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The next few weeks of school passed uneventfully, until the annual camp came about. 


Gathering at the auditorium, the 12 girls sat together and waited for the announcement.


“Good morning students, it’s that time of the year, for the annual survival camp course!” The principal greeted, earning cheers from the students.


“For the new students, I’ll explain what this is.”


“Each of you will have to go through this 3 day 2 night camp in the forest behind the school, where you would have to fight off monsters in the forest.”


“This year is going to be slightly different, instead of being with your magic class, you are going to be on your own, no teachers will accompany you.”


Murmurs filled the auditorium as the principal delivered the news.


“But don’t worry, we have precautions for when you are in danger. A special potion will ward off the monsters for 2 hours, you have to get back to base within that time.”


“Maximum of 20 people and minimum of 10 per group. Do enjoy your time there! Play in the lake, have a campfire! Just remember to always watch your back.”


“We will have up to 20 groups per batch that we send out to the forest at each time, so do note and remember your set out dates!”


“Oh and as per usual, the top 10 groups will receive a prize!” The principal ended his speech and the students cheered.


“YEAH IM SO EXCITED FOR CAMP!” Yena bounced in her seat in excitement.


“How could you be excited, there are monsters!!” Chaeyeon shrieked.


“They are easy to deal with, no sweat Chae Honey.” Yena winked.


“What’s with the name.” Eunbi glared at Yena.


“I-I mean, Chaeyeon bunny...” Yena glanced at Eunbi to seek for approval of the nickname. “No? Um... Chaeyeonnie?”




“Phew, I almost died, no joke.”


“I’m assuming the 12 of us are in a team? No objections?” Eunbi asked.


Everyone looked at Eunbi with the “do I look like I have a choice” look.


“Alright, that’s settled.” Eunbi went to submit the form to the office and they received their set out date.


“NEXT WEEK! IM EXCITED!” Yujin, Yena and Wonyoung started to do a dance to celebrate.


“Get out of there Yena, you are too old to be playing with the kids.” Chaewon told her.


“Hey! Age is just a number, besides, I look like a 15 year old too!”


“No. You don’t.” Hyewon shook her head in disgust.


“Hye- I’m not going to be pressure by all you bad influence and I’m going to be ME, I’m doing what I want.”


Chaeyeon stared at them and sighed, with the amount of noise they are making, they were definitely going to attract all the monsters.




On the day of the camp, they gathered at the back of the school with the other groups to listen to a briefing before setting off.


“Remember to drink the potion when you are in danger and come back here within 2 hours. Do not move about alone. Set off the fire signal if you are lost and need a teacher to get you.”


“There will be no sharing of base areas between groups.”


“If there are no questions, your camp starts now!” The principal announced and all the students excitedly set off on their journey.


The first part of the journey was peaceful, they did not come across any monsters while finding a base area.


They finally found an area next to the lake that they made their base area after 1 hour.


“I’ll set up the tent!” Yujin and Wonyoung quickly announced.

“We’ll go get wood for the fire.” Sakura and Hyewon volunteered.

“I volunteer to test out the ground!” Yena said as she laid on the grass.


“That’s not very helpful Yena.” Eunbi gave her a pointed look.


“No unnie you dont understand, we need to know if the ground is soft enough to sleep. I’m playing an important role here.”


“... I’ll unpack our bags.” Eunbi sighed and gave up.


With each person taking on a different role, setting up their base area was completed in an hour.


“I suggest we play in the lake!” Yujin said as she jumped into the lake. The other girls followed and the 12 of them brought out the beachball that they brought and played in the water.


“Uh... guys... help?” Chaeyeon pointed at something as she called out for the others. Eunbi turned to look at what she was pointing at while the other girls continued to play.


A stone golem was walking towards them and their base area. About 3m tall and it was bulky. It looked like it could crush them effortlessly.


Eunbi chuckled at how panicked Chaeyeon was was. She pointed her finger at the golem about 50meters away and the golem quickly turned into ashes after burning.


“Let’s get back to the game Chae.” Eunbi and the others was not even concerned about the threat around them.


