Chapter 5

Little Do You Know

"Why do I pull you close and then ask you for space? If all it is is eight letters, why is it so hard to say?"








It has been exactly two weeks since Jennie and Chaeyoung came back to their dorm from their fun-turned-awkward vacation at Jennie's family's house and to say that the both of them hoped for everything to go back to normal is actually the opposite of what happened. Arriving at their dorm two days prior their two members' arrival is somewhat a wrong choice but staying at the older girl's parents' house is a wrong choice as well and that leaves them with no choice but to endure the awkward atmosphere they felt.



But now two weeks later the girls are currently in their practice room resting, feeling sore and hungry. They have just finished their whole day rehearsal in preparation for their upcoming performances and the girls are lying lazily on the floor with their eyes on their phones.



“Girls, I’ll go ahead. I have to go to somewhere.””


The girls heard one of their members blurt out. Chaeyoung came out of their practice room’s bathroom already dressed in a black skinny jeans and white crop top t-shirt, wearing an Adidas Stan Smith Limited Edition Orange White shoes and a black strap back baseball cap to match her outfit.


“But we’re about to have dinner, Chaeng.” Jisoo stated making Lisa and Jennie look at the leaving girl waiting for an answer.


Rosé grabbed her Louis Vuitton Bumbag 2018 and wore it around her torso. “I’ll just have my dinner to where I’m heading to, unnie.” She looked down “I promised my old friends I’ll meet them” Chaeyoung smiled ”


The oldest girl sighed as Lisa’s eyes squinted “Alright Chaeng but be back home before midnight, okay? And please be careful””


Rosé walked towards the door “If ever I’ll be home past midnight, can you please cover me up to manager oppa or manager unnie?””


Jisoo only nodded and said “Fine but you have to take care of yourself, Park Chaeyoung. Be safe.””


Rosé just smiled and exited the door hearing a tired “Take care and have fun Chipmunk” coming from Lisa before the door closed.



Lisa and Jisoo noticed the quiet cat-like-eyed girl lying near the wall-sized mirror who was just listening to the interaction happened between the oldest girl and the girl who just left. Since the oldest member and the maknae arrived home from their vacation about two weeks ago, they’ve already noticed the silence between the second and the third member. Spending the whole two weeks without witnessing the two girls interact with each other made Jisoo and Lisa got confused and curious as to what happened during the two girls’ vacation at Jennie Kim’s house. Moreover Lisa being Chaeyoung’s bestfriend had already noticed a change in Chaeyoung’s behavior and literally anyone could tell there was some sort of tension between Jennie and Chaeyoung.


Lisa, as the curious-girl-who always-wants- to-know-everything as she is, interrogated Jennie.


“Unnie, what happened between you and Rosie during your vacation?” she asked”’


Not knowing what to answer, Jennie stares off in space as she remembered the events happened two weeks ago.



Jennie and Chaeyoung arrived at their dorm around four o'clock in the afternoon feeling exhausted after an hour drive (although Jennie's parents' house is just within the city of Seoul, it'll always take from 45 minutes to an hour drive to their dorm usually because of the heavy traffic). Feeling a little awkward, Chaeyoung tried to go immediately inside her room when Jennie called her which made her stop.


"Chaeng, can we talk. Please." the older girl pleaded.


Chaeyoung turned to face Jennie "About what unnie?"


"You exactly know what it is about, Chaeng."


Jennie's right, the tall girl exactly knows what it is about but pretended to know nothing. "I have no idea what you are talking about unnie."


Jennie sighed in defeat "About us, Chaeng."


Taken aback, Chaeyoung replied in her Australian accent "There's no us, Jen."


"I know. What I mean is what will happen to us now? I can't afford losing you, Chaeng. You know I love you." Jennie said with sadness in her voice.


"Yeah" Chaeyoung sighed "but not like how I feel for you" she whispered but enough for Jennie to hear her.


"I'm so sorry, hubby. I didn't mean to hurt you."


"It's okay, unnie. I understand." Chaeyoung smiled. "Just let me be by myself for now."


Jennie was about to speak more but the tall girl already entered her bedroom closing its door. Letting out a sad sigh, the short girl walked inside her bedroom, locked it and laid down the bed trying to stop herself from crying.




"Earth to Jendeuk! Hello? Are you still with us?"


Jisoo waved her hand in front of Jennie's face which made the latter girl went back to her senses.


"Uhm sorry." Jennie sat up leaning her back against the wall-sized mirror "What's that again?"


