Chapter 2

Little Do You Know

"You're still the one I'm after all this years..."



Rosé woke up to sound of her phone buzzing. It was already seven o'clock in the morning and the sun is already giving off too much heat and light around the city of Seoul. Feeling a little bit groggy, the girl tried to reach for something around her to block the sunlight from hitting her face but unfortunately, she found nothing. Instead, she felt a human figure sleeping beside her covered in a warm white blanket.


She opened her eyes, rubbing the sleep from it and looked around her surroundings. That was when she realized that she's not in her room: neither her room in their dorm nor her room in Australia, but in Jennie's room and on Jennie's bed.


She turned to her right and saw the older girl sleeping so peacefully with her messy hair on the pillow. Rosé smiled admiring the beauty of the older girl. She removed a few strands of the older girl's hair and tried to tuck it in behind her ear when the latter girl slowly opened her eyes, smiling.


"Good morning" Rosé greeted the older girl softly with a smile "Did I wake you up?"


Jennie smiled. She shook her head no and greeted the tall girl "Good morning hubby"


"How was your sleep?" Jennie added.


"I had a very peaceful sleep" the younger girl said but then she suddenly smirked "but not until you started snoring" Rosé laughed.


"Hey, I don't snore Chaeyoung-ah. Of all people, you should be the first person to know that." the older girl laughed as she slapped the taller girl's arm.


The taller girl laughed at the older girl's reaction as she caressed the spot where Jennie slapped "Wow, for a small girl like you, you sure do slap hard eonni." Chaeyoung teased the girl beside her. "What do you think our fans' reaction if they found out that the great Jennie Kim snores? Hmm?" she added earning another playful slap from the older girl.


"I hate you, Chaeyoung-ah. Stop teasing me." Jennie cooed showing her aegyo as she pouted and hid her face behind a pillow.


"Aww, my wifey's such a baby." Chaeyoung smiled reaching for the pillow and removed it from covering Jennie's face. She cupped the older girl's cheek and smiled "It doesn't really matter whether you snore, you drool or whatever it is, you are perfect to me Jennie."


While Rosé was internally cursing herself hoping for the ground to swallow her alive, Jennie froze at her friend's sudden compliment. Sure, Rosé compliments her members all the time, most especially her, but being in a situation where you're lying on the same bed, your faces only a few inches apart and both your eyes were locked with each other, then that's a whole lot different story.


No one dared to break the eye contact. Rosé's still cupping Jennie's cheek caressing it lightly using her thumb while the other girl's contemplating on what should she do.


"Girls, wake up! Breakfast is ready." Jennie's mother enthusiastically announced barging in her daughter's room causing the girls to look away from each other. Rosé sighed and internally thanked Jennie's mother for barging in while Jennie groaned for her mother's sudden appearance.


"You scared us, eomma. You could've just knocked." Jennie whined as she sat up looking at her mother.


"Why would I knock in my own house, my dear?" Jennie's mother sarcastically said and walked towards the bed, specifically on her daughter's side "Now get up and fix yourselves. Do not let the breakfast to wait for you." her mother demanded slapping daughter's leg.


"Ah eomma, that hurts!" Jennie playfully whined using her aegyo voice which made her mother cringe.


"Oh Jennie, you can't use that on me. Now get up! Faster! Faster!" she pulled her daughter from the bed and playfully pushed her towards the bathroom "Wash your face please. You don't want to let pretty Chaeyoung see your face filled with your drool right?" her mother teased causing Jennie to groan louder.


"I hate you eomma!" Jennie yelled from the bathroom closing th its door.


Jennie's mother chuckled shaking her head "That woman still acts like a three-year-old little girl"


Rosé just sat there on the bed silently watching the mother and daughter's cute interaction. Noticing Rosé's quietness, mother Kim spoke "Chaeyoung-ah, why don't we go ahead downstairs and have our breakfast. You know how my daughter moves so slowly." Jennie's mother stretched her right arm leading Rosé outside her daughter's room "Let's go" Chaeyoung just nodded and smiled.


"Jennie-yah! Don't take too long! Your father might eat all the pancakes!" the woman shouted before closing the bedroom door not minding to wait for her daughter's response.





Rosé was quiet half way their breakfast. She only speaks when either Jennie's mother or father asks her something.


"Chaeng, my dear, I know how much you love to eat so just grab anything you like okay. Please don't be shy." the mother of the family offered which made Rose smiled.


