The beginning

Little Do You Know


“Just cause I learned how to live without you doesn’t mean that I ever really wanted to”

For the members of blackpink, the Korean girl group that had taken the world by storm, getting a vacation was definitely not something they were used to. So when their boss YG called them to his office to inform them of his decision to let them have a month long break, as a reward for all their hard work, the girls were thrilled.

“I am going to start packing right away” The makane Lisa announced on the drive back to their dorm.

“Me too!” Rosé exclaimed from the backseat “It has been years since I went home to Australia.” she sighed

“Slow down we still have a hectic month ahead of us before the holidays commence” Jennie reminded everyone.

“I have no idea how I will be able to focus this month, or if I will be able to focus at all!” Jisoo said “The excitement is too overwhelming”

“I know Unnie!” Lisa agreed “I hope that this month flies by.”

And so it did. The day of their vacation arrived in no time and all the four girls were ready for their well earned break. But before parting from each other’s company for a month, they decided to have a ‘meat party’ which they organized themselves under the guidance of Jennie, or as Jisoo liked to call her ‘Jendeuk Ramsey’

“Ah Lisa! Be careful, you nearly dropped the salt container” Jennie yelled

Lisa laughed nervously “Sorry Unnie”

Jennie smiled “its fine. Just be careful” she took the salt from Lisa “I will miss you guys”

“Oh look Jendeukie is getting emotional” Jisoo snickered as she cooked the rice

“Ah nothing like that!” Jennie said hugging Jisoo “It’s just that we haven’t been apart for so long over the past six years”

“Be honest you will miss me the most, won’t you Unnie?” Lisa said joining in the hug

“Yah Lalisa! The meat will burn keep an eye on it” Jisoo said

Lisa pouted ‘You are so mean” Jisoo snickered and Jennie giggled. Yep she would miss her band mates for sure.

“What’s up with chipmunk?” Lisa said while turning the meat “she hasn’t come out of her room for hours.”

Jennie’s eyes turned towards Rosé’s door

“Is she sick?” Jisoo asked in a concerned tone

“I’ll go check” Jennie said “Jisoo Unnie please keep an eye on Lisa”

“Fine” Jisoo sighed as Lisa clung to her “No Nalalisa! Ppoong” she announced as Lisa laughed

Jennie walked over to Rosé’s door while whistling a soft tune and placed a gentle knock on her door. On getting no response she called out “Rosie! You awake?” This time Jennie heard soft sobs in response

“Rosie…” her voice softened “I’m coming in”

Jennie gently pushed open the door and saw the younger girl crying softly on her bed with her head in her hands. Jennie’s heart ached as she locked the door and embraced the crying girl.

“What’s the matter?” she asked softly as she her hair “you can tell your wifey”

Rosé cried on Jennie’s shoulder as the older girl’s grip around her tightened

“I…I can’t go home” Rose said before breaking down once again

“What? Why?” Jennie asked cupping her face in her hands.

“My parents have to travel out of the country on a business trip and my sister Alice isn’t back from her hostel yet either.” She wiped the tears off her cheeks “So I can’t go home to Australia”

“Oh Rosé” Jennie placed Chaeyoung’s head on her bosom and softly her hair

“Unnie! Dinner is ready” Lisa called out from the kitchen

“We are coming” Jennie responded. She turned to Rose and gave her a soft smile “Come on” she said “wash up and eat something. We have made your favorite kimchi fried rice” she smiled “I made it myself for you, just the way you like it.”

Rose looked up towards Jennie and slowly nodded.

“Don’t worry we will discuss this over dinner. Everything will be alright”


“Oh Rosie!” Lisa ran to her best friend and hugged her tightly when Rose finally came out of her room. “Jennie Unnie told us what happened. Please don’t be sad. We’ll figure something out” she kissed her cheek.

“Did you talk to your parents? Can’t they postpone their trip?” Jisoo asked patting her head

“No. They said its urgent work. It can’t be helped”

Jisoo gave her a comforting smile “Don’t worry they can always come visit you in Korea.”

“Yes I know. It’s just that I was really looking forward to going home” Rosé started tearing up again as Lisa guided her to the dinner table where Jennie was setting all the food.

“We will talk to ‘Sajangnim’ I am sure he will let you extend your winter holidays a little so you can go home.” Jisoo said putting an arm around Rosé’s shoulder

“Are you sure he will agree?” Chaeyoung asked the older girl as she sat beside her

“I’m pretty sure he will. We don’t have anything scheduled after our holidays, as of now, so if we talk to him soon I’m sure he will understand”

To all the girls’ relief a soft smile now rested on Chaeyoung’s lips.

