{ three }


“YO YALL, HOW BOUT A SLEEPOVER PARTY ON FRIDAY, AT MINJOO PRINCESS HOUSE?” Yujin offered during lunch one day, a week after the Chaeyeon incident. 


Although students had to stay in dorms, they were allowed to return home on weekends. But most of them don’t since they either live far away or are too lazy too. 


“What- Did you just invited us to a sleepover in my house? It’s not even your house?? It’s mine??” Minjoo questioned in utter disbelief.


“Eyy, my parents are going on a business trip with your parents this weekend, I know the house is empty.” Yujin winked. “WHO’S IN?”


“ME” Everyone immediately agreed.


“ALRIGHT, CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY!” Yena bounced in her seat in excitement.



After lunch, the girls went for magic training class and each of them were assigned their own room to train. Eunbi was assigned to help Chaeyeon practice so both of them were in a room.


“Okay, now, try to lift this rock up.” Eunbi instructed Chaeyeon. Chaeyeon stared hard at the rock, lift lift lift! 


“Try harder! Concentrate!” Eunbi encouraged her.


“I’m trying!! It’s not working!” Chaeyeon whined. To be honest, part of her wasn’t concentrating because, Kwon Eunbi was in the room with her, how could she not spare a few glances at her every few seconds? 


“If you succeed, I’ll buy you ice cream later.” 


“OKAY!” Chaeyeon was excited at the thought of an ice cream date. She then focused and managed to lift the rock up within a few seconds.




“YOU CHEAT!” Eunbi called her out, although she was slightly proud. “You only did it for the ice cream!”


“Can’t help it unnie, I think my powers only respond to ice cream.” 


“Okay, fine, i’ll treat you, a promise is a promise. Moving on. Now try to use your powers to lift up rocks and throw it to that wall.” 


Chaeyeon focused again and succeeded in throwing the rocks at the wall. But since her Chaeyeon isn’t Chaeyeon without her clumsiness, suddenly, all the rocks were lifted up and were flying around the room at a great speed.


“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Chaeyeon panicked. 


“Chaeyeon! Relax, let go of your hold on the rocks!” Eunbi shouted as she tried to avoid the flying rocks.


“I-I can’t! How do you do that!” Chaeyeon too was busy avoiding the rocks when suddenly, all rocks were engulfed in blue flame before turning into ashes.


“Phew, nice job unnie!” 


“This is suppose to be a training session for you, not me.” Eunbi sighed. “I guess we got to start from the basics.” 




After school, Eunbi kept her promise and brought Chaeyeon to a ice cream parlour outside of school. The duo met Yena and Yuri on their way out of school.


“What’s this exclusive outing unnie!” Yena whined. “Or is this a date?”


“It’s just a reward from me as her tutor.” Eunbi calmly explained, she would never admit that it was a date.


“Bring us along!” Yuri suggested.


“Uh... no you can’t.” Eunbi tried finding excuses. “Yena is too noisy.”


“I’ll keep quiet! I love ice cream too!” Yena pouted.


“No, thats final. Bye!” Eunbi quickly pulled Chaeyeon out of school. 


“Yup, she’s definitely whipped. How cute. Like us.” Yena smiled and hugged Yuri.



Chaeyeon wanted to ask why Eunbi didn’t want Yuri and Yena to tag along but no, she wasn’t going to risk it incase Eunbi turns back and invites them. She liked to be alone with her.


“I’m going to bring you to my favorite ice cream parlour! The ice cream there is so good!” Eunbi started to tell her about all the different flavors and which were the best. 


Chaeyeon couldn’t help but to stare at Eunbi, who was as excited as a kid, talking about ice cream. The way her eyes glow when she came to salt caramel made Chaeyeon chuckle. Cute.


“Good morning! Welcome to Zone Ice Cream!” The employee greeted as soon as they walked into the shop. The duo went straight to the ice cream counter and Chaeyeon shamelessly asked to try all the flavors, making Eunbi extremely embarrassed. 


