{ two }


“You ate too much Yena.”


“What do you mean, no amount of pizza is too much!” Yena smiled as she petted her tummy.


“You are going to puke in training class.” Chaewon spoke.


“Hey hey lady, don’t need to curse me.”


“She’s definitely going to.” Hyewon spoke quietly.


“Oh great, the first time Hyewon spoke since lunch started and she cursed me.”


“Its okay Yena, you’ll do fine in class!” Yuri encouraged her.


“AWW, see this is why I love Yuri.”


“Yuri can step on you and you would still love her.” Minjoo told her.


“Well... thats true too.” Her reply earned her a few gags and coos from the group and it made Yuri blush a little. They werent dating, but everyone could see that they definitely have something going on, although no one is quite sure of their relationship. 


Magic Training Class was taking place in an underground training facility and for today, each student would get a chance to fight an ogre, which was pretty rare, so most of the class were excited. Except Chaeyeon.




“Chaeyeon you are going to kill it.”




“You got to kill it before it touches you.”




“Oh Chaeyeon! It’s smelly too.” Yena added fuel to the fire.


“Yena!” Eunbi scolded her for making Chaeyeon even more scared and nervous. Yena stuck out her tongue, revenge for earlier.


“Chaeyeon, it’s fine, they will give you an opponent of your level, considering your skills, they would give you a baby ogre, nothing to be scared of.” Eunbi reassured her.


“But... I don’t think I can do it.”


“You can!” Eunbi encouraged her.


“I’ll... try I guess.”


“I mean you dont really have a choice, but thats the spirit!”


“First up, Kwon Eunbi.” The teacher called out. Murmurs and whispers started to surface as they get to the said dangerous girl fighting. “Ah yes, the best student. A giant ogre for you.” 


The whispers got louder as a giant ogre was considered an S-class opponent and not even some of the teachers in the school could defeat it. But here was Eunbi going up against it.


“Do you think she can do it?”

“It’s Kwon Eunbi, she’s obviously going to defeat it. That’s why she’s so scary.”

“She’s more dangerous than the ogre anyway.”








Eunbi wanted to bang her head onto the wall or burn these 2 alive as they argued in front of the whole class, embarrassing her. But it’s not like anyone would even laugh or mock them anyways.


Going into the cage, she could already smell the horrible ogre sticky liquid whatever that is. Another cage was connected to her cage and the doors open, revealing a ogre, probably about more than twice her height. 4m? 5m? She wasn’t sure. But Chaeyeon was right, this thing was ugly as hell.


“ITS HUGEE.” She could hear Chaeyeon shout. She was sure that Chaeyeon was feeling more scared than she originally was. 


Letting out a loud growl, the ogre took huge steps towards her and tried to grab her. But being smaller meant that she could be more agile as she avoided its hand and jumped onto the ogre’s back. Concentrating her energy on her hand, she could feel the heat from the fire that she created on her hands and felt herself getting more fired up. (no pun intended)


She climbed up the ogre and jumped up, landing back on the ogre with a fire fist and punching the back of its head with the momentum she gathered. 


“There it is! The blue flame!”


“Why is the fire blue?” Chaeyeon asked the other 10 girls.


“Eunbi unnie’s flame is blue, its hotter and more powerful than other fire users, that is why she’s considered to be the most powerful user in the school.” Sakura explained to her.


After receiving a blow on its head, the ogre tried to use its hands to catch the Eunbi on its back but Eunbi was faster and jumped off the ogre to its front. Gathering energy between her hands, she created a fire ball and threw it towards the ogre. Immediately, she kneeled down and with both palms on the floor, she set up a fire ring about half the height of the ogre around the it. Trapped, the ogre could not move as Eunbi continued her fireball attacks at it. Using its hands, it managed to grab Eunbi when she was distracted by Yena and Yujin shouting. Its hand was the size of Eunbi, so it completely trapped her body, only allowing her head to be seen. Eunbi struggled to break free from its grasp but to no avail as its strength was roughly proportional to its size. She could feel that if the ogre used anymore strength, her bones would have cracked. The ogre than lifted its hand, intending to throw Eunbi down.


“Oh no! Shouldn’t we help her?” Chaeyeon was worried for her.


“Nah, she’ll be fine.” Nako waved her hand, shooting down Chaeyeon worries as she yawned. “How uninteresting can Eunbi unnie make this match.”


“Huh but she’s going to get crushed!”


“Just watch hon.”


Before it could even lift its hand, Eunbi’s flames started to engulf her entire body. Soon, The ogre hands caught fire and it spread quickly to its whole body. In pain, the ogre let go of Eunbi and struggled as Eunbi’s flame burned it alive. Collapsing, the ogre was down. Chaeyeon excitedly clapped for her as it was her first time seeing her fight. The class also couldnt help but to give small careful claps.


“She is indeed a monster.”

“How could she defeat an S-class monster so easily.”

“Monster vs monster, looks like the more dangerous one won.” 


“Woahh!! GOOD JOB UNNIE! THAT WAS COOL!” Chaeyeon exclaimed.


“Wow unnie that really uninteresting of you.” Wonyoung gave bored claps and was on the verge of sleeping. The girls had seen Eunbi fight so many times, all her battles had become so uninteresting to them.


“Shut up. That thing is so goddamn smelly.”


“Next, Lee Chaeyeon.” The teacher called. “You’re new and looks like your skills are still quite rusty. A baby ogre for you! Don’t worry, baby ogres are quite easy to kill!” 


“Yes...” Chaeyeon was worried, she could already see her failure coming.




“Its okay! We’ll be here in case anything happens!” Yuri comforted her.

The entire group moved to the front to watch the fight up close. After that failure of her telekinesis demonstration, they were excited and curious to see what she could do.


