{ seven }


Everyone was made to return to base camp immediately when Eunbi told the teachers what had happened. The woods were searched but no outsiders could be found.


“How the enemy could get in and out of the woods easily is beyond my comprehension.” The principal said as he rubbed his temples. “And you say she had the same snake symbol?”


“Yes sir.”


“They want something from you. Since they first attacked Chaeyeon, they are probably after her.” The principal stated.


“Why would they want anything from her?” Eunbi slammed her fist onto the table as she staredglared at him.


“I’m just making an assumption.” He raised his hands, surrendering. “Anyway, keep an eye on your surroundings. They keep lingering around you, they are definitely after one of you.”


The 12 of the left the office and went to Minjoo’s house to relax and cool off.


“Yena unnie you look even stupider with that cast on. You look like iron man.” Yujin teased.


“Don’t make me electrocute you.” Yena threatened, to which Yujin responded by sticking her tongue out.


“ATTACK.” Yena commanded. Yujin stared intensely at Yena’s action, wanting to do dodge her lightning bolts, only to feel herself getting tackled from the side.




“HAH ADMIT DEFEAT YOUNG ONE.” Yena smirked from the sofa while looking down at Yujin on the floor. “Good job baby.” Yena Yuri’s head when she returned back with triumph.


“Enough.” Yujin and Yena both stopped arguing the moment Eunbi spoke. “Let’s talk about the matter on hand now.”


“Perhaps they do want me?” Chaeyeon looked at the girls. “Maybe I could be a bait and-“


“That’s out of the question.” Eunbi immediately shut her down.


“Ooh. Protective.” Yena wiggled her eyebrow.


“What are you talking about?” Eunbi panicked. “Have you seen her, she can’t even fight.”


“Ouch.” Chaeyeon pouted, making Eunbi feel guilty.


“I mean… oh, what was that about? How did you stop the goblin?” Eunbi changed the topic.


“I’m not sure, I thought one of you did that.“


“Not me.” 11 of them said at the same time.


“So it’s me?” Chaeyeon pointed at herself.


“Could be.”


“New skill I guess.” Chaeyeon put up a victory sign.


“By the way, who’s gonna compensate me for the lost 2 tubs of ice cream?” Yena piped up. Everyone immediately turn to look at the oldest of the room who was now looking everywhere except at the girls.


“Okay fine fine, I’ll treat you ice cream.” Eunbi gave up after a minute.



“So, tell me why are we at this shop again?” Eunbi groaned. She was somehow dragged to Zone Ice Cream shop again, with the same girl working at the counter. Haeyoon. Eunbi remembered her name clearly.


“They serve really good salted caramel ice cream here!” Chaeyeon smiled.


“OH DO THEY HAVE MINT CHOCOLATE?” Wonyoung ran into the shop.


I guess it’s too late to change shops now… Eunbi thought to herself as she saw Wonyoung ordering a cup of ice cream.


“Oh. It’s you cutie.” Haeyoon smiled when she saw Chaeyeon walked into the shop. Chaeyeon smiled back and waved to her. “Salted caramel for you again?”


“Yeah! You remember my order!”


“Of course, wouldn’t forget a cutie’s order ever.” Chaeyeon blushed a little.


“One salted caramel.” Eunbi walked in front of Chaeyeon to Haeyoon. How dare she make Chaeyeon blush.


“Coming right up!”


The girls ordered before going to sit at the tables where Haeyoon would bring over the ice cream.


“Ice cream! Ice cream!” Yena and Yujin chanted as they saw Haeyoon approach with the tray of ice cream.


“So… Are you free tomorrow cutie?” Haeyoon looked at Chaeyeon hopefully.


“Eh? Tomorrow? I think I-“


“She’s not free tomorrow. Thank you for bringing the ice cream over, you may go back now.” Eunbi interrupted Chaeyeon and stared coldly at Haeyoon.


“Guess you’re not available anymore.” Haeyoon chuckled before returning back to the counter. The girls were all staring at Eunbi and giggling as they witness Eunbi being jealous.


“Ooh, being assertive eh Eunbi unnie.”


“W-What are you saying? She just have a training session with me tomorrow.” Eunbi said, all flustered and red.


“Do we?” Chaeyeon asked, confused. She doesn’t remember having scheduled a training session with Eunbi.


“Now we do.”


“Ohhhh.” The girls teased Eunbi and kept nudging her.


“‘Oh’ one more time and I’ll melt all your ice cream.” Eunbi glared at them which made all of them shut up, but still gave the teasing look to Eunbi and Chaeyeon which made Eunbi sigh in defeat.





The next day at school came as a complete shock to Chaeyeon.


The day started off normally, with her being utterly confused in Math class, followed by her receiving a failing grade on her math exam and then tripping over her shoelace twice and falling flat on her face once. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Until noon came.


Exactly at noon, while she was in science class, a loud explosion was heard. Immediately, sirens throughout of the school rang and all the students ran outside towards the South block of the school.


“Chaeyeon, listen to me carefully, I want you to run with Yena to the safe ground. Follow the students and you will reach there. Never. And I say never in any circumstances come out to find us until the teachers say it’s safe.” Eunbi held her hand and instructed her.


“Where are you going? Are you not going to hide as well?” Chaeyeon asked worriedly.