The employee seem to be fine at her request and laughed at how Chaeyeon seem to be completely oblivious at how embarrassed Eunbi was. After tasting all 26 flavors available,  Chaeyeon decided on salted caramel, which was what Eunbi had recommended. 


Honestly, she was going to get that from the start, but hey, no harm having more ice cream right? Besides, it was free.


“Here you go pretty.” The employee, whose name was Haeyoon, as noted by Eunbi, said as she passed Chaeyeon here ice cream.


Chaeyeon blushed a little and thanked her while Eunbi grabbed her ice cream from Haeyoon, not before giving her a glare. How dare she flirt with Chaeyeon infront of her? Ok Eunbi let’s not act as if Chaeyeon is your girlfriend- no wait what, why are you even angry? 


Eunbi then brought Chaeyeon to sit at a spot, far and out of sight from the counter. 


“Why are we sitting so far in?”


“It’s more peaceful here, and the aircon here is colder.” Eunbi made up some bull, but Chaeyeon seemed to believe it so all is well.


The two stayed at the cafe for almost 2 hours talking and they probably wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t for the shop’s closing time.


“Hey sorry! We are closing!” The employee, Haeyoon, came over to them. “Do you need me to you home cutie?” Haeyoon winked at Chaeyeon.


Chaeyeon laughed at her, seeming to enjoy the attention she was getting.


“No, she does not.” Eunbi was quick to intervene and pulled Chaeyeon out of the cafe. She made a mental note to send a complain letter about their overly friendly staff.


“Are you enjoying this?” Eunbi was bewildered at how Chaeyeon could be so happy over the incident. 


“Yeah!” Chaeyeon eyes twinkled. “I’ve never been hit on before. This is new.” 


“I will sh- No, I mean, she’s a stranger!” 


“She seems nice though!”


“Looks can be deceiving!”


“Ey, but she’s so cute.”


“No she looks like the devil.” Eunbi huffed. Chaeyeon couldn’t help but to laugh at how cute Eunbi was being. Chaeyeon then decided to more by complimenting the ice cream shop employee to get more reaction out of Eunbi. 


The whole walk back to the dorm involved Eunbi being a jealous bean and Chaeyeon enjoying teasing the older. Although Chaeyeon wasn’t quite sure why the older was reacting that way, but it was cute, so it didnt matter.


“Okay, get into your room and no more talking about her.” Eunbi said as she shoved Chaeyeon into her dorm room.


“Sure, see you tomorrow pretty!” Chaeyeon shouted as she closed the door, leaving behind Eunbi who was a blushing mess.




“I’m coming!” Chaeyeon shouted from inside her room. The door opened, revealing an obviously-just-woken-up Chaeyeon. Is this deja-vu or what? Eunbi thought to herself. 


After school in the morning, they agreed to leave the dorms by 4 in the afternoon. The 11 girls were now sitting in Chaeyeon small dorm room, waiting for the said girl to wash up and get ready to go to Minjoo’s house. There was barely any space for Chaeyeon to walk with the 11 girls in the room, causing her to trip over the girls legs a few times as she scrambled across the room to get her stuff. 


“I feel like i’m watching a cartoon.” Minjoo said as her eyes followed the running Chaeyeon.


“Stop pushing me Yujin.” 


“No one is even touching you, don’t be delusional.”


“You are squished on to me, I CAN FEEL YOU.”




“How did the 2 of them end up sitting at the same corner?” Nako sighed. “I guess this is my time to shine.” 


“Oh no.” Yuri who was sitting next to Yena quickly got up and ran to the other side of the room.


“Wha- NAKO NO”


“NAKO UNNIE YOU’RE MEAN” The two of them shouted as they punched the air in front of them.


Chaeyeon was utterly confused, what were Yujin and Yena doing?


“Don’t mind them, they are just trapped in Nako’s nightmare power.” Sakura explained.