Chaeyeon should have known by now, how strong her friends were and need not worry. None of them were even watching their backs. Relieved, she returned back to her friends and continued to play with them.



“Y’all really be treating this as a relaxing camp eh?”


“Isn’t it?”


“Wasn’t this a survival camp course?”


“Yeah, it is.” Chaewon nonchalantly answered while playing card games with the others. A few other monsters had popped by only to be burnt, frozen, or punched.




“For the last time Yena, ITS NOT A DOG.” Chaewon glared at her as she summoned a small lion.


“DOGGIE.” Yena ran towards it. To be fair, it did look like a pomeranian and it was pretty cute.


“As cute as it is, it could probably defeat you.” Eunbi told Chaeyeon as she saw how in love Chaeyeon was with the celestial lion.


“But its so cute?”


“It’s strong.”


“DINNER DINNER DINNER” Nako chanted as she came back with Hitomi with a dead animal.


“Where- What- What did you do?”


“I got us dinner. MEAT.” Nako loved meat.


“Alright alright, kids, let’s prepare for dinner.”


“I’ll test out the ground to see if its suitable for sitting!”


“NO YENA. Go and wash the utensils.” Eunbi scolded her.


“Okay.” Yena pouted and did her job.


Dinner was made and everyone wolfed down the food within minutes. Eunbi lit the woods on fire and they all sat around the campfire, roasting marshmallows.


“Oh uh I- I want to go to the toilet, let’s go Chaeyeon!” Yena said and pulled Chaeyeon out of her seat.


“Huh? But I want to eat marshmallows.” Chaeyeon whined as she was being dragged away.


Eunbi looked at the girls, who were all looking at Chaeyeon and Yena. Something suspicious was definitely going on.


“So..” Yujin started once the 2 girls were out of sight. “When you gonna confess?”


Eunbi almost choked on her marshmallow.


“W-What are you talking about?”


“We’re talking about you. And Chaeyeon unnie.” Wonyoung stared at Eunbi.


“What about us?”


“Don’t act dumb unnie.”


Eunbi sighed. So this was what they were planning.


“Who the f- Who told you about whatever you know?”


“I did!” Yuri proudly raised her hand.


“There’s nothing-“


“Yeah sure there’s nothing, it’s super obvious unnie. I can feel the love radiating within 10meters radius of you two.”


“She probably doesn’t even like me back.”


“Who else do you think she has a crush on then?” Chaewon deadpanned.


“I- I mean, for all we know, it could be Sakuchan?”


“Eh?” Sakura was genuinely surprised. “Please, we are just friends.”


“But- What if she rejects me?”


“Hello, have you seen the hearts shooting out from her eyes when she looks at you?”


“Not exactly...”


“She does.” Hyewon confirmed.


“Okay okay, I’ll find a time to do it.”




“Yujin... I thought that was already confirmed way before.”


“Wait, when exactly did you tell them?” Eunbi asked.





After Chaeyeon and Eunbi left to the supermarket, the 10 girls were lazing around, not wanting to get up and set up the pit.


“Oh oh! Guys! We got some hot news!” Yena announced.


“What news?”


“Romance news.” Yuri said and everyone immediately gathered around the 2 of them.


“Whose romance? Spill.” Yujin chased.


“So so so... We got some juice about Chaeyeon and Eunbi unnie.” Yena began by telling them the story when Chaeyeon was confronted by the girls in the toilet and how angry Eunbi was.






“Yena unnie and I also saw them leaving for ice cream, ALONE. And Eunbi unnie refused to let us tag along.”


“When we were playing pool earlier, guess what happened?” Chaewon took out her phone to show the picture that she had taken.


The girls erupted into a screaming mess. They started to form plans about how to bring them together and decided on truth or dare at night to ask them questions.


They continued to plan until the two returned home, and this was why the pit was not set up after 20minutes.



A loud noise disrupted their interrogation session, Yena and Chaeyeon had returned and Yena was announcing her arrival.


Yena returned Chaeyeon to her seat next to Eunbi and purposely pushed her slightly, causing Eunbi to fall onto Chaeyeon.