"Ne, eomma"


A few minutes later, Jennie arrived at their dinning table wearing her favorite denim jacket with a white crop top shirt underneath, a denim shorts, a pair of pink bunny slippers and her wet hair draped in a white towel. She sat next to Rosé who slightly gasped when she smelled Jennie's sweet vanilla scent which became her favorite scent ever since she met the older girl. Rosé stared at her friend beside her, watching the latter girl's every move. Jennie was reaching for the pancake when she noticed that her tall friend is looking at her. She turned to Rosé's side to ask her if there's any problem when their eyes meet and locked with each other again for the second time. They both froze for a moment until Jennie's mother suddenly spoke.


"So Jennie, your father and I are going to leave the country and we'll be gone for a week." Eomma Kim said as she was pouring some orange juice in her husband's glass.


"Why eomma? And where are you going?" Jennie asked her mother after swallowing the pancake she was eating.


"My secretary called and told me that someone from a large company in Japan wants to invest in our company and he wants me to meet him in Osaka as soon as possible. You're mother's coming because I requested her to." Jennie's father looked at his wife smiling and held her hand "I don't want to be a lonely man in a foreign country, my princess." he then kissed his wife which made Jennie playfully threw up.


"Ugh, no PDA please. You're in front of the food. It's so disgusting." Jennie cringed making her parents and Rosé to laugh.


"Oh dear, you're just saying that because you haven't found the person who you will love for the rest of your life but when you do, you'll never think twice kissing that someone in front of many people." Jennie's mother said dreamily. Rosé looked at Jennie with longing in her eyes.


"Whatever eomma. So when are you leaving?"


"We're leaving in about an hour and a half. Actually we have already packed our things last night so we're ready to go. We'll just finish our breakfast and then do some last preparation and then we're good to go." Jennie just nodded at her mother's statement and continued eating. As for Rosé? Well she's quite really nervous though. She never really wished to be left alone with Jennie after what happened at the older girl's room earlier before the latter girl's mother barged in.



"Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! What should I do? What should I do?" Rosé nervously said to herself like she's in big trouble.






Fifteen minutes left before her parents' departure and Jennie's mother already gave her daughter a list on what to do and what not to do.


"Jennie, don't forget to bring the house keys when leaving the house okay. Make sure to lock the doors and windows before going to bed. And please water my pretty flowers in the garden, I don't want to see my lovely flowers dead when we get home." Jennie's mother demanded while walking hastily back and forth from the kitchen to the living room making sure that they have everything they need.


"Yes, mom. You don't have to worry about it." Jennie answered in her Kiwi accent sitting on the couch watching a Disney movie with Rosé sitting beside her, both eating strawberries.


"Chaeng, please enjoy your stay here okay. Do not let my daughter enslave you." Rosé choked on her starwberry while Jennie's mother laughed teasing her own daughter.


"Stop it eomma!" Jennie whined.


The short girl's mother laughed "If my daughter's making your stay here uncomfortable, I'm one call away. Okay Chaeng?"


"Actually, your daughter's already making me uncomfortable." Rosé wanted to say but decided not to. Instead, she just nodded and said "Ne, eomma" and smiled.


Jennie on the other hand was scowling at her mother's unstoppable teasing.


"Very good, Chaeng." Jennie's mother smiled and then look at her daughter in a very serious manner "And Jennie, no partying. Understood?" Jennie only nodded in agreement. Nobody really likes to disagree with Missis Kim when she gets serious. Who knows what the woman can do.


"Honey, we have to leave now." Mister Kim went inside the house after putting all their bags in the trunk of their rented cab. "Princess, Chaeyoung, please take care of yourselves here okay? If anything happens, then call someone for help okay." Jennie's father added before going back to the cab.


"Jennie, remember everything I said okay? And oh before I forget, please make sure to have fun and enjoy your vacation even when we're not around, okay?" Missis Kim reminded the girls for the last time.


"Ne, eomma. I'll make sure that Chaeyoung's stay here will be unforgettable." Rosé gulped hearing what her friend said but still managed to smile in front of the latter girl's mother.


"Okay then, we'll leave now. See you when we get back!" Missis Kim then walked towards their rented cab where her husband was patiently waiting for her.


"Have a safe flight eomma, appa! See you soon! Take care!" Jennie shouted and both the girls waved goodbye as soon as the cab left.


Jennie looked at the tall girl beside her making Rosé swallowed the lump in .


"So Chaeng, where do you want to go today?" Jennie asked the taller girl.