“Oh...” Chaeyeon was least to say, worried for them, but seeing how the other girls were laughing at them made her realize that this was probably a normal occurrence. 


“I’m done!”


“Oh wow finally.” 


“I tried to wake up early, i really did.” Chaeyeon explained herself. “I meant to only have an hour of nap but my body seem to need 3 hours. It’s not my fault.”


“Aren’t you and your body one?”


“No, we are acquaintances.” 


Yena laughed hard at her joke but the rest of the group don’t seem to understand their humor.


“Lets... just go.” 


Minjoo chauffeurs came with 3 cars to pick them up, earning wows from Chaeyeon as it was her first time seeing this.


“You are a real princess.” Chaeyeon gave her a thumbs up as she entered one of the car.


When they reached Minjoo’s house, Yena, Yujin and Wonyoung ran out of the car. 




“Not again.” Minjoo deadpanned. “They always make a mess there.”


“I’ll be making my way to the sauna.” Sakura said as she left.


“I want the sauna too!” Hitomi joined.


“I'd like to burn as well.” Nako trailed behind the other 2.


“Why is she so violent?” Chaeyeon whispered.


“As expected from our darkness user Nako.” Eunbi chuckled.


“Her power really suits her.” 


“Y’all really be treating my home like your own.” Minjoo sighed. 


“I’ll just... go to the theater. Anyone wants to watch one piece?” Hyewon asked quietly. 


“It’s fine, no one is interested.” Minjoo massage her temple. 


“Anyone wants to play pool!” Yuri asked.


“Me!” Chaeyeon raised her hand excitedly. “But I don’t know how to.” 


“Eunbi unnie can teach you.” Yuri gave Eunbi a knowing smirk, earn a “what-do-you-mean” look from the older.


“Come on Chaewon join us!” Yuri pulled Chaewon along. 


“I’ll just go and sleep, wake me up when y’all finish your activities.” Minjoo then left them alone.


Chaeyeon was awed at everything Minjoo house had.


“Is this a house or a shopping mall?”


Her house had chandeliers, lifts, a mini bar and who knew what else were in the other levels. Yuri led the way to a flight of stairs down to the basement.


Theater, Arcade, Pool room, this house had everything! How rich was Minjoo exactly. No wonder she gave off such a princess vibes, she really was one.


“Here we are!” Yuri announced as she push opened 2 doors labelled “Pool”.


2 large pool tables were in the room, equipped with all the necessary tools.


“Chaewon and I will team!” Yuri was quick to say, winking at Eunbi.


The older was confused as to what Yuri meant but she had a rough idea. How the hell did she know?


The trio started off by explaining the rules to the pool newbie and it took fairly long for her to understand. 


“Why don’t we just demonstrate?” 


First match was Eunbi vs Yuri, the 2 self proclaimed Pool God. Chaewon sat out of that and said something along the lines of “the real deal will sit out.” 


Chaeyeon would have had no idea what was going on if it wasn’t for Chaewon narrating. As far as she knew, Eunbi was winning.


She thought it wasn’t possible for Eunbi to look even prettier than she already is, but seeing her play pool, the definition of pretty for her changed again.


Chaeyeon wasn’t even listening to Chaewon anymore as she stared at Eunbi.


“So, do you understand now?” Chaewon nudged her.


“Huh, yeah, sure! Thanks!” Chaeyeon lied, she still didn’t understand the rules, but oh wells, she’ll just play by ear.


“Go home Yuri, the Pool God is here.” Eunbi raised her hands in victory as Yuri collapsed onto the floor, in disbelief that she lost. 


“Unfair, how could I have lost?” Yuri whined.


“Accept your skills child.” 


“I’m going to play against Chaeyeon unnie to make myself feel better.”


“Huh? I don’t think you should feel good about yourself even if you win against me.” 


“A win is still a win. Let’s get started unnie.” Yuri was determined.


