{ four }


The two watch the entire show in that position with frequent jumps from Chaeyeon being scared. 


“It’s over!” Chaewon said as she stood up and stretched. 


“Let’s get started with the games!” Yuri cheered and ran up the stairs with Yena.


“Bring the poison as well!” Yujin followed them.


“What poison?” Chaeyeon asked.


“Alcohol, Yujin meant alcohol.” 


“Race y’all up there!” Chaeyeon shouted and ran up the stairs as well. 


“UNNIE NO FAIR.” Wonyoung chased her.


“Y’ALL ARE CHEATS!” Nako groaned and followed. 


“LOSER DOES A FUNNY DANCE!” Sakura and Hitomi trailed behind. 


“Where’s Hyewon?” Chaewon asked. “She ran up already? SINCE WHEN?” Chaewon panicked and ran up the stairs as well.


“I’m not running.” Minjoo said as she walked into the lift with Eunbi.


“We’ll reach faster than them anyways.” Eunbi commented. The lift had glass windows and they could see the stairs through the lift. 


The look of betrayal on all the girls face when they realize the 2 girls took the lift was priceless, causing the 2 girls to burst into laughter.


Yena, Yuri and Yujin had already reached the top floor and was waiting for them. The other girls came rushing in with Wonyoung being the winner of the race and Chaewon being the loser. 


“No fair! They took the lift, they are cheats, they should do the forfeit.” Chaewon panted from the exercise and pointed at Minjoo.




Chaewon’s gaze moved to Eunbi.


“Screw off.” 


“Ugh fine.” Chaewon got up and started to do a silly dance, earning laughter from the rest of the girls. Yena and Yujin then joined her and it turned into a silly dance competition. 


“I’m tired already.” Yena said after dancing. 




“Truth or dare! Truth or dare!” The girls chanted. Never had they been so enthusiastic about truth and dare. 


This made Eunbi suspicious but she went along with it anyways.


“Usual rules! If you refuse to do the dare or say the truth, drink up!” And drinking up meant a mixture of whatever the girls made. 


“First up... CHAEWON.” 




“Who you think is the prettiest here!” Yujin asked, determined to make Chaewon compliment one of them.


“Isn’t it obvious? It’s me.” Chaewon proceeded to spin the bottle, leaving Yujin sulking at her wrong question choice.






“If you had to date one of us, who would it be?” 


“I rather die alone.” Hyewon chewed on her biscuit. 


“No! You have to choose!” 






“I can probably kill her off the quickest.” 


“That’s mean Hye!” 




“Saku saku tan!” 




“I dare you to wear a bikini for the rest of the night.” 


“Ugh, just let me drink the poison.” And poison it was, the drink was a mix of Vodka, Orange juice, a piece of bread and some peanuts. 


“Oh this is gross.” Sakura gaged after she drank up the mixture. 


“Y’all are brutal.” Chaeyeon was shocked to see the kind of drink they made. 


“You just have to perform the dare and say the truth to escape drinking that.” 


“Next... CHAEYEONNIE” Yujin was beyond excited that the bottle finally pointed to Chaeyeon. 


Chaeyeon did not have a good feeling about whatever they were planning. 



“Honestly... do you have a crush on someone in the group?” Everyone stared at her curious. 


“Uh. Y-Yeah?” 


Everyone cheered at her revelation and Chaeyeon blushed. And who knew why Eunbi was red as well. 


“Next! Wonyoung!!” 




“I dare you to kiss Nako Unnie.”


“UGH GROSS WHY ME!” Nako screamed.


“NAKO UNNIEEEE!” Wonyoung chased Nako around the room.


“Don’t make me use my powers.” Wonyoung stopped dead in her tracks. 


“Look, it’s not that I don’t want to do it, Nako Unnie won’t let me.”


“A failed mission is still a failed mission. Drink up!” 


A mix of soju, popcorn and salt. Gross. 




“Dare! Dare! Dare!” The girls chanted. 


“Okay fine, dare.”


“I dare you to kiss Chaeyeon unnie!”


“What?” Eunbi knew it wasn’t going to be good.




Eunbi leaned in to give a small peck on Chaeyeon cheeks. Cheers erupted and Chaewon took a picture. Both of them were so embarrassed but a dare was a dare. 






“THIS IS RIGGED.” Chaeyeon complained.


“Truth or dare?” 


“Ugh, truth.”


“Who do you like?”


“I KNEW IT. Just give me the drink.” Chaeyeon surrendered.