“Okay then! I’ll write to him tonight!” she said a sparkle in her eyes

“See I told you it’ll be alright” Jennie said as she served everyone dinner

“Chipmunk why don’t you come home with me to Thailand, Jisoo Unnie is coming with her family as well. My parents have always treated you as their own daughter I’m sure you’ll have a nice time there. We can visit lots of places!” Lisa’s eyes shone as she sweetly put across her offer to Chaeyoung who smiled sadly

“I would really love to Lisa, but I don’t have my visa and sadly it can’t be made overnight”

Lisa’s face fell “I see. So will you be here by yourself?”

Rose smiled “I suppose I don’t have another choice but don’t worry I’ll be fine. There’s work to…”

“No wait hold on” Jennie interrupted the younger girl “what makes you think that we will let you stay here by yourself?”

“Uh well…”

“Jisoo unnie and Lisa are going abroad but I’m not going anywhere. Come stay with me and my family. They adore you as well.”

Rosé looked at Jennie while biting her chili, then said “It’s really sweet of you unnie but I wouldn’t want to be a burden. Moreover it’s your family time and I…”

“Are you not my family then?” Jennie interrupted again rather sternly intimidating not just Rosé but Lisa and Jisoo as well who were silently listening to their conversation while enjoying their meal

“Well…I…are you sure?”

“Why not? My family is busy with their business as well and I don’t have a lot of plans with them. So we both can spend time, go around and shop, it’ll be good for us as well”

“Okay then!” Rose exclaimed with a smile “let’s do it!”

“Yes!” the makane announced and raised a glass of champagne “to Blackpink”

Her unnies smiled and followed suit “To Blackpink!”



“Goodbye Chaeyoung-ah, have fun, take care and call us daily please! We will miss you” Her mother’s words replayed in fourteen year old Park Chaeyoung’s mind as she waited for the elevator in the YG entertainment building. It was her first day and she was to meet her ‘sajangnim’ YG himself.

She began tearing up while waiting for the lift. It had only been a week since she arrived in South Korea from Australia and she was already missing home and feeling lonely in this foreign land.

As the lift doors opened she bowed her head to hide her tears and stepped in.

“Hey are you new here?” A young girl who was already in the lift said as soon as the metallic doors shut

Chaeyoung looked up to meet mysterious brown eyes smiling at her “Yes I just arrived. It’s my first day here” she said softly

“I see” the girl offered her hand “I am Jennie Kim. I have been a trainee here for three years now. What’s your name?”

Chaeyoung took the girl’s hand “Park Chaeyoung.” She smiled

“You play the guitar I see” Jennie said eyeing the instrument Chaeyoung was carrying

“Yeah” Chaeyoung responded

“Will you play it for me? I love hearing people play the guitar”

“Of course, why not”

“You have an Australian accent! Are you Australian?”

“Yes I grew up there!” Chaeyoung said happily

“Oh wow I studied in New Zealand for five years!”

“Whoa really!? That’s amazing. I was actually born in New Zealand”

The metallic doors opened and Jennie began to leave “Meet me at lunch” she said turning around “I’ll show you around. It’s your first day I’m sure you could use a friend” she smirked

“Certainly.” It was the brightest Chaeyoung had smiled that week.


Next day

“We are here!” Jennie hopped out of the car “Welcome to the Kim residence” she said helping Chaeyoung out of the car

“Thank you” Chaeyoung said taking Jennie’s hand as they walked in together. Seeing the house sure bought back memories.

“Omma! I’m home!” Jennie announced “Kai!” A dog ran to Jennie and she picked it up giggling

“Welcome home!” Mrs. Kim hugged her daughter and gave a smile to Chaeyoung who bowed respectfully

“Thank you for letting me stay here Mrs. Kim. I promise I won’t cause any trouble”

Mrs. Kim laughed and embraced Chaeyoung “You haven’t changed my dear.” She cupped Chaeyoung’s face in her hands. “But you sure have grown tall”

“She is always like that” Jennie laughed “Come I’ll show you to our room” Jennie glanced at Chaeyoung

“Yes you two freshen up. Come down for lunch in half an hour, it’s nearly ready”

“Yes omma”

Chaeyoung picked up the bags and followed Jennie to their room. Jennie giggled holding a door open as she watched the younger girl stumble up the stairs with the bags “Sure you don’t need help with those?”