“I’ll be guiding her, don’t cry if you lose Yuri.” Eunbi told her. Yuri didn’t miss the opportunity to again by wiggling her eyebrows.


Eunbi decided to just ignore her. 


The match started and Yuri was obviously winning, Chaeyeon could hardly even hit the ball. 


Yuri, being determined to win this round, did not give chances for her to try again, causing Chaeyeon to call her a bully. 


“Rules and rules” Yuri would say.


“This wouldn’t do.” Eunbi shook her head. “Come.” Eunbi helped Chaeyeon to adjust her and held her arm to help her get the feel of aiming, hugging her from the back in the process. 


Yuri, watching this whole process from her VIP spot couldnt help but squeal, never mind about winning already, Eunbi unnie just made a move. 


Chaewon quickly whipped out her phone and took a picture of the 2. 


Chaeyeon was blushing mess and Eunbi was too fixated on wanting Chaeyeon to win Yuri she didnt realize her actions. 


Only after she let go did she realize what she had done. She just back hugged Chaeyeon. She tried to control her emotions but her face betrayed her. 


Her face was so red it could pass off as a tomato. Luckily, no one pointed her out for that since Chaewon and Yuri were both jumping about and Chaeyeon was still stunned in her position.


Eunbi awkwardly cleared .


“L-Let’s just get back to the game. I’ll sit out.” 


In the end, Chaeyeon still and Yuri obviously won the game. 


“Call me Pool God Yuri.”


“Shame on you being so proud winning a newbie.” Chaewon rolled her eyes.


“No Chaewon, any win calls for a celebration.”


“Play against me.” Chaewon went to challenge Yuri.


Gaining confidence from the previous match, Yuri agreed. Chaewon was indeed the best, she beat Yuri in a record time of 3 minutes, leaving Yuri to sulk over her loss on the floor.


“I can’t believe this.” Yuri repeated. “Am I the 2nd worst in this room?” 


“Technically you can’t count me in since I don’t know how to play.” Chaeyeon pointed out.


“You are the worst player here.” Chaewon casually commented, causing Yuri to whine again.


The door opened, revealing Yena who had just showered.


“Hey, time for dinner! What is my Yuri doing on the floor?” 


“She can’t accept that she’s the worst player here.” 


“Aw, Yuri its fine, you are always the best in my heart.”


“OH GROSS.” Chaewon dropped whatever she was holding and walked out of the room.


“Really?” Yuri sniffed.


“Yeah, lets go get some food! Maybe you’ll feel better.” Yena helped Yuri up and they left.


“Shall we go?”


“Yeah.” Chaeyeon followed Eunbi out since she didn’t really know the way. 


“Uh, sorry about earlier I-“


“Nah, it’s fine unnie! You can hug me me more if you want.” 


“W-What are you t-talking about?” 


Chaeyeon laughed at how flustered Eunbi was.


“Let’s go for dinner! I’m hungry!” Chaeyeon grabbed Eunbi’s hand and dragged her along. 


“Wait- that’s not the right way.” 




“What do y’all want for dinner?” 


“BARBECUEEEE” Yena yelled, startling the rest of the girls.


“Yes barbecue!” Yuri supported her.


“Okay, who is going to get the ingredients?” Minjoo asked. 


As if on cue, everyone started to look away, avoiding Minjoo’s eyes. 


“Fine I’ll go.” Eunbi volunteered. As expected of the mother of the group. “Anyone wants to come with me?” 


“Chaeyeon will.” Yena pushed. The other girls (other than Yuri and Chaewon) stared at her, wondering why she would volunteer Chaeyeon.


“Uh.. she can explore the area?” 


“Yeah sure, lets go Chaeyeon.” Eunbi glared at Yena and Yena gave her a peace sign in return.






“Okay kids, I know I know.” 


Eunbi and Chaeyeon walked to the supermarket nearby but 90% of the walk was to get out of Minjoo’s home. 


“Let’s get the meat first.” Eunbi said as they reached the supermarket.


