Chapter 6

Little Do You Know

‘Our love is six feet under, I can’t help but wonder if our grave was watered by the rain… Would roses bloom? Could roses bloom again?’


 It was almost noon by the time Nayeon dropped Rosé off at the Blackpink dorm

“Are you sure you don’t want to come in?” Rosé asked getting out of the car.

“No I’d rather not be late for lunch or my members will kill me” Nayeon laughed “But do give my regards to your members” Nayeon pulled Rosé in for a hug ”And remember whatever I told you.”

“I will. Thanks for everything” Rosé bid her friend goodbye and went back into the dorm rubbing her forehead. The pill hadn’t helped her hangover much .As she walked into the dorm she immediately wondered if her members had all gone out since it was so quiet but her doubts were soon erased as she walked into her room and found Lisa sitting on her bed.

“Hey Lisa” Chaeyoung smiled at the maknae.

“Oh hey” Lisa said without looking up at.

“Lisa? What’s wrong?” Rosé asked sitting beside Lisa on the bed who continued to ignore her. 

“Yah Lisa-yah why are you acting so childish? Just tell me what’s wrong?” she took Lisa’s arm but to her surprise the younger girl yanked her arm away angrily.

“Lisa…” Rosé was scared now

Lisa met her eyes with a fierce gaze “I don’t know Chaeyoung, you tell me”

“I don’t understand” For a second Rosé was afraid that Lisa had found out about the past night. Maybe she still had the whiskey on hear breath, but what Lisa did next clarified for her that Lisa didn’t know about that. She knew about something worse.

“Lisa…” Chaeyoung’s lips shivered as she looked at the tissue paper in Lisa’s hands “Lisa I…”

“You left your jacket at practise yesterday. I borrowed it since I hadn’t carried mine” Lisa said softly

Chaeyoung looked at the tissue paper on which she had poured out all her feelings about Jennie, in Lisa’s hand. 

 “Who is this about?”Lisa asked softly

“No one Lisa”

“Who hurt you?” Lisa raised her voice slightly

“Lisa no one hurt me” Rosé was taken aback by her

Lisa looked at Rosé with pain in her eyes “I thought we were best friends. I thought we share everything. But no I guess not!”

“Lisa! Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?” Rosé’s voice cracked. She and Lisa bickered often but this was something else.

“Because you changed bloody hell!” Lisa teared up “You changed! Things changed so much! You think I can’t see how sad you have been since your holiday with Jennie Unnie! Do you think I can’t see both of you not being able to look into each other’s eyes let alone exchange any words. Do you think I don’t see the pain in your eyes”

 Rosé looked away.

“You are my closest friend. I care a lot about you I don’t like seeing you like this. You won’t tell me what’s going on. Jennie unnie won’t tell me what happened. I can’t take it. I can’t take you both acting like the other doesn’t exist. I can’t watch that pain in your eyes anymore.” Lisa began crying making Chaeyoung immediately reach out to hug her.

“Lisa I…” Chaeyoung was having difficulty saying anything now.

“This is about Jennie Unnie. Isn’t it?” Lisa demanded an answer angrily through her tears.

Rosé was surprised “How did you know?”

“Please” Lisa sobbed “We have known since the trainee days. It has been so obvious that you have a massive crush on her.”

Chaeyoung looked away with guilt “Oh”

“You could have told me earlier you know.”

“I’m sorry Lisa. I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“I used to think I was your best friend. But I don’t think I am since you don’t feel comfortable sharing anything with me” Lisa wiped her tears.

“Lisa! It’s not like that. Trust me. I was…I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Lisa interrupted.

“I was afraid of telling anyone about my feelings. I didn’t know how you would react. I didn’t know how I felt. And after everything that happened I felt ashamed”

“Ashamed? Why?”

“I ruined my friendship. Mine and Jennie Unnie’s and clearly its affecting the whole group”

“So what happened?” Lisa asked holding up the tissue paper “Don’t say nothing because it’s so obvious something did”

“I kissed her Lisa” Chaeyoung blurted out then teared up “I kissed her. We fell on each other I couldn’t control my feelings so I kissed her but it was a mistake” Chaeyoung started crying

Lisa sat in shock as she continued “That night she told me it wasn’t a big deal. I got offended and revealed all my feelings to her. But she…but she doesn’t love me back and I don’t know what to do” Rosé continued crying  as Lisa wrapped her in her arms.

