{ six }


“Unnie wake up!” Eunbi was awaken by Chaeyeon nudging her. Eunbi wanted to curse at whoever was waking her up but when she saw Chaeyeon, she smiled.


“Good morning Chae.” 


“Good morning!” Chaeyeon said as she pulled Eunbi out of the tent. “Look!” Chaeyeon pointed to Yuri and Yena who were making breakfast together. The other girls were either washing up or fooling around. 


“Wait... Who agreed to let Yena make breakfast?” Eunbi asked, remembering the last time Yena burnt breakfast. 


“No unnie, that’s not the point! Look at the new couple!” 


“Aren’t they always together- WAIT THEY ARE TOGETHER NOW?” 


“Yeah, look at Yuri’s wrist! I made that bracelet for Yena to confess her!” 


“AW FKING FINALLY.” Eunbi had been waiting for the day they finally got together. Who knew why they took so long, it wasn’t as if they weren’t acting like a couple already. “Let me prank them.”


“So... I asked you two to keep watch over the rest of us sleeping, and you two got together instead?” Eunbi asked with the scariest face she could pull off. All the other girls stopped what they were doing. 


“Wait- They are together?”


“Like really together together?” 


“The rest of you shut up.” Eunbi glared at the rest of them, causing them to keep quiet immediately. Tension filled the air as Yena and Yuri awkwardly looked at Eunbi. 


“B-But there were no monsters! I made sure to keep watch as well!” Yena tried to explain.


“If the monster attacked from behind while you were focusing on Yuri, you wouldn’t even know.” Eunbi tried her best not to laugh at how Yena was trying to ask Chaeyeon for help with her eyes. Chaeyeon on the other hand, tried her hardest not to laugh, so much that she could not answer to Yena’s pleads. This made Yena alot more nervous since she mistaken Chaeyeon’s actions to be one of helplessness.


“But nothing happened Unnie, let’s not grill them shall we-“ 


“I’m not talking to you Wonyoung.”


“Yuri, how could you let Yena do this while on duty? I thought you were the more responsible one.” 


“Unnie, I-I’m sorry.” Yuri apologized, close to tears. Upon sensing that, Yena jumped to Yuri’s defense. 


“It was my idea Unnie, it has nothing to do with Yuri. If you want to punish us, I’ll take it.” Yena said firmly. 


“The eggs are burning...” Chaeyeon couldn’t help but to inform the couple. She wasn’t going to have burnt eggs for breakfast. Eunbi turned around to glare at Chaeyeon but laughed upon seeing how sad Chaeyeon was looking at the eggs burn.


“You ruined the best moment of the prank Lee Chaeyeon.” Eunbi whined. “AWW BUT YOU TWO ARE THE CUTEST.” Eunbi went to hug the couple who are in utter confusion while Chaeyeon went to save the eggs.


“Man, was about to give yall the punishment of washing up... BUT CONGRATS YOU TWO.” 


“What?” Yena and Yuri asked. The other girls were also confused. 


“It’s a prank.” 


“UNNIE” The girls whined, they genuinely thought that Eunbi was angry, and an angry Eunbi is really not someone they would want to see. 


“Make me nice breakfast!” Eunbi sang as she went to wash up. The girls finally moved from their original position and went towards the new couple to congratulate them. 



After breakfast, they had no activities planned so some went for a walk, some went back to sleep and Eunbi brought Chaeyeon into the forest for some practice. 


“Okay, you see the wolf there? Kill it.” 


“What if it kills me first?” 


“Do you really think I’ll let that happen?” 


“Okay, I’m counting on you to save me.”


Chaeyeon concentrated and managed to move some branches on the floor towards it. The branches successfully hit the wolf and it growled, turning around to chase whoever that had attacked it. 


“Chaeyeon! Don’t run!” Eunbi shouted as Chaeyeon started to run. This made the wolf chase her harder. 




Eunbi sighed and casted a fire ring around the wolf so that it couldn’t move out of the ring.


“Now just try to practice, it wouldn’t chase you.” 


Chaeyeon and Eunbi ended up practicing for 2 hours before heading back to their base. Surprisingly, the other girls made lunch, edible ones at that, and was waiting for them to come back. 


“I’m impressed that you didn’t burn down the entire forest.” 


“Hey! We’re not that bad, besides, we have our Wonyoung to save us.” Yujin retorted.


The rest of day was peaceful and the girls had fun with their activities, making Chaeyeon wonder if this was really a survival camp or just one to have fun.


Night came and the girls were all ready to sleep, leaving Chaeyeon and Eunbi to keep watch for the night.


“Do I expect to see a new couple tomorrow morning?” Yujin sang as she entered the tent.


“Good luck unnie!” Wonyoung whispered to Eunbi before running into the tent.


“Shut up and go to sleep kids.” Eunbi quickly send them to sleep before they embarrassed her further. The two of them sat on a log and admired the night sky. 


The two of them stayed in silence as they admired the night sky. Chaeyeon was at peace while Eunbi was in a dilemma, should she confess now or not? After her internal struggle, she finally decided to man up and confess.


Its now or never.


Chae, I want to tell you something.” Eunbi called her nervously.