“Alright, how much do we get?”


“About... 25 servings perhaps? Will it be enough?” Eunbi pondered. 


“25??” Chaeyeon, despite knowing their eating abilities, was shocked. 


“We used to get 25 when it was just the 11 of us. Maybe we should get 27?” Eunbi asked.


“Are you sure we can finish it?”


“Yena is a vacuum machine when it comes to barbecue.” 


“I think... 26 is enough.” Chaeyeon was not sure if they could even finish 20. Eunbi then went to the butcher and ordered 26 servings of meat and it took quite awhile for the butcher to prepare it.


“So, how’s your first sleepover going!” Eunbi asked Chaeyeon.


“We only played pool, but it’s already fun!” 


“Things only get better at night, so many secrets will be spilled.” Eunbi laughed. “The last sleepover, Nako actually said she loved us.” 


Chaeyeon laughed hard, she couldn’t believe Nako would say that. She hoped she could hear it again tonight.


Taking the meat from the butcher, they moved on to get other food. Sausages, drinks, charcoal and marshmallow. 


“Ah, there is the marshmallow.” Eunbi then tried to reach for the packet that was on the top shelf. Eunbi tip toed to get it but she could barely touch it. 


“Short.” Chaeyeon laughed at she went behind Eunbi and reached for it, easily. 


“4cm isn’t much of a difference Chae.” The sudden nickname by Eunbi made her blush a little. It wasn’t much, but it could still make her heart skip a beat. “I-I can call you Chae right?”


“Y-Yeah.” Chaeyeon stuttered. “But 4cm is obviously a difference in reaching the top shelf.” 


“The shelves in this supermarket are taller than usual! I can usually reach them.” Eunbi explained herself.


“Yeah sure.”


They paid for their items and left the supermarket to take a grueling walk up the hill of Minjoo’s home. 


“FOOD!” The girls screamed as they saw them.


“You haven’t set up the pit??” Eunbi questioned. 


“We are in the process.” Yujin proudly stated.


“I’ve been gone for 20minutes and y’all havent set up the pit.”


“Don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun!” Yujin reassured her, earning an eye roll from Eunbi.


“Unnie, there’s no fire!” Wonyoung told them as she couldn’t get the fire started. 


“Move away.” Eunbi went to the pit and lit up the pit with blue fire with her finger. 


“Situation! We don’t have ice.” Minjoo announced. 


“YUJIN.” Nako called out, wanting some ice cubes in her drink. Yujin proceeded to create heart shaped ice and dropped it into Nako’s drinks. 


“Ew, I don’t need some heart shaped grossness from you in my drink.”


“It’s my heart unnie!”


“Why don’t you give me the real deal?” Nako said as she pointed towards Yujin’s heart.


“EUNBI UNNIE NAKO UNNIE IS TRYING TO KILL ME.” Yujin ran towards Eunbi for protection.


“Come on now, that’s how Nako expresses her love.” Eunbi petted Yujin’s head.


“Love? More like hatred.” 


“Now now, don’t you love us Nako?” Eunbi teased, referring to the last sleepover.


“Ugh, I knew that sleepover was a mistake.” Nako groaned, they were never going to stop teasing her about this.


Chaeyeon then took over Wonyoung in cooking the meat since Wonyoung was crying with all the smoke in her eyes.


“I’ll help you, the fire is pretty hot.” Eunbi came from behind and joined her. Eunbi could hear some camera shots behind her but she ignored it. 


“Here, these are ready.” Eunbi handed Chaeyeon a plate of meat to serve the kids who were chanting for food.




“Aw are they our parents now?” 


“No but Chaeyeon is younger than me...” 


“Whatever... MEAT.”


“Are you red from the heat or what.” Chaeyeon laughed when she saw Eunbi.


“Definitely the heat.” 


“Oh man, I want to eat too.” Chaeyeon groaned.


“You can eat, I’ll cook.”