“Chipmunk…” Lisa tightening the hug around the older girl as she cried her heart out. “I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Lisa. I was afraid” she cried on shoulder who was gently her back “I wanted to tell you for so long”

“It’s ok I understand. I’m sorry I got upset. I was just so frustrated because you were both so sad all the time and no one was telling me what was happening. I didn’t like seeing us fall apart like this” Lisa said comforting her crying friend who nodded “I am sorry to have caused this” Rosé said sadly.

“Lisa, what do I do?” Rosé asked holding back tears as Lisa her hair

“She said she didn’t like you back?” Lisa asked softly

“She did.” Rosé said

“You have to move on. You have liked her for years Park Chaeyoung but she doesn’t like you back. Move on over her or it’s going to hurt even worse”

Rosé nodded “I know .I’ll try”

“Good chipmunk” Lisa smiled “Keep yourself busy. Spend more time with me and Jisoo unnie. And also stop ignoring Jennie Unnie. You can be distant for sometime but don’t shut her out. She may not love you like that but she loves you as a friend. And I miss us four”

“Ok” Rosé nodded hugging Lisa again “I’m sorry. You are an amazing friend Lisa I should been honest with you”

 “Yes please” Lisa wiped away her tears “And don’t you ever hide your sadness from me again. Or I’ll be very angry” Lisa made an angry face making Chaeyoung laugh. “Ok I’m sorry”

“Good” Lisa held her. They stayed like that in each other’s arms with their eyes closed for a minute after which Lisa broke the silence “By the way. You aren’t the only one who had her first kiss this month”

Rosé’s eyes flew open as she looked at Lisa “What! Who?”

“You are not the only one who has had a crush on one of our Unnies”

Rosé grabbed Lisa’s arm “Manoban! Don’t tell me that you and Jisoo Unnie”

Lisa nodded making Rosé squeal and hug her tightly ‘I’m so happy for you!”

“Easy, easy. I can’t breathe”

“So are you guys together!?”

Lisa laughed at the girl’s enthusiasm “We are still figuring it out but more or less yes. I was planning on telling you but since it wasn’t official and a little complicated I didn’t. But now things are getting sorted.”

“Oh my god that’s amazing” Rosé giggled “Now it’s you keeping secrets!”

“Like I said it was complicated. And it’s not like I was very sad or hurting. I was happy”

 “Wish I had such good luck” Rosé looked sad

“Hey! You do have good luck! You just have to wait a little longer. I’m sure you will find yourself a caring girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever you want, and they will keep you very happy! They better or I won’t let them near you.” Lisa said making Rosé laugh “I’m serious. I only want the best for you!”

Rosé smiled placing her head on Lisa’s shoulder “You are an amazing girl who deserves a fairytale romance. You deserve love and you will find love. So don’t you be sad anymore” Rosé had tears of happiness in her eyes now after what Lisa just said 

“Lisa you are the best. I am blessed to have a friend like you”

“I know!” Lisa smirked and relaxed into her best friend’s embrace 


Sitting on a table for two at their favorite coffee shop, the two unnies settled themselves in sipping their favorite drinks. They left their dorm thirty minutes ago leaving their maknae alone. It was supposed to be the three of them leaving but Lisa chose to stay in case Chaeyoung arrives.

Jennie's sipping her Vanilla Bean frappe looking at the busy street outside the café when Jisoo spoke "You seem to be in a very deep thinking, Jendeuk."

Jennie turned her gaze to Jisoo "I'm not unnie"

"Well, you sure are to me." Jisoo said confidently. "If something's bothering you, you know you can always share it to me Jen. I am always here to listen."

The younger girl let out a deep sigh "Unnie, have you ever felt like being confused because something unusual happened?"

"What do you mean, Jen? I don't quiet get you." Jisoo asked confusingly.

"Uhm how should I say this...well...I"

"Is this about Chaeyoung?" Jisoo said with conviction not letting the younger girl finish her sentence.

"Well..." the younger girl nodded and said "yes"

"What happened during your vacation? Lisa and I are so worried for the both of you."

"Uhm unnie, will you promise me not to freak out?" 

Jisoo sipped from her Java Chip frappe and then looked at the girl in front of her "I can't promise Jen. You tell me first."

"Ro-Rosé and I uhm...we kissed." Jennie said hesitatingly waiting for the older girl's response.

"Is that all?" Jisoo said without showing any emotions.

"Aren't you gonna freak out?" the younger girl asked in shocked.

