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Bright lights attacked her when Chaeyeon slowly opened her eyes. Her blurry vision slowly came into focus and she saw her friends gathered around her. A wave of “are you okay”s came through as her friends fussed over her. Huh? What happened? Chaeyeon thought as she slowly sat up, looking around. I’m in the nurse room. She noted to herself. 


Events from earlier that day slowly came back to her, remembering that they had been under attack and Eunbi- 


“Eunbi unnie?” Chaeyeon shot up and tried to find her, however, she couldn’t find the said girl in the room. A tear escaped and rolled down her cheeks. It was my fault for coming out onto the battleground…


“Why are you crying? Don’t cry! Eunbi unnie is talking to the principal, she’s fine!” Sakura panicked when she saw Chaeyeon cry. 


“She’s fine? She didn’t get hurt?” Chaeyeon asked in between sobs. 


“Yeah, she’s fine!” Yujin comforted her. 


Chaeyeon wanted to ask what had happened after she passed out but Eunbi walked into the nurse room at that moment.


“How are you feeling?” Eunbi asked.


“I’m fine. I’m glad you are alright.” Chaeyeon smiled at her. To her disappointment, Eunbi did not smile back, instead, she was looking quite pissed. 


“So, what were you thinking when you came out to the battleground?” Chaeyeon’s smile dropped. 


“Huh? I wanted to-“


“Help? You really think you were going to be of any help to us?” 


ouch. Chaeyeon knew that it was true, but she couldn’t help feeling hurt that Eunbi would say such a thing when she genuinely wanted to help. 




“Unnie, everything is fine now isn’t it?” Yujin tried to calm Eunbi down.


“Shut up.” Eunbi glared at her. 


“Did you know that you almost got us killed?” Eunbi looked back to Chaeyeon. “If you hadn’t appeared, we could have won and no one would be in danger now. But you just had to appear and now their whole organisation know how you look and they want you for God knows why. You are putting everyone here in danger. They will come back for us. No. For you. Everyone here will get hurt in the process of getting you.”  


Chaeyeon was looking down in guilt, tears threatening to fall. She really wasn’t expecting Eunbi to act so hostile, although she knew everything she said was true. When Eunbi walked through the doors, she thought that she would hug her, telling her everything would be fine. 


The tension in the room was so strong that no one in the room dared to speak a word. 


“So what? You’re guilty now? What’s the point of regretting your actions now?” Eunbi scoffed. “And you really couldn’t stop a powerless girl from running away from you?” Eunbi turned to look at Yena.


“Sorry I-“


“You think sorry will fix the problem now? Were you even trying?”


“I did-“


“To think I trusted you with her. When will you actually grow up and do something useful? Can you do anything right?”


“Unnie, I’m sure she tried her best to stop her. Besides, she’s injured now.” Yuri pleaded Eunbi for mercy on her girlfriend. 


“Well, then her best isn’t enough.” Eunbi glared at Yena before walking out of the room, slamming the door shut. 


“I’m sorry…” Chaeyeon mumbled and hugged her legs, crying. 

“It’s not your fault! We don’t blame you. Come on now, give me a smile.” Sakura hugged Chaeyeon, rubbing her back to give her comfort.


“No. It’s my fault. Eunbi unnie hates me now and it’s my fault. I even got Yena in trouble.”


“I’m used to scoldings already, I’m fine.” Yena gave her a thumbs up. “And I’m sure Eunbi unnie doesn’t hate you, she’s just worried.” 


“Really?” Chaeyeon looked up in hope.


“Really.” Yena smiled. 



The other 10 girls had left Chaeyeon to rest in the room while they gathered at the rooftop.


“Phew, I thought I was going to die in Eunbi’s hands today.” Yena heaved a sigh of relief.


“Was ready to get my popcorn out to watch that happen.” Nako said, almost disappointed.


“Is that disappointment I see in your eyes? COME ON, DON’T BE A MEANIE.” Yena pouted, to think friends have each other backs when they are in trouble. 


“I’ve never seen Eunbi unnie so angry before though.” Hitomi sighed. “I hope she’s just in the heat of the moment.” 


“Yeah, the tension is too much for my poor heart.” Yujin said dramatically as she clutched her heart. 


“That aside, why couldn’t you stop Chaeyeon from getting away?” Hyewon looked at Yena. 


“About that, I tried to cast a lightning bolt on her, wanting to knock her out before dragging her to the safe room. But my bolt vanished when it reached 1 metre from her.” Yena explained. “I’m not sure if it was Chaeyeon’s doing or someone else had helped her. Everyone was panicking and didn’t seem to even notice us.”


“Unnie, telekinesis don’t nullify powers.” Wonyoung stated. “But then again, when we were in the battleground, that snake lady was saying something about us not knowing Chaeyeon’s power. Perhaps, Chaeyeon unnie has mistaken her power for telekinesis the entire time?” 


“Not surprised if it’s Chaeyeon.” 


“Also, what was that in the battleground earlier? It was Chaeyeon’s doing right?” Yuri asked.


“What happened?” Yena asked since she wasn’t present earlier. 


“EUNBI UNNIE!” Chaeyeon screamed as the man charged towards Eunbi with a knife. The other girls looked on in horror and was about to shout, in order to warn Eunbi about the oncoming danger. At that moment, it felt as if there was a weight weighing them down, causing their knees to buckle and give way. Screams were heard as all 40 of them fell to the ground at the same time. The man holding Chaeyeon immediately loosen his grip on Chaeyeon as he fell onto the ground, hard. The impact he had when falling was so great that the ground around him cracked a little. 