“Oh man. Kill joy.” Hitomi sulked as she was getting excited for some romance. The girls proceeded to make some real poison for her.


Gin, salt, vinegar, bread and some oats. Chaeyeon wanted to puke looking at it.


“Y’all are treating me the worst.” 


“Your question was the most exciting, so you get the worst drink.” 


Chaeyeon took a sip and oh that is the grossest thing she ever tortured her tastebuds with. She grimaced and the other girls laughed.


“One shot! One shot!” They chanted. But Chaeyeon was hesitant to take another mouth, she did not like the taste at all. 


“Give it to me.” Eunbi took the glass from her and drank it in one shot, seemingly unbothered by its taste.


“Are you immune to that or what?” Chaeyeon was in awe in midst of all the cheering from the girls.


“OKAY CHANGE GAME.” Yuri shouted as she did not want to be the next victim.


“HEY!” Eunbi shouted, she hasn’t gotten a chance to grill the other girls yet.


“Yeah change game its getting boring.” The other girls quickly agreed, they’ve gotten the answer they wanted, they didn’t need to play the game any longer.


“Y’all are the worst.” Eunbi rolled her eyes as the they started to take out monopoly to play. 


“Guess who’s the monopoly god y’all!!” Yuri shouted. 


“Not you Yuri, not after that pool game.” 


“Watch me.” The 12 of them teamed up to play that never ending game of monopoly and Wonyoung and Yujin were the ones who won.


And guess who went bankrupt first? That’s right, Jo Yuri.


“I’m going to sleep! This is not fun at all.” Yuri sulked. 


“You sure? We are ordering pizza now.” Chaewon started to dial for pizza delivery.




“Really? Pizza at 3am?” 


“Nothing better than pizza before sleep!” 


So the girls did eat their pizza and went to sleep right after. Minjoo had a large cozy room with a 1 bed, allowing only one person to sleep on the bed.


The others had mattresses laid out for them on the floor. 


“It’s my room so obviously I sleep on the bed.”


“Not so fast Princess, we got to be fair and square.”


“It’s my bed Yujin.” Minjoo deadpanned.


“Nope nope, lets draw lots!” 


In the end, Eunbi won and got to sleep on the bed, leaving Minjoo all frustrated. 


“Ugh, I hate y’all.” 


After having stayed up so late, the girls drifted off to sleep quickly. Except Chaeyeon.


The horror show left her feeling all scared and vulnerable. Contrary to popular belief, having powers does not make her feel safer.


She couldn’t sleep, there was no one behind her yet she kept overthinking. She tapped Sakura who was sleeping next to her.


“Saku chan.” Chaeyeon whispered. Sakura did not stir at all, sleeping like a dead log. “Saku chan!” 


Sighing, she took her pillow and went to Eunbi. 

“Unnie...” She tapped her. 


“Hm?” Eunbi woke up at her touch. “What’s wrong Chae?” 


“Uh... Can I sleep with you? I’m scared.” Eunbi chuckled at how cute she was and moved over for Chaeyeon to sleep. “Hehe thanks unnie.” 


She felt much safer in the bed with Eunbi and went quickly drifted off to sleep.



Chaeyeon was awoken by the sound of giggling and squeals the next morning. She opened her eyes to be greeting by the sight of the other girls standing around them and taking pictures.


oh. right. She fell asleep on the bed with Eunbi and Eunbi was hugging her. Eunbi also woke up when Chaeyeon started to shift. 


“ off.” Eunbi groaned, she was sleepy and grumpy and was not happy at how the girls woke her up. She needed sleep.


The other girls scrambled off when they heard Eunbi curse at them, they were not going to be in the same room as an angry Eunbi. 


“I-I’ll go make breakfast.”


“ME TOO.” And with that, they ran downstairs. 


Chaeyeon came to a sudden realization that Eunbi had hugged her the whole night and blushed. 


It’s too early in the morning to be blushing already Chaeyeon! 


“Good morning Chae.” Eunbi sleepily greeted her and petted her head before walking to the bathroom. 




Chaeyeon sighed, it wasn’t good for her heart that Eunbi was acting like this towards her, it only made her like the older more. 


It definitely didn’t help that Chaeyeon didn’t know why the older was so nice to her either. (she’s that dense yall)


“Aren’t you going to wash up Chae?” 


“Oh, yeah I am.” 



“BREAKFAST, I MADE BREAKFAST!” Yena sang in joy.


“You meant to say you burnt breakfast?” Minjoo rolled her eyes.