"Argh Jendeuk, you're confusing me." the older girl face-palmed "You said not to freak out and now you’re asking me that." Jisoo playfully said showing her dramatic skills.

"But you're not supposed to react like that. You make it seem like it is normal to you." Jennie whined making Jisoo chuckled.

"It is normal Jendeuk. You kiss your friends on their cheek." Jisoo said taking long sip from her drink.

"It's not a normal kiss. We kissed on the lips." Jennie shyly said making Jisoo to spit her drink out of .

"WHAT?! Am I hearing it right Jendeuk?" the older girl asked not trying to believe what the younger girl said only to receive a shy nod.

"I knew you'd freak out." the younger girl whispered but enough for Jisoo to hear.

" did that happened?" Jisoo asked aggressively.

Jennie then told her unnie everything that happened from the very beginning until when they went back home to their dorm.

"I knew something's wrong with Chaeng. I knew it!" Jisoo exclaimed loud enough to disturb other people which made the other customers look at her judgmentally. Jennie bowed apologizing those were disturbed by her friend’s sudden excitement.

“Unnie, can you lower down your voice. You’re disturbing other people you know.” The younger girl warned Jisoo.

“Hmm who cares about them? They don’t own this place.” The older girl said rolling her eyes upward and then looked at the girl in front of her dreamily “What happened next? Did you say you love her too?”

“What? No!” Jennie exclaimed making the customers to look at them again and hushed them to be quiet. Jisoo rolled her eyes for the second time before looking back at her friend expecting for more details “I mean, I love her but not like that unnie. I don't think I love her. Actually, I don't know how I feel.” The younger girl added.

Jisoo looked intently at the younger girl observing her expressions “So you broke her heart?”

Taken aback, Jennie looked at Jisoo and nodded “But it wasn’t my intention unnie.”

“Maybe but you somehow gave her the idea that you also feel the same for kissing her back which you aren’t supposed to do because you have no feelings for her.”

Jennie may not be that person to admit that her friend is right but Jisoo has a point. It shouldn’t end up like this if she didn’t kissed Rosé back in the first place.

“What should I do unnie?” Jennie face-palmed frustratingly. “I don’t want to lose Rosé. I can’t lose her.”

Jisoo sipped from her drink “She did say that she wants to be alone right? Well, that obviously means that you should stay away from her for now. I’m not saying that you should ignore her forever but I think you should not bother her at the moment. Give her space, Jendeuk. Our little Chaeyoung will come back eventually.”

The younger girl sighed “I guess you’re right, unnie. I’ll give her space for now. Yeah, that should what I do.”

Jisoo nodded.

Both girls were busy finishing their own drinks when Jisoo broke the silence.

“I have to tell you something though.”

Jennie looked curiously at the older girl “What is it?”

“Well, since you shared something to me, I guess it’s fair if I’ll share something to you too.” Jisoo sincerely said.

“You’re making me nervous, unnie. What is it about?”

“It’s about Lisa and I.” the older girl said not even showing any signs of hesitations.

“What is with you and Lisa?”

“She went home to Thailand with me and my family, right?” Jennie nodded making the older girl continue “Well, we had so much fun during our stay there. I met her extended family and I swear that they are so amazing. I still get to showcase my bar tending skills in front them and my family, of course with the guidance of Lisa’s chef dad. I can really say that her whole family is amazing. I like to live there someday.” Jisoo said dreamily.

“Uhm unnie, how is this related to you and Lisa? I mean, I thought you’re going to tell me something interesting which is the reason why you said you wanted to be fair.”

“Aish! It was just an introduction, Jendeuk. You know, every story has its prologue right? So learn to be patient.” Jisoo shook her head.

Jennie chuckled at her friend’s antics “Alright, I’ll be patient. You may now continue.”

“Well since you’re so impatient, I’m just go jump to the best part.” The older girl said making Jennie to get excited.

“What is it, unnie?” Jennie asked before sipping from her drink.

“Lisa and I kissed.” Jisoo proudly said.

Jennie spat out her drink from . “What?!”

“I said we kissed.” Jisoo said with a smile on her face.

“Wait, so what are you now? I mean are you two dating?” Jennie asked shockingly which made Jisoo nod. “But why didn’t you tell me? I thought we’re best friends and best friends share secrets.” She added.

Jisoo smirked “Wow! Coming from you Jendeuk?”

“But unnie, mine was very complicated.” Jennie whined.