It was suffocating as they could not move, it felt as if they were paralysed. They tried with all their strength just to stand but could not even move their fingers. Chaeyeon was the only one left standing but she soon collapsed. When Chaeyeon had blacked out, it was as if the weight was lifted off them and they could move about again. Fortunately for them, they quickly got themselves together and attacked the enemies while they were still caught off guard by the earlier events. 



“If Chaeyeon was the only one standing, then, it probably was her doing.” Yena reasoned.


“True, but I don’t think telekinesis can do that.”


“Yujin, we’ve come to the conclusion that telekinesis isn’t her power like 10 minutes ago.” Minjoo sighed.


“Yes right. So, what power allows you to move things, nullify power and make everyone fall?” Yujin asked the group. 


“Maybe she has 3 powers?” Chaewon suggested.


“Impossible. Everyone only has 1 ability, having 3 abilities is out of the question.” 


“I don’t know. I don’t even know that there was a power that can make everyone paralyzed.” Wonyoung whined. “Maybe that’s why the snakes want her so badly? Because she has a new power?”


“How would they even know what power she has!” 


“They could have someone with the ability to sense the kind of power one has?”




“Anyway, they said it was a rare power. Even rarer than Eunbi unnie’s blue flame! Can you imagine how powerful Chaeyeon’s power must be!” Yena eyes sparkled at the thought of having another strong teammate. 


“Doubt it. She can’t even move things around properly for goodness sake!” 


“She might release her full potential soon! You never know!” Yena beamed, fully trusting her teammate.


“You have too much faith in her powers.” Hyewon sighed.



After the whole scene in the nurse room, Eunbi went straight back to her dormitory. She felt guilty, yelling at Chaeyeon and Yena, not being to protect her friends during the battle. However, she was not able to control her frustration as Chaeyeon is now a target of the snake organisation. 

“The snake organisation, they’re known as the S Organisation. They target people with rare and powerful ability. No one really knows what they do to their targets, there has not been 1 person who has been captured by them that has returned. The higher up speculate that they either recruit them into their organisation… or that they steal their power.”


“Steal their power?” Eunbi looked at the principal, confused.


“I’m not sure how true that it but, I’ve heard of powers that enables the user to steal the power of other users, rendering the user who had their power stolen to become a mundane person, although I have yet to encounter such a person. It is said that the user who can steal powers will possess multiple ability at once.” 


“So, you are saying that, they want to steal Chaeyeon’s power? Telekinesis?”


“Eunbi, look. I don’t think Chaeyeon’s power is as simple as telekinesis, I saw what she did on the battlefield earlier.” 


“That thing that happened earlier? Chaeyeon did it?”


“Yes. I saw it.”


“What power does Chaeyeon possess then?” 


“A forgotten ability.”



“Forgotten ability…” Eunbi muttered to herself. She learned about it in history class before. These abilities were so strong that other ability users felt threatened. They allied together and killed all of the users with the forgotten abilities. It was basically a massacre on all the powerful users. The only reason why the powerful users didn’t retaliate on them was because they were all killed by those close to them and they did not suspect that they were being targeted by other users. Any trace of these abilities were erased off the face of Earth, thus, becoming known as the forgotten abilities. How could Chaeyeon mistaken a forgotten ability as telekinesis? Eunbi chuckled at that thought, only Chaeyeon was capable of such a thing. 


But how did the organisation find out that Chaeyeon had such an ability before any of them found out? If Chaeyeon had been captured by the organisation earlier, she would probably not return. Eunbi sighed again. And Chaeyeon is not even free from that danger. 


She remembered the harsh words she said to her and how Chaeyeon almost cried. Ah , I shouldn’t have said those words to her. I was so worried and frustrated I just took it out on her and Yena… 


Feeling guilt-ridden, she made her way back to the nurse room. She stood in front of the door, staring at it. Why can’t I just open the door and tell her I’m sorry… Perhaps she was too proud to go back in and apologise after she just lashed out on her earlier, or maybe she was just scared of Chaeyeon’s reaction. What if she hates me now? What if she won’t forgive me for what I said earlier? What if… 


Gathering her courage, she slowly opened the door to the nurse room, only to find Chaeyeon fast asleep. She let out a sigh of relieve. Maybe she just wasn’t ready to face Chaeyeon yet. It was then she saw Chaeyeon’s tear-stained face. Guilt immediately ate her, she cried because of her. Eunbi was suppose to protect her, but she had hurt Chaeyeon instead. How am I supposed to keep her safe from the S Organisation if I can’t even protect her from myself… 


Feeling terrible about making Chaeyeon cry, she quickly left the nurse room to take a walk around the school campus. She was in the midst of calming her mind when she ran into her friends. Yena. 


Eunbi remembers the words she said to Yena earlier and felt angry at herself for taking out her stress on her friends. The 10 girls look equally surprised to see Eunbi in front of them. 


“Unnie…” Wonyoung said carefully, not wanting to irritate the older girl. 


Eunbi couldn’t face them after what happened earlier and took off instead of saying a word to them. The girls interpreted her actions to be anger and Eunbi not wanting to see them. Yena thought that Eunbi was still mad from earlier and were disappointed in her.


Out of all the times Yena pissed Eunbi off, whether it was for dropping cheese on Eunbi’s hair while eating pizza, or dropping Eunbi’s entire box of her beloved macarons out of the window, or pranking Eunbi with fake insects, which she absolutely hates, she had never ignored them. She was usually back to herself (with a tad bit more anger at them) after scolding them for their antics. 


“I think she’s really mad this time…” Yena sighed.

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