“Nah, I’ll just steal the food from here.” Chaeyeon said as she picked up a meat from the grill.


“Dude its hot-“


“OW HOT.” 


“Told you.” Eunbi then picked up a piece of meat from the stove as cooled it down before feeding Chaeyeon. Luckily, the girls were too busy eating to notice them.


After the barbecue, the girls went to bathe since all of them smelt like smoke.


“Do y’all want to watch a movie?” 


“Yes! At the living room please, I like the sofa better than the theater seats. Plus I can hug Yuri.” Yena suggested. 


“Gross but okay.” 


“What do you want to watch?” 


“HORROR SHOWS” Nako, a horror show enthusiast screamed. A few of the other girls agreed while Chaeyeon was panicking, she at horror shows.


But the girls seem so excited at watching a horror movie (with the exception of Yena who was already hugging Yuri in fear(?)), she didn’t want to spoil the mood. Besides... how bad could it get?


All 12 of them snuggled together on the sofa who could fit the 12 of them perfectly. Chaeyeon happened to be sitting right in the middle, giving her the best view for the show. 


Beside her was Eunbi and Sakura, who seem to be excited and not afraid. Meanwhile, she was already hugging a pillow, getting ready to cover her face.


20minutes into the show and all was well, Chaeyeon was starting to think that it wasn’t so bad afterall, all the scares so far were child’s play for her. She even stopped hugging her pillow so tightly.


Suddenly, a jump-scare caused her to yelp slightly. But she wasn’t embarrassed as Yujin screamed even louder than her. 


“Okay Yujin, don’t need to make make it snow everytime you get scared.” Wonyoung shivered as snowflakes started to fall.


“I’m sorry, can’t help it, natural reaction.” 


Chaeyeon can’t help but shiver at the sudden gush of coldness from Yujin. But she got back to the show with increased defense as she got herself another pillow. 


“Are you scared?” Sakura laughed at her. “It’s okay, I’ll protect you.” 


“I’m not! I just like pillows.” Chaeyeon lied and continued to watch the show.


“Are you cold?” Eunbi suddenly asked her. She didn’t realize it but she was shaking from the cold and Eunbi felt it.


“Hm, yeah slightly.” Chaeyeon sniffled.


“I’ll go get a blanket for you.” Eunbi then left her seat, causing the space beside her to suddenly feel empty. The empty space didn’t help when she was already so frightened.


“BOO” Yena who was sitting next to Eunbi suddenly tried to scare Chaeyeon. 


Chaeyeon screamed and hugged Sakura, on the verge of tears. 


Yena and the other girls laughed at how scared Chaeyeon is and offered to change the show to which she refused. 


Since hugging Sakura made her feel safer, she continued to hug her and watch the show while Sakura petted her head.


Eunbi came back to find Chaeyeon and Sakura all snuggled up and she couldn’t help but feel a tinge. 


“They are just friends Eunbi, we are all friends.” Eunbi scolded herself for being so jealous.


Eunbi went to her seat and gave Chaeyeon her blanket, hoping that she will take it and stop hugging Sakura.


But she just took the blanket and covered herself without detaching herself from Sakura. 


Eunbi tried to ignore them by watching on the show but she couldn’t concentrate. 


“Are you still cold?” Eunbi tried to get her attention, but she only got a nod from the younger, who was concentrating on the show.


Sighing, she s her arm around Chaeyeon and pulled her towards herself. She didn’t know why did that but it was as if she did it on instincts. 


Chaeyeon and Sakura were both surprised at Eunbi’s sudden actions but Sakura gave a knowing smile to Eunbi while Chaeyeon was red (from cold or Eunbi?)


“You seem cold... and I’m pretty warm... um...” Eunbi tried to make up an excuse while her hand was still on Chaeyeon’s waist. 


Chaeyeon chuckled and rested herself on Eunbi shoulders, feeling the warmth from the older. The fire user was indeed warm, perks of being a fire user I guess.

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