“Nope trust me, I’ve got it” Chaeyoung grunted as she finally made it to the door

“Welcome to Jennie Kim’s room” Jennie said looking at a mesmerized Chaeyoung

“It’s been ages since I have been here!” she admired Jennie’s soft toys neatly arranged on a shelf.

“You haven’t come over that often have you?” Jennie said fishing clothes out from her closet

“No I don’t think so. You invited me over often during our trainee days but I haven’t really been here since our debut. ”

“Well” Jennie said walking towards her “you are here now so let’s make the most of it” she handed her some clothes “wear these for now you can unpack later. I’m starving” she smiled and walked off to freshen up.


It’l be fine. It’l be fun. Jennie Unnie is sweet and caring we’l have fun’ Rosé remembered assuring herself the morning she and Jennie were to go to Jennie’s place, but now as they lay in Jennie’s bed post lunch leaning against each other watching a movie Chaeyoung felt her worse fears come alive ‘no’ she told herself as Jennie rested her head on her shoulder ‘It’s been three years. I am a mature woman now who can…’

“Hey Rosie” Jennie interrupted her thoughts “Do you ever think of our trainee days”

“The trainee days? Yes, why?” Rosé asked rather nervously

“We used to do this so often back then.” Jennie sat up looking at the younger girl with a soft smile “I miss this. It’s like we grew apart after our debuet”

Chaeyoung’s heart raced “Oh. Yes I guess we did. I’m sorry”

“Why are you sorry? It’s not your fault we just got too tied up in promos and photoshoots and all that.”

A sad smile formed on Rose’s lips “Yes. It was bound to happen”

Jennie looked at her sadly then leaned back on her shoulder refocusing on the movie “But now we have time to reconnect. So let’s make the most of it shall we” Jennie’s eyes shone as she looked up to meet Rose’s gaze

“Yes” Rose’ said “Let’s relive the old days”


Wah Onni! Your room is so pretty” Park Chaeyoung announced as she entered Jennie’s room for the first time

“Chaeyoung-ah! Come look at my soft toy collection!”

“Woah Daebak! That teddy bear is so pretty!” Jennie laughed at the enthusiasm of the younger girl. It had barely been a week since they had met but Jennie had decided to bring her home mainly because she knew how homesick the new trainee was but also because she had grown fond of her and wanted for them to be friends.

“Here you go girls” Jennie’s mom entered the room with two bowls of ice-cream “help yourselves”

“Mrs. Kim thank you so much” Chaeyoung bowed suprising both Jennie and her mother

“Oh my what a sweet girl. Don’t worry dear feel at home here. You must be missing your family”

A grim expression replaced the enthusiasm on Chaeyoung’s face as she began tearing up “Yes I do”

Just as she was about to break down Jennie caught her hand “Omma Chaeyoung plays the guitar beautifully would you like to hear it”

“Yes certainly”

“Chaeyoung-ah! Will you play for Omma”

Enthusiasm was back on the younger girl’s face “Yes certainly! Do you want me to play that song you really liked?”

“Yes yes!” Jennie cheered as Chaeyoung reached for her guitar she had bought along to practice

“Just close your eyes and listen to her omma.”

Jennie’s mom smiled and obeyed her daughter as Rose’ began singing. She sang a short verse but that was enough to win over her new found friend’s mother. But more importantly Chaeyoung kept glancing at her new friend and watched the soft smile on her face as she listened with her eyes closed bobbing her head to the tune of the guitar

“My that was beautiful Chaeyoung. You are really gifted. What was that song called?”

“’She will be loved by Maroon 5’ I really love that song. It’s Jennie Onni’s favourite too”

“Yes and you make me love it more” Jennie was still mesmerized “sometimes I feel like you are singing it to me”

“Oh thank you” Chaeyoung softly blushed smiling brightly looking away. Her heart fluttered on hearing Jennie say that. She wanted to say something to Jennie but hesitated.

“Well you girls have fun I’d better go. Chaeyoung if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask”

“Yes Mrs. Kim”

“Chaeyoung-ah! I just had the best idea! Let’s sing duets on the guitar” Jennie suggested excitedly

“Onnie that’s a great idea! Let’s do it” And just like that the two girls spent the rest of the day laughing and living their life to the best. Little did the young girls know then that their lives would change forever when they grew up. Little did the girls know that their friendship would change forever after that very day.

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