“Choi Yena.” Eunbi glared at her, receiving a peace sign from the other girl.


“Alright, we’ve got to settle the sleeping arrangements, how are we going to do this?” Yujin quickly changed topics to save Yena’s life.


“6 people in each tent and 2 people on duty to keep a watch out. Rotation of duty every 2 hours.”


Being very helpful friends, the other girls grouped themselves up quickly so that Chaeyeon and Eunbi would be on duty together.


“Yena Yuri, Minjoo Yujin and Hyewon Chaewon, y’all will be on duty today. The rest of us will be keeping watch tomorrow. Go to sleep now kids.”


They all separated into their respective tents and quickly drifted off to sleep, leaving Yena and Yuri to keep watch.


“Isn’t the moon really round and bright today?” Yuri asked as she sat next to Yena. Yena hummed in response, seemingly deep in thoughts.


“Are you okay?” Yuri turned to Yena worriedly as Yena was unexpectedly quiet.


“Huh, yeah I’m fine.”


“You know you can tell me anything right?”




Yuri decided to stop asking and gave Yena some quiet time.


“You know...” Yena started. “Looking at Eunbi unnie and Chaeyeon, I was just wondering, what are we exactly?”


“W-what do you mean?”


“Us. We’ve gotten so used to each other’s presence and actions, are we not going to take this relationship to the next level?” Yena looked at Yuri. Yuri remained quiet while her face turned red.


“And so, I made you this!” Yena took out a bracelet made with daisies, Yuri’s favorite flowers.


“Aww Yena this is so cute-“


“Willyoubemygirlfriend?” Yena asked abruptly, giving Yuri the bracelet and closed her eyes.


“What?” Yuri laughed at how shy Yena was being, this is so unlike her.


“Will you?” Yena asked again carefully as she peeked at Yuri’s facial expression.


“Of course you cutie!” Yuri pulled Yena into a hug and gave her a peck on her cheek.


“When did you make this though?” Yuri asked as they pulled away from the hug.


“Hm? Chaeyeon helped me with it just now.”



“Why me! I want to eat my marshmallows.” Chaeyeon whined as Yena continued pulling her away.


“Chaeyeon, I- I need your help.”


“With what?”


“Um... I was planning on confessing to Yuri...” Yena shyly told her.




“Not so loud!”


“Okay okay, I’m sorry! So what’s the plan?”


“Hm... I saw a patch of daisies here just now, I was planning on picking some for her. She loves daisies.”


“That’s a good plan!” Chaeyeon encouraged her.


“But don’t you think it’s too simple?”


“It’s the thought that counts.”


They arrived at the daisy patch and started to pick some flowers.


“Oh! How about making a bracelet with this!” Chaeyeon suggested.


“THATS SMART CHAEYEON!” Yena got excited. “Do you know how to make it though?”


“I took up some classes that taught us how to make it before, not sure if I still remember it.”


“How long ago was that?” Yena asked, doubting Chaeyeon’s abilities.


“When I was in grade 2.”


“Chaeyeon, that’s 10 years ago...”


“I’ll try!” Chaeyeon assured her.


Thankfully, Chaeyeon still seemed to be able to make out something that resembles a bracelet.


“I’m done!” Chaeyeon proudly showed Yena the finished product.


“This is actually pretty cute.”


“Go get your girl with this!”



“Aww Chaeyeon made this?”


“Hey! I picked the flowers!”


“It’s fine, I still appreciate it, thank you cutie.”


Yuri hugged Yena and the both of them were enjoying the night with some cuddling when they notice a wolf approaching them.


Yena sighed as she turned towards the wolf, pointing a finger at it, a bolt of lightning shot out from her finger and struck the wolf, killing it instantly.


“Don’t disturb me.” Yena glared at the now dead wolf. Yuri laughed at how annoyed Yena was with the wolf.


“Is it time for us to sleep?” Yuri asked Yena as she yawned.


“Who cares, let’s just wake Yujin up.”


The couple woke the next pair up and went to sleep hand in hand.

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