"Lisa was asking you about what happened between you and Chaeng because you know; Lisa and I can really feel the tension between you two. What happened on your vacation Jendeuk? The last thing I remembered was you telling us to make Chaeyoung happy and not the other way around.” Jisoo asked.


Jennie sighed “Nothing unnie. We just went out; went to a movie theater, watched a concert, binge watched Netflix, watched Disney movies walked to the park and that’s it. Nothing happened aside from that.””


The cat-eyed girl looked away trying to dodge the judging stares coming from the two girls after telling them what happened. Well not exactly everything that happened. Jennie did not disclose any details about that kiss because she thinks that it’ll surely freaked the two girls out.


“Are you sure unnie? Because I really think that something happened during your vacation. You wouldn’t act like you don’t know each other if nothing happened.” Lisa asked trying to fish out more information from the older girl. “Chaeng looks really unhappy and lost these days and so do you!” Lisa was becoming impatient making Jisoo grab her hand to calm her down


Jennie was shocked at the younger girl getting angry “Look, whether you believe me or not, I am telling you that nothing happened. Rosie and I just spent our vacation like normal people would. If you think that Rosie and I are awkward with each other then that’s no longer my problem.” Jennie stood up and walked directly to the bathroom.


Lisa and Jisoo looked at each other.


“Unnie, do you think Jennie unnie’s telling the truth?” Lisa asked the older girl.


“I don’t know Lisa. But what I surely know is something is up between the two of them. Rosie wouldn’t act like Jennie’s invisible or something because we all know how clingy she is to Jennie. And Jennie wouldn’t just let Rosie leave like that without even knowing where she’s heading to. Do you get my point?” Jisoo squinted her eyes looking at Lisa.


“I surely got your point, unnie. So what are we going to do now?” Lisa asked.


“I don’t know for now but we’ll have to figure out what is up.” Jisoo said firmly.


Lisa nodded saying "I'm with you, unnie. I don’t look seeing Chipmunk or Jennie Unnie like this" and tried to think of a plan on how to make Jennie or Rosie talk about what really happened between them.




(Ps. Due to some font issues the following part may appear in italics, but it takes place in the present and is not a flashback)


Rosé didn’t really indulge in alcohol. She was the legal age and had been to the bar a couple times, usually with her members to celebrate but she never drank too much. However after everything that had happened in the past week Rosé found herself standing in front of the bar. She had lied to her members about meeting friends. Her intentions were something different.


“One drink won’t do me any harm. I need it. No one has to know” her heart raced as she approached the bar and walked in. It was a bar reserved mainly for the high class, idols and celebrities thus Rosé was assured she wouldn’t draw a lot of attention. She walked in and asked for whiskey. “Just one glass. Its ok”


“Scuse me. One more” *hic* “One more glass please” Rosé slurred holding up the empty glass

The bartender looked at her with surprise “Are you sure Miss?” He knew that she was by herself and it wasn’t safe for her to have more than six glasses like this by herself


“Yes obviously” Rosé slurred back as he took the glass and went to get her a refill. Rosé looked around. The world was spinning, she could barely decipher anything. Sweat beads had pooled on her forehead and gently slithered down her face. She knew she couldn’t even walk anymore . A couple more glasses and she would pass out.


‘One more glass. That’ll be it’ she told herself but knew that she had no intention of stopping anytime soon. She practically cheered as the bartender bought her another glass “Thank you.” She hiccupped and drank


Hey” Rosé slammed the glass down and looked up to see a man staring down at her “are you having a good time?”

“You bet I am!” She replied in her thick accent with a wide smile “It is true what they say about alcohol. It surely eases the pain in your heart even if it gives you a pain in the head” she laughed

“I see. Broken heart?”

“Yes” she slurred sadly

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“Sure!” she said. Clearly not in her senses anymore as the guy sat down beside her closing the gap between them by putting his arm around her as she dropped herself on him. He smirked. She was a mess he didn’t even need to spike her drink.

“Excuse me. Do you mind? She is with me” The guy turned around to look at another girl glaring at him “Can you get your hands off of her? Or do you want me to create a scene?”

“Ok mam” He stood up and walked away with a sigh

Rosé turned around to face her saviour “Nayeonieee unnieee” she slurred “Eonnieee *hic* it’s been so long”

“Are you crazy Rosé?” Im Nayeon walked up to the tall girl and took the glass away from her “You could have been in so much trouble. He could have taken advantage of you”

“Thank you” Rosé slurred standing up and pulling the shorter girl in her arms. Nayeon was surprised as Rosé started crying loudly “Rosie calm down it’s ok”

Rosé looked up to meet her friend’s eyes “Please help me”

“What happened?”

