hoodie off his head and lifted it only to stare at his face.
“What the heck are you doing?”At that moment I couldn’t feel my feet…
That face… it’s him. I found him…
I found the man I’ve been looking for. The one man that will help me end this cycle.

I'm back with a new story after  long time. Please enjoy. ^_^

This is an original story so please don't plagiarize and if by chance there are similarities to other fanfiction out there I would like to assure that it's pure coincidence and please forgive me if it really is similar to other fanfiction.

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In this story there are going to be mentions of serious matters such as, suicide, murder, abusse of every kind and a few cus words.
Since it's only mentioned though i don't know if i should tag it as mature or let it be. Please let me know in the comments so i can know what to do.





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