Chaeyeon stood nervously in the cage as they opened the doors. A baby ogre, around her height came out. That does not look like a baby AT ALL. BABY MY , THAT THING COULD KILL ME.


The ogre lunched towards her and Chaeyeon ran away from it, screaming.


“GET AWAY.” She screamed as she picked up pebbles from the floor to throw at it.


“USE YOUR POWER TO PICK UP THE ROCKS, DONT ACTUALLY BEND DOWN!” Yena advised her, or more like reminded her that she had magic powers.


Chaeyeon tried to pick up the rocks by concentrating her mind but she couldnt pick it up at all. Truth to be told, she at her skill, alot. She herself was surprised when she could actually pick up Yena’s bag as her skill usually dont work. It was more of a game of luck for her, whether she power worked or not depended on the day and time and most importantly, luck. The whole battle became a cat chase between the ogre and Chaeyeon. 


“You are suppose to fight it Chaeyeon, NOT RUN.” Chaewon was in disbelief, she had never seen someone running away during training battles. And a baby ogre at that. 


As if her powers not working was not bad enough, Chaeyeon also had very bad stamina. She got tired of running faster than the ogre, leading to the ogre catching up with her and attacking her. It lunched towards her and knocked her down, causing her to blackout.


“CHAEYEON!” The last thing she saw was Eunbi shouting for her and looking slightly concern (or so she hoped, was she really concerned? anyway, chaeyeon would like to believe so)



When Chaeyeon woke up, she was in the nurse office. A bored Eunbi was sitting next to her, using her phone.


“Oh you are awake!” Eunbi helped her to sit up. “How’s your head? The baby ogre did seem to hit you pretty hard.”


“Ugh, right... the ogre... oh gosh im such an embarrassment.” Chaeyeon flushed as she remembered how she embarrassed herself.


“Its fine, Yujin helped you take revenge by freezing it.” Eunbi chuckled. “And since you are with us, the rest of the class wouldnt laugh or mock you anyways.”


“Not sure if mocking me in my face or mocking me behind my back is worse.” Chaeyeon rubbed her head in pain. “Thanks for looking after me.”


“I’m not only here for you, I’m here to care for our other sickly patient.” Eunbi said as she opened the curtains to the next bed, revealing a sheepish and slightly guilty looking Yena.


“Hehe hello fellow patient.” Yena waved.


“Yena?? What are you doing here?”


“Our dear Yena, who ate too much pizza, vomited during her battle and was attacked by the ogre as well.” Chaeyeon laughed.


“Now at least I’m not as embarrassed by my battle. Yena’s show seemed worse.”


“Hey!! I swear, it was not because I ate too much pizza. ITS THE PIZZA, IT HAD GONE BAD. IM TELLING YOU, THE WHOLE PEPPERONI CAME OUT AS IT IS.”






A knock on the door interrupted her.


“Hey! How y’all feeling?”




“Ye- pfft.” Yuri couldnt help but let out snort as she tried to contain her laughter. Seeing Yena reminded her of Yena’s battle and it was so ridiculous she needed to laugh.


“You can’t laugh after looking at my face, thats not very nice!”


“Sorry, its just that your battle was so funn- pfft.” 




“Yeah sure sure. Aww Yena are you okay now?” Yuri sat by Yena’s bed and her hair, pretending as if Yena was a baby.


“Yup yup! As long as Yuri is here, Yena is fine.” Yena spoke in a cutesy (grossly cute) way.

Yuri laughed.

Eunbi closed the curtain.

Chaeyeon gaged.


“Get a room!” Eunbi shouted.


“Well, this is a room.”



After the cat chase battle, Eunbi was assigned to help Chaeyeon in both her magic training and academics training, in which Eunbi was not excited about. Today was the first tutoring class for Chaeyeon and Eunbi was on her way to Chaeyeon’s dorm room.


“I’m coming!” She heard Chaeyeon shout from inside the room when she rang her doorbell. 


“Sorry sorry I just woke up.”  Chaeyeon said as soon as she opened the door, still in her pajamas.


“Really? It’s afternoon Chaeyeon.”


“hehe I was really excited about the tutoring I couldnt fall asleep.”


“Why would you? It’s just tutoring.”


“Because my tutor is you! And I like you.” 


“Wh-what?” Eunbi was flustered, she never heard anyone say that to her


“I- I mean I want to be closer friends with you!” Chaeyeon immediately added, sensing that Eunbi was taken aback by her straightforwardness. 


“Oh. Okay... um lets start studying.” Eunbi changed the topic in midst of the awkward atmosphere.


“Yeah sure.”


Not 30minutes into the session and Eunbi wanted to call their teacher and back out being Chaeyeon’s tutor. This girl did not even know the basics to magic theory and math.


“Really? Then what is this beansprout looking thing?”


“Its an integration sign.”


“Oh, whats that? Never heard of it.”


“Chaeyeon... have you never taken math classes before?”


“I did! I swear I did! I attended every math class!” Chaeyeon then smiled sheepishly. “To sleep.” 


Eunbi sighed, this is going to be tough.


Eunbi would have never agreed to tutor Chaeyeon if not for the attractive offer their teacher gave. Exclusive usage for the training room anytime she wanted to. 


Eunbi was not only the top student for magic, she also excelled at her studies. The teachers believed that she could help Chaeyeon, who was lacking in both areas, to improve.


After 3 hours of torture (to Eunbi), tutoring session was finally over. 


“Do you want to get a drink at the cafe with me?” Chaeyeon asked with hopeful eyes.


“Hm yeah sure.” Eunbi had nothing on afterwards anyway. “You’re not going to ask me more questions about math right?”


“No no! Wouldn’t want to speak of