“I..she…it’s her fault” Rosé hiccupped

“Whose fault? What fault?”

“She doesn’t like me. I ruined our friendship. Look at me Unnie. Am I ugly or dumb? What do I lack”

“You are drunk and over thinking”

Rosé groaned softly before placing her head against Nayeon and passing out

“What the…” Nayeon turned around to meet Jeongyeon’s eyes “What happened here?”

“I noticed her getting drunk out of her sense by herself so I came to help her but she passed out in my arms.” Nayeon told Jeongyeon who walked up to the duo and helped Nayeon seat Rosé “Should I call the Blackpink members Unnie?”

“Let’s get her out of here first.” Nayeon said


Rosé woke up groaning as a throbbing head ache gripped her forehead. “What in the the…” she looked around trying to figure out where she was “whose clothes...” she wondered looking at the pajamas

“Good morning” she nearly jumped as Nayeon walked into the room “Nayeon Unnie? What the”

“Have this first” Nayeon handed her a pill and a glass of water. Rosé obeyed

“Good. Let’s have breakfast.” She guided her to the dinning room of Twice’s dorm as Rosé tried to recall what had happened.

“Unnie…what happened?” she asked sheepinshly

“I’ll tell you Rosé -ah. Have a seat first and don’t worry the other members don’t know. Me and Jeongyeon found you and brought you back with us. We told them we found you outside taking a walk and invited you to come over and spend some time but you were so tired that you fell asleep in the car so we put you straight to bed.”


“We said the same thing to your members too. They were worried about you. I told them I’ll drive you back to the dorm after breakfast”

“Thank you Nayeon Unnie and I’m sorry”

“Do you remember everything then?”

“Bits” Rosé teared up realising the trouble and worry she had caused her friends

“Good because you better not do this again! Imagine what could have happened had I not been there! It’s not safe to get so drunk by yourself that too so late in the evening. You not only got your members worried but imagine if the media had seen you! You could have been kicked out of your company!” Nayeon scolded the younger girl

Rosé heard Nayeon out and nodded with tears streaming down her cheeks “I will never do that again I promise”

“Good. Im not telling anyone this time but if you repeat such stupid stunts your members are just a phone call away”

“I am sorry” Rosé couldn’t meet Nayeon’s eyes who slowly scooted over and gave Rosé a hug. “Im sorry I yelled at you. I was just worried”

“I’m sorry I worried you”

“Ok that’s enough apologising” Nayeon smiled

“Where are the twice members?” Rosé asked

“They went out shopping. I stayed back to look after you”

Rosé felt even more guilty “ Oh..sorry”

They went back to eating silently, but after a while Nayeon broke the silence “So will you tell me what happened?”

Rosé looked away “Uhm”

“You were saying something about some girl not loving you back…is that the reason for you to get drunk alone like that”

Rosé sheepishly nodded “I’m sorry” she said for the nth time as Nayeon sighed then smiled at her softly

“It’s ok. I have been in your place. I get it.”

Rosé looked up “Really?”

“Yeah. I may be with Jeongyeon now but it wasn’t always this way. She didn’t always love me back”

“Oh well Jennie also…” she stopped realising she had named Jennie making Nayeon smirk

“Someone has high standards. Jennie Kim huh!”

Rosé blushed hard “I…I mean..”

Don’t worry Chaeyoung ah” Nayeon patted her back “This all stays between you and me. I saw how sad you were yesterday. I genuinely want to help you.”

Rosé smiled widely and hugged Nayeon

“But you must keep your promise never to hurt by yourself again. And especially not get drunk by yourself!”

Rosé apologised again making Nayeon smile

“You are the first person I talked to about this. Apart from Jennie unnie”

“What did Jennie say”

“That she doesn’t love me back”

“I see” Nayeon watched as tears pooled in Rosé’s eyes again “I wanted to talk to Lisa and Jisoo Unnie but I…I didn’t…couldn’t”

“It’s fine. Its harder opening up to those closer to you. Take your time.” Nayeon smiled “Meanwhile you have me to talk to. I’m always here for you. I can help you get over Jennie. Like I said I have been in your place and trust me if someone you like doesn’t like you back the sooner you get over them the easier it is for you. I’ll help you all you want”

Rosé smiled the brightest she had in weeks “Thanks Unnie. I owe you one”

“No you don’t. You are one of the most caring and loving friends I have ever had. I just want you to be happy”

Just then Nayeon’s phone buzzed “Now let’s get you freshened up so I can take you back to Lisa. She has been texting me non-stop from last night”

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