“Hm?” Chaeyeon hummed as she turned to look at Eunbi, who was thankful that it was dark so Chaeyeon couldnt see her blushing face.


“I-“ Eunbi paused when she saw the horrified look on Chaeyeon’s face. “What?” 


Chaeyeon pointed behind her and Eunbi turned to look at what ruined the moment. Wolves, Goblins, Orges, monsters. A whole lot of them. Surrounding their base camp.


“What the fuc- Wake all of them up!” Eunbi turned serious and instructed Chaeyeon. Eunbi was confused, there was no way the monsters could communicate to gang up on them like this, the monsters did not possess the intelligence to plan an attack. The other girls woke up and sleepily walked out of the tent, muttering curses and confusion as they noticed what was going on.


“Get ready to fight girls.” Eunbi told them. “Chaeyeon, try not to get your beaten.” 


The monsters started to close in and the girls began to fight. Chaeyeon knew she would be of no help, but she want to try. So she stood in the middle of the girls and tried to move rocks to attack the enemies. She probably got it once out of 20 tries. 


Eunbi threw fireballs at the monsters, burning down all the nearby trees while Wonyoung helped to put them out to prevent burning down the entire forest. Wonyoung could control the water to wrap around the monsters, binding so tightly until they were defeated. Yujin was busy freezing all the monsters and created an ice floor, giving the monsters difficulty in approaching them further. 


Yena commanded the lightning to strike down trees which came crashing down on the monsters, instant kill. Yuri’s light gave off so much heat that it could burn them. 


Hitomi went in to fight the monsters combat style, punching the daylight out of them. One hit, one kill. Minjoo controlled the nearby trees, causing the vines from the trees to rapidly grow and wrapped around the monsters, squeezing them until they vanished into thin air. 


Hyewon took a small piece of metal from their cooking tins and transformed it into swords as she dashed towards the monsters and started her combat. Wielding swords on both hands, she took down the monsters quickly. A sudden gush of strong wind by Sakura made the monsters fly backwards. Sakura then formed a tornado that caused the monsters to be swept away from their camping site. 


A huge wolf along with the small lion appeared out of thin air and charged towards the herd of monsters.


“WHAT ARE THOSE?” Chaeyeon screamed as the wolf and lion ran pass her. 


“Chaewon’s celestial spirits! They are on our side!” 


“DOGGIE!” Yena yelled.


The wolf was about 3 times bigger than the monsters and were able to quickly take the monsters out. The lion let out a roar which took down many monsters.

Meanwhile, Nako sat down in the middle of the battleground and closed her eyes. 


“WHAT IS NAKO DOING? SAVE HER!” Chaeyeon panicked.


“SHUSH. YOU ARE DISTRACTING HER.” Yena shouted at her. 


Surprisingly, no monsters went near Nako, instead, any monsters that came within a 1 metre radius of her either ran away or withered away. Nako’s power allowed her to create her own world where anyone stepping into it will face their deepest fear. Nako could also create monsters in her own world to fight the monsters, which would affect the monsters in real life. 


As Chaeyeon continued with her futile attempt at fighting off the monsters, a goblin suddenly came running towards her. She tried to use her power to attack it but it obviously did not work. The other girls were busy attacking the herd of monsters to notice her. She screamed and closed her eyes, ready to feel the impact of the goblin smashing her. However, she did not feel any pain or impact. She opened her eyes to see the goblin staying rooted to the ground, not able to move. The goblin then slowly fell onto the ground as if something was weighing him down. Chaeyeon looked around to see who had saved her but everyone was still busy fighting except Eunbi who was staring at her in confusion. Eunbi then cast a fire ball to burn the goblin before running towards her. 


“Stay close to me.” Eunbi grabbed her arm and dragged her to a safe place and return to attacking the monsters from where they were. 


After 20 minutes of continuous fighting, the herd of monsters were finally defeated and the girls were all lying on the floor, exhausted. 


“This has to be an attack on us. I will let the teachers know once we return.” Eunbi stated. 


“You think it’s one of the other groups?” Nako asked. 




“Ouch!” The girls turned their attention to Yena who was holding her leg in pain, blood seeping through her white trainers.  


“Yena! Are you okay?” Yuri, though exhausted, ran towards Yena to check on her. 


“Damn, I think a orge smashed my leg earlier.” Yena whined.


“Can you walk?” 


“Can’t walk but I guess I could hop on my other leg.” 


“Ducks don’t hop.” Yujin said from behind.


“You stupid-“


“Not the time to argue now you two.” Eunbi glared at them.


“Yes Mom.”


“Who would want to coordinate the monsters to attack us?”


“I’m not sure if I saw it right but… I saw a girl watching us from the woods. She had that snake symbol on her leg.” Hyewon stated. 


“The one from the amusement park?”




“I’ll let the teachers know immediately. There’s an outsider in the woods.” Eunbi said and shot the emergency flare.


“NOOO!” Yena and Yujin yelled at the same time. “The PRIZE!”


“Is this the time to care about the prize?” Chaewon rolled her eyes. “Especially with the leg of yours?”


“BUT!” Yena whined.


“WE WERE SO CLOSE.” Yujin dramatically fell to the ground. 


“What is the prize anyway?” Chaeyeon asked.


“2 tubs of ice cream.”

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