"Uhm, a-anywhere Eonnie." Rosé stuttered 'Oh crap! Why did I stutter?' Rosé cursed herself.





It has been four days since Jennie's parents left the girls on their own and to say that Chaeyoung wished to disappear like a bubble is an understatement. The girls did a lot of things; went out on a movie together, attended a music festival, went to a bowling alley, went ice skating and watched an acoustic concert. They did everything for the past three days without even getting noticed by their fans or by the paparazzi. The last three days felt like a roller coaster ride for Chaeyoung. Why? Well maybe Jennie was just simply a little bit extra -  a little extra sweet towards her already awkward friend. As for Chaeyoung her worst fears were slowly becoming a reality.


Today's their fourth day being alone together but they haven't got out of the house yet (because usually, for the past three days, they were already out roaming around Seoul as early as five o'clock in the morning trying to catch for the sunrise). The girls woke up feeling like zombies at ten o'clock in the morning due to the fact that they still watched the full second season of The 100 when they got home after watching the acoustic concert and then went to sleep at almost two o'clock in the morning. They missed breakfast so they decided to have their brunch at eleven o'clock and then went back to sleep. Jennie went to sleep in her room while Chaeyoung decided to just sleep on the couch since she wanted stay away from her friend for the meantime.


"Maybe coming here with her is a bad idea" Rosé thought. "I've already buried this stupid feeling a very long time but why is it coming back? Chaeng, you should put yourself together. You've done this before, you can do it now." she added.





Chaeyoung and the rest of the Pink punk girls were inside their training room preparing for their monthly evaluation when Jennie, one of the Pink Punk girls, entered happily despite being ten minutes late.


"Where have you been, Jendeuk? Call time was ten minutes ago." Jisoo asked in a concerned tone "and why do you look so happy? Did something happened?" she added.


"I went to the salon to get my purse which I thought I lost when I saw someone." Jennie said dreamily. The girls; Jisoo, Lisa and Chaeyoung, looked at her with confusion.


"Who did you saw eonnie?" Lisa asked as she was tying the loose shoelaces on her sneakers.


"Well, she's a trainee too but from another agency. I noticed that she goes to the same salon as I do and I really find her very pretty." the cat-like eyed girl explained remembering the event that happened at the salon with a light pink blush on her cheek.


The three girls were shocked hearing what their friend said because it's very unusual for Jennie to see someone very attractive. "Did I heard you right Jen? You found someone very pretty?" Jisoo asked in surprise which earned a nod and a smile from Jennie "Well, that's new." Jisoo added.


While Jisoo and Lisa were interrogating their friend, one girl was being so unusually quiet just sitting beside them. Chaeyoung wasn't really paying attention. She was just staring intently at the enthusiastic girl telling their other two friends about her possible budding love life. Lisa noticed her unusually quiet friend who was sitting across her and nudged Jisoo who was sitting beside her and gestured to look at Chaeyoung.


"Look eonni, I think something's wrong with Chipmunk." Lisa whispered not letting Jennie or Rosé hear their conversation.


Jisoo looked at the mentioned girl "Hey Chaeyoung-ah, are you okay? You're awfully quiet today." Jennie stopped talking and looked at the girl too.


"Uhm w-what was t-that eonnie?" Rosé woke up from her trance and confusingly looked at the other three girls.


"You were fine a while ago Chipmunk but then you became unusually quiet when..." Lisa paused and turned her head to look at Jennie "when Jennie eonnie arrived. Is there something wrong between you two?"


Rosé adjusted in her seat and act as if nothing happened "Uhm Jennie unnie and I are fine" she looked at Jennie smiling and continued talking "I suddenly just thought of something."  Rosé stood up and dusted off her shorts "I think I forgot to get my evaluation sheet from manager eonnie, so I'll go outside to look for her. I'll be back before Sajangnim comes in." And with that, Rosé left not even letting the girls the chance to speak.


"Wow! She's weird." Lisa spoke right after their friend disappeared from the door.


"You know what's even more weird?" Jisoo asked which caused the two younger girls to look at her "I have her evaluation sheet. She asked me to hold it for her earlier." she added looking at the door where Chaeyoung was last seen while the two girls were dumbstruck.




"I already told you Chaeng, your feelings for Jennie are so useless. She can never like you back. Look at you! You look like someone who lives on the streets. She doesn't find you attractive, you're not even cute enough. So please just stop your delusions that she likes you." Chaeyoung told herself looking at the huge mirror. Her lips shivered as tears pooled in her eyes.