“Yena! I want you to take care of her. Bring her to the safe ground. I believe in you.” Eunbi pushed Chaeyeon to Yena.


“Stay safe Chae.” Eunbi said before she ran in the opposite direction with the other girls.


“What’s going on?” Chaeyeon asked, close to tears. She had no idea what was going on. All she knew was that it was dangerous out there but her friends were running towards it, while she had the privilege to go and hide.


“We are under attack. They will take care of it, don’t worry. We can be of much help there, we will only hinder them. The best we can do now is to hide and not worry them.” Yena said as she dragged Chaeyeon along, limping as fast as she could to the safe ground.


Chaeyeon was pulled along by Yena as she continued to look towards the direction where the other girls had ran to, she couldn’t help but to worry about them. She saw some students from the other classes run towards the same direction. She recognised them as the top students in combat of the other classes.


Deciding that Yena couldn’t stop her with her injury, Chaeyeon decided to break away from Yena’s hold and run towards the opposite direction, towards the battle ground.


“LEE CHAEYEON!” Yena screamed. Yena immediately shot a lightning bolt at her, wanting to knock her unconscious before dragging her away.


The lightning bolt flew straight towards Chaeyeon but it never hit her. The bolt stopped 1 metre away from Chaeyeon before it vanished into thin air. Confused, Yena tried again, only to be met by the same outcome. What is going on? Who is blocking my attacks?


“CHAEYEON PLEASE!” Yena cried out, only to fall on deaf ears.


Chaeyeon ran as fast as she could, away from Yena. Heart racing from worry and the lightning attacks from Yena. She felt surges of power flowing through her every time Yena’s bolts vanish into thin air. Did I do that? Chaeyeon wondered to herself. Everyone around them seemed too busy running away themselves to be protecting her. She brushed away the thought and continued running towards the opposite direction.


When she reached the main foyer, she could hear screams and things getting destroyed. She hid behind the wall and tried to get a look of the situation. There were not many people from the enemies, perhaps about 15? There were at least 20 people from their school. Neither side seem to be getting the upper hand in the battle, both side looks equally worn out.


Eunbi’s distinctive blue flame had lit pretty much all the trees surrounding them on fire as they are now engulfed in the blue fire, burning to ashes.


She tried to use her power to move stones to attack the enemy while hiding behind a wall, yet, it didn’t work. She wasn’t sure if she just at it or if the range of her power did not go far. She was quite convinced it was the former. Engrossed in trying to help out, she did not notice a man coming up from behind her.


“Found you.” A voice said from behind her as a tall man grabbed her by the waist and carried her. She screamed and tried to wriggle herself out of his hold, but he was physically way stronger than her. He took her and started to walk over to the enemy’s side. She saw the familiar snake tattooed onto the man’s forearm.


“I found the target.” He reported to a girl, who was sitting in their car, behind where all the commotion was taking place. Again, the girl had that snake tattoo on her neck. It didn’t take much thinking to figure out that the snake organisation that had been bothering them had finally came to attack them.


“Put her in the car.” The girl ordered. “Mission cleared, let’s go.” She shouted to her subordinates fighting.


“NO LET ME GO!” Chaeyeon yelled and flailed her arms.


“CHAEYEON UNNIE?” She heard Wonyoung scream. All 10 girls immediately shift their attention towards her, all 10 pairs of eyes widen in shock.


“LET HER GO.” Eunbi engulfed her arm in her infamous blue fire and punched the guy who she was in a combat with. The punch caused the guy to fall onto the ground in pain. She cast a fire ball towards the tall man. The tall man raised his hand and caused the fire ball to be shot back towards Eunbi.


“EUNBI UNNIE! DODGE!” Chaeyeon shouted to warn her. Luckily, with her fast reflex, she was able to dodge it while firing another fire ball, trying to catch him off guard, but was reflected again once more.


“What do you want from us!?” Eunbi cried, exasperated.


“Her. We’ve got her, we won’t bother you again.” The girl replied nonchalantly.


“Why her? She’s useless to all of you! Take me instead!” Eunbi begged.


“Sure, blue flame, I’ve never seen that before. But what this girl has, is much more precious than what you have, fire girl. I want her.”


“She can’t even control her telekinesis for goodness sake! Telekinesis is so common, why don’t you-“ The girl started to laugh like a maniac, cutting Eunbi off. Eunbi was clearly pissed at the whole situation, from the attack, to Chaeyeon popping out when she wasn’t even supposed to be here, to Chaeyeon being captured, and now this stupid lady is laughing at her.


“Telekinesis? Oh boy, you don’t even know huh?” The girl said when she calmed herself down. “Then you won’t have any need for this telekinesis girl, right? After all, it’s a common skill. Go find someone else, I’ll be taking her.”


“NO. She’s our friend, let her go!” Wonyoung glared at her. “You go find your own telekinesis girl!”


Unknown to Eunbi who was fixated in trying to safe Chaeyeon, the man who she was previously in combat with, picked up himself and was now running towards Eunbi from her back. With a knife. Fast.


“EUNBI UNNIE!” Chaeyeon screamed, shutting her eyes tight with tears falling, not wanting to see what happens next. This is my fault, I should have just followed Yena. I shouldn’t have come. This wouldn’t happen if I just went to the safe room. I caused this.


Screams were the last thing she heard before she blacked out.


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