“You’re a terrible chef.” Hyewon said quietly.


“The truth has been spoken.” Yujin gave Hyewon a thumbs up.


“Says the one who burnt down the dorm room kitchen and needed Wonyoung’s help to out it out.”


“It happened once Yena, ONCE.”


“That’s a number that many people will never reach in a lifetime.”


“Oh yeah, how bout the time you-“ 


“Sit down kids. Stop arguing.” Eunbi glared at them.






“Okay, fine.” Eunbi looked at the spread of disaster infront of her.


Breakfast, Yena said. All she saw was burnt toast and a mush of eggs(?). 


“... Anyone wants to get breakfast outside?” 


Yena looked disappointed at Eunbi’s reaction to her breakfast but after she took a bite of toast and egg, she changed her mind.


“ME.” Yena raised her hand. 


They were getting ready to go out when Chaeyeon needed to go back upstairs to take her phone. 


“Chae, could you help me take my wallet as well?” Eunbi asked Chaeyeon before she went up.


Both Chaeyeon and Chaewon turned to her at the same time.




oh crap. Eunbi forgot that Chaewon could also be called Chae. 


“Okay I get it, I’m not going to answer to the name Chae.” Chaewon surrendered when she realize who Eunbi was referring to. 


“Sorry I forgot.” Eunbi laughed and hugged Chaewon, trying to redeem herself. 


“Okay unnie, whatever.” 


“Let’s go!” Chaeyeon said as she came back with the items.



The 12 girls went to Macdonalds for breakfast as the kids chanted for Macdonalds.


“What are we doing today?” Hitomi asked.


“AMUSEMENT PARK!” Wonyoung suggested enthusiastically.




“CAN WE?” The kids turned to Eunbi for approval, she was the mum after all. 


“Suddenly?” Eunbi was reluctant to go, it was expensive afterall.


“Please.” Chaeyeon pouted at her, it’s been so long since she went. 


“Ugh fine.” The 11 girls erupted into cheers, earning pointed looks from the other customers and Eunbi had to apologize on their behalf.


The girls quickly went back to Minjoo’s house to change and quickly set off to the amusement park. They took Minjoo’s family carS and got there within 30minutes. 


“Let’s go on the rollercoaster first!!” Yena said and ran towards the ride without waiting for the others.


“Wait for us!” 


They reached the queue and waited for at least an hour before they got on. All of them were not afraid of roller coasters so they enjoyed themselves.


“Next! How about... THE HAUNTED HOUSE?” 




“Oh no.” Chaeyeon muttered but she followed them to the attraction anyways. They started to queue and she was getting jittery.


It was a hospital setting, those were the worst.


“Are you scared?” Sakura asked her. 


“I’m so scared I’m actually going to faint.” 


“It’s okay unnie, my nightmare powers are scarier than this, do you want a warm up?” Nako offered.


“Its okay Nako, you can save it.” 


“It’s okay if you don’t want to go in, I can sit out with you!” Sakura told her. 


“It’s okay, I don’t want to make you miss out on the fun. Besides, there’s so many of us, I’ll be fine.” 


Turns out, only 2 people could enter the attraction at once. She couldn’t sit out now, if she sat out, one person had to go in alone. 


“Who’s partnering?” Yena asked. “I’m going with Yuri!”


“Wonyoung and I, Ahn YuJin.”

“I’m going with Nako.” Hitomi told them.

“Chaeyeon and I!” Sakura said, stunning the other girls because... Eunbi? Sakura just wanted to tease the older so she was satisfied when she turned to find the older glaring at her. 

“I’ll go with Eunbi Unnie then.” Chaewon offered. 

“Ooh, the other Chae.” Yena whispered.

“I guess it’s us then.” Minjoo told Hyewon.


“Minjoo and Hyewon will probably not make a sound through the whole attraction.” Yena laughed. 


First up was Yena and Yuri pair, the pairs went in every 1 minute interval since the whole attraction was quite long, about 15minutes to complete.


“Don’t be afraid Yuri, I’ll protect you.” Yena held Yuri’s hand.


“Hah, more like me protecting you?” 


“I’m a changed women, watch me.” Yena proudly stated. 



“Don’t you think its a little too dark in here? Don’t you think it’s the perfect time to use your powers?” 


“No Yena unnie. I thought you were brave?”


“I am! I’m going to protec- AHHHH” Yena screamed when a scare actor suddenly lunged at her. Yuri laughed till she dropped on the floor, holding her stomach.


So much for Yena trying to act brave. 