Rosé's not really looking for their manager to get her evaluation sheets, instead she went to the nearest bathroom. She just said that to get away from the awkward situation. She can't let her friends, especially Jennie, find out about her little secret - her feelings for the Kiwi-accented girl.


"Just forget it while you can Chaeng, while it's still not that deep." She added confidently "You can do it! I know you can. Just focus on your training and you can manage to forget her in no time"




"Walk faster hubby! I don't want to miss the sunset!" Jennie enthusiastically said reaching the top of the hill.


It was almost five o'clock in the afternoon and the girls were walking up the hill to watch the sunset. Two hours ago, Jennie woke up from her deep slumber. She reached for her phone on the bedside table to look for new messages but found nothing. Not really wanting to get up yet, she logged in to twitter using a fan account of herself which she created before they debuted and just scrolled. She came across a post from an inspirational account she followed about sunsets when an idea came to her mind. She got off the bed immediately and went to the living room to find Chaeyoung peacefully sleeping on the couch.


"Chaeng! Chaeng! Wake up!" she softly called the girl like how Rose called Jack from the movie Titanic shaking her. "Chaeng, wake up. We're going somewhere."


Chaeyoung was awakened by the older girl's continuous calling and shaking. "What is it eonni?" she asked the girl half asleep.


"Wake up! We're going to watch the sunset!" the older girl said with excitement.


"What? W-why?" again, the tall girl asked sitting up groggily.


"Since we missed the sunrise, I've decided to watch the sunset. Come on hubby, you have to get up now!" Jennie pulled the tall girl forcing her to get up.


"Okay eonnie. I can't believe you're this strong."  Rosé chuckled getting up "Just give me ten minutes, 'kay?" she said as she walked upstairs towards the older girl's room.




"How did you find this place, eonnie?" the younger girl asked as she sat beside Jennie.


"It was when we had our first vacation during our trainee days. I was practicing my rap part which Sajangnim told me to do and I got so frustrated that I can't even perfectly do just even one line so I decided to take a walk to relieve stress. I was walking down by the river when I saw a pathway going up. I got so curious so I tried going to that path. And that leads me here." Jennie smiled and continued "I always go here every time I get stressed or just wanting to be alone"


Chaeyoung turned to face the older girl "I assume that you don't want to be alone cause you took me here with you so I'm guessing that you're stressed now."


Jennie chuckled "I'm not stressed Chaeng, I just want to see the sunset. I have always believed that sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully." Jennie smile "and also, I want to watch the sunset with you."


Rosé looked at Jennie and was about to ask her why when Jennie was already looking at her. Their eyes met and neither one of them wants to break the eye contact. They both stare at each others face intently trying to figure out what to do next and remained like that for about half a minute. Suddenly, Chaeyoung felt something moved inside her chest which caused her to look away and just continued watching the sun setting. Jennie did the same and remained quiet for no one knows how long.


"Park Chaeyoung, what are you doing? You shouldn't let your guard down. This is just Jennie being randomly sweet. She doesn't really mean it in a romantic way so stop hoping. You managed to forget your feelings for her so just continue doing it."  Rosé said to herself. "But how? She's doing again all the things that made you fall in love with her. And unfortunately you are having a hard time controlling it. Just let yourself feel it again, Chaeng. After all, you'll never know what it means to love someone unless you get hurt."


Rosé was so confused at the moment that she did not noticed Jennie asked her something.


"Hubby, do you really find the sunset pretty that you can no longer hear me now?" Jennie chuckled looking at the girl beside her.


"Uhm, what were you asking me eonnie?" Chaeyoung asked in confusion.


"As I've said, since we met a lot of new faces in the industry now, is there anyone who you find attractive, like having a crush on them?"


Chaeyoung was taken aback by Jennie's sudden question. In all honesty, she doesn't know how to answer that question. She's contemplating whether to tell her friend the truth or just make up a lie. Actually, telling a lie is easy but knowing that the one you love thinks that you're liking someone is just so unbearable.


"No matter how hard I try to forget my feelings for you Jen, it's just really coming back. I mean, I did everything to stay away from you but I just keep on coming back to you. No matter how hard I try to deny it but my heart keeps calling your name."  Rosé thought wanting to tell the girl beside her the truth.


"So hubby, is there anyone you like right now?" Jennie asked curiously.


Rosé smiled lightly and said "No one"



"It's better this way, Jen. I don't want to ruin what we have. I love you but I'm sorry I have to lie."

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