“Bold of you to assume that mine wasn’t complicated too.”

“Well, you seem happy now.” The younger girl said sincerely

“Because I really am. Whatever circumstances Lisa and I faced, we were able to surpass it. Look at us now? We remain unbothered and  unproblematic.” Jisoo said smugly.

"I'm genuinely happy for you and Lisa, Jisoo-unnie." Jennie smiled "I wish I could get closer to my own happiness too." she added with a sigh.

"Don't worry Jen, your happiness will come to you when you least expect it. Just be patient, okay?" Jisoo advised making Jennie smiled.

Several minutes later talking about everything under the sun, the girls received a notification - a message from their group chat.

Jisoo didn't bother to open the message after knowing that it wasn't from Lisa and just asked the younger girl sitting in front of her "It's been a while since we've used that group chat. Who was it, Jen?"

Jennie looked up from her phone to look at the older girl and answered her with a wide smile showing her gums "It's from Irene unnie."



Chaeyoung and Lisa were watching Disney animated movies inside the latter girl's room after their emotional talk awhile ago when their phones suddenly lit up. Lisa's full attention was on the movie that she wasn't able to notice that she just received a message. Rosé, on the other hand, was too preoccupied that she could not even understand what the movie is all about making her to grab her phone and opened the message.

Big 3 Bosses

Joohyunie: Girls! I'm back!
           Where you at?
           Let's meet up!
           I also have an announcement to make.
           See y'all!!


Reading the message made Rosé's heart beat faster than the usual. "This can't be." she thought to herself "She can't be back" she added.

Now that Irene's back, Rosé remembered how one of their members were so whipped for the older girl.


"Unnie,what's up with you? You've been on your phone all day, you're not usually like that. And what's with up with those smiles? You're not that smiley every time you read a joke online." a teenage Chaeyoung asked Jennie.

Jennie transferred her gaze from her phone to the younger girl "Chaeyoung-ah, do you remember that girl I mentioned the last time? The one who I met at the salon?" Rosé nodded making the older girl smiled widely "Did I forgot to mention that I asked for her number?"

Chaeyoung was dumbfounded. She did not expect to see the older girl to be this all giddy about another person, especially with a girl. "You asked for it?"

The older girl nodded "Uhuh! I told her I want to get close to her so she gave her number immediately." Jennie said dreamily "and guess what?"


"I already know her name!" Jennie screamed loudly making her dog, Kai, barked "Oops, sorry Kai"

"Uhm that's good to know. So what's her name?" Rosé asked despite the heavy feeling in her heart.

"Her name is Bae Joohyun but she prefers to be called Irene." the older girl said showing her gummy smile.

"So uh wh-what is she like?"

"She's so pretty, Chaeng! Like really, really pretty. At first you may think that she's cold and unapproachable  but once you get to know her, she’s the nicest person you would ever meet. She's a trainee from SM Entertainment and she's debuting soon. She's so talented - she can dance, she can sing and she can rap too. And did I mentioned that she's super pretty? I really can't believe that I have met someone as perfect as her, Chaeng. She's...."

Rosé could no longer understand what the older girl was saying. It's like her mind has stopped working. All she could only feel was her heart being broken in to tiny pieces. And all she could ever do is to act and pretend that she's happy for the older girl when in reality, her heart is dying.


"Chipmunk, are you okay? You were spacing out." Rosé went back to reality when she heard her best friend speak.

"Ah yes, I'm okay Lisa." she smiled "Can I go out for a minute? I'm just gonna call someone." she added making Lisa nod.

"Can you bring some snacks when you get back, please." the maknae asked without looking at the older girl.


Rosé then walked out of Lisa's room and went inside her room. She dialed Nayeon's number as she remembered what the older girl has said after before she left to go back to her dorm.

"Rosé-ah, I know someone. She's just got out from a toxic relationship. If you want then I can introduce you to her." Nayeon said while waiting for the traffic light to go green as they were stuck in the traffic. "Look, I'm not asking you to date someone just because your heartbroken but it's up to you Chaeng. It's up to you if you want to stay miserable or you're going to give your heart a break. Your choice, Change. Your choice."

Rosé smiled "Thanks, unnie. I'll think about it."

Rosé dialed Nayeon's number and on the third ring, the older girl answered.

"Hey Chaeyoung-ah! Did you forget something here?" Nayeon answered enthusiastically.



"Unnie, does your offer still stands?"

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