“Y-Yuri, I’m scared.” Yena stuttered.

“Who was the brave one just now?”

“Not me??” 


Just then, a scare actor scared them by appearing through the ceiling.


“NO OH MY MUMMY.” Yena screamed.




“Did you hear that...?” Wonyoung asked.


“Sounded alot like Yena unnie didnt it?”


“Definitely her.”


“Are you scared Won?” Yujin asked.


“Hah, me? Scared? Try again in your next lifetime Yu.” 


“Really? Then... BOO.” Yujin suddenly jumped up from behind Wonyoung. The scare actor who was suppose to scare them came up at the moment Yujin shouted and got scared by her shout instead.


Both Wonyoung and Yujin saw that and laughed. They walked towards where the scare actor was hiding.


“HAHAHAHAHA Ajusshi, were you scared by us?” Wonyoung questioned and laughed at the situation. 


The scare actor, who was suppose to be a mad doctor, tried to scare them by using his scalpel prop. But the 2 kids were unfazed and continued to laugh. 


“Okay, bye! Be careful, Nako unnie is coming in next!” 




Hitomi, although usually frightened by these kind of things, was hardly afraid with Nako next to her. She knew what Nako was like when in haunted houses. 


“COME AT ME.” Nako shouted and starting to bang her hands on the metal cupboards and operation table. 


Nako had picked up a metal tray prop while walking and was planning on using that as a weapon. 


The same mad doctor saw them approaching and went up to scare them, but Nako was faster and raised the metal tray, threatening to hit him if he came any closer. 


Upon seeing how violent this young lady was, he retracted his steps and went back to his hiding spot. 


so this is what they girl meant by be careful...


Hitomi then convinced Nako to abandon the tray and enjoy the scare factor of the attraction instead of scaring them.


Thinking that Nako would abandon her fighting spirit without the tray was Hitomi’s mistake. The next scare actor that came, Nako got into a fighting stance and starting to throw punches. 


Luckily, the actor was able to dodge and flee from the 2 girls. Hitomi sighed, but at least it wasn’t scary. 



Chaeyeon hugged Sakura tightly as they entered the attraction, so tightly that Sakura could hardly walk. 


“Chaeyeon!” Sakura laughed. “I can’t move.”




“They are all humans you know.” 


Chaeyeon sighed and let go of Sakura slightly. 


“Come on, I’ll hold your hand, lets go!” 


The spooky silence in the attraction was broken when they heard a distance yell that sounded like “YOU LIL PIECE OF .” 


“Is it just me... or did that sound like Nako?”


“Definitely Nako.” Sakura reaffirmed. Chaeyeon laughed at the thought of Nako attacking all the scare actors and felt slightly more relax.  


But the attraction was not made for her to relax. As they passed by the operation room, the mad doctor who was determine to scare someone now, rushed out and let out a loud yell. 


He was satisfied that Chaeyeon was screaming her heads off and continued to chase her.


“DONT CHASE MEEEE PLEASE.” Chaeyeon cried as she ran in circles. Sakura was on the floor laughing while looking at Chaeyeon. 


“SAKURAAAA.” Wasn’t Sakura meant to protect her?? How dare she do nothing but laugh! Chaeyeon was reconsidering her decisions to enter the haunted house with Sakura.


“Alright alright.” Sakura finally stopped laughing and tried to block the actor from getting to Chaeyeon.


“Okay now, run.” Chaeyeon told Sakura and quickly ran off, leaving Sakura behind. Just as Sakura was about to follow Chaeyeon, she heard another scream.


“THERE ARE MORE THERE.” Chaeyeon screamed as she ran back to Sakura. At this point, Sakura was dying of laughter.



Eunbi and Chaewon were the next to enter.


“Let’s go.” Eunbi grabbed Chaewon hand and walked quickly. 


“Huh? I’m not scared unnie.” 


“I know.” Eunbi said as she continue to drag Chaewon along. 


Passing by the mad doctor, the duo did not even flinch as he pop-ed out and continue to walk as if nothing happened, leaving him embarrassed for the 3rd time.


“Why are we walking so fast— Oh. I know why.”   Chaewon smirked. 


“What, this is my natural speed.” 


“Yeah, I’m sure your natural walking speed is 10km per hour.” 


“SAKUUU CHANN.” They paused when they heard a scream. 


“I guess we are near the target.” Chaewon then pulled Eunbi along and speed walked to Chaeyeon and Sakura. 


They found Chaeyeon crouching down, resisting and Sakura trying to pull her to get to the next room. 


“Come on, we got to move!” Sakura said as she continued to pull Chaeyeon, dragging Chaeyeon to the next room. 


“Oh. Eunbi unnie, Chaewon, y’all are fast.” Sakura waved when she noticed them. 


“EUNBII UNNIEEE!! CHAEWONN!” Chaeyeon ran towards Eunbi and hid behind her. “Saku chan is terrible.” 


“Did you cry?” Chaewon couldnt help but to let out a laugh when she saw Chaeyeon’s tear stained face. 




As far as Chaewon could remember, there were only 2 scares before this point of the attraction, there were probably many more to go. 


“It’s okay, there are 4 of us now. We’ll protect you.” Eunbi wiped Chaeyeon’s tears.


“Make that 3, Saku chan is useless at being a protector.” 


“Hey! I tried.” 


“Trying doesnt mean laughing at me.” Chaeyeon pouted.


The 4 of them continued to walk through the attraction with Chaeyeon in the middle, Eunbi and Chaewon beside her and Sakura as the front man. 


The 4 of them emerged out of the haunted house in that formation with a crying Chaeyeon.


“I’m never going to a haunted house again.”



Minjoo and Hyewon were the last to go in. 


As they passed by the same mad doctor, he lunged at them, hoping to get the same reaction he got from Chaeyeon.


Instead, both of them just stared at him blankly. 


He then wobbled in front of them to act like a zombie.


“Are your legs okay? Do you need to rest?” Hyewon asked in concern.


“I’m pretty sure he’s fine unnie.” 


“Oh. Take care.” 


And the 2 girls walked pass him. 


“Why is this haunted house so long? I need a break, my leg hurts.” Minjoo said as they walked into the patients ward room. She opened the curtain of one of the bed, and came face to face with one of the scare actor who was a patient. 


Startled by Minjoo, the scare actor let out a yelp and fell back onto the bed. 


“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it was occupied.”


The 2 girls then went to another empty bed and sat there to rest for a while. 


They only left continued when the pair behind them caught up with them and entered the room with them.


They scared the other pair when they opened the curtain to their bed causing them to run away.


“What, how could they be scared of this gorgeous face?” Minjoo rolled her eyes and pointed to her face. 


Hyewon said nothing but her silently judged her with her eyes.



“What took y’all so long! Why did the pair behind you finish before you?”


“We rested.” Minjoo told them.


“Of course. What did we expect from the princess?” Yena sighed.


“NEXT NEXT! To cheer Chaeyeon up, lets eat!”


The group of them played for the rest of the day until it was dark.


“Hold up, let me go to the restroom first!” Chaeyeon said before they went back to Minjoo’s house. 


“We’ll wait for you here.”


After 10 minutes, they felt like something was wrong as Chaeyeon was not back yet.


“It can’t be that she lost her way again... right?”


“Should we find her? The restroom isn’t far, I don’t think she’ll get lost.”


The group went to find Chaeyeon only to find a woman trying to attack Chaeyeon.


“You’re from IZ48 School right? Fight me.” She cornered Chaeyeon.


The woman then use her powers to lift Chaeyeon up in the air.


“Let her go!” Wonyoung screamed.


The other girls wasted no time in rushing to Chaeyeon’s aid. Eunbi grabbed the women’s arm with her fire hands while Yujin froze her legs, locking her to the ground. 


Chaewon summoned a snake, which wrapped around the woman’s body, squeezing her. The woman alone was no match for the 12 of them. 


She fell onto the ground and Chaeyeon was released from her hold, falling onto the ground. Luckily, Hitomi was there to catch her. 


“Who are you? What do you want from us?” Eunbi asked, furious that someone dared to attack them in the outside world. 


“We aim to be the strongest. I failed to uphold or organization’s values, just kill me.”


“No, we won’t. Just get out and don’t appear in our face again.” Yuri threatened and the woman ran away. 


“You okay?” Eunbi immediately went to Chaeyeon.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry to create trouble again.” Chaeyeon looked down.


“You’re not! All that matters is that you’re fine.” Eunbi hugged her.


“Yeah unnie, it was that mean woman’s fault!” Wonyoung smiled.


“And this was an opportunity for you to see us kick !” Yena punched the air to get her point across.


“You didnt do .” 


“Okay Yujin, I was just letting you have your time to shine.”


“Alright alright no fighting kids.” Chaewon stopped them.


“I’m older than you.” 


“Okay kids lets go back home.” Eunbi stopped them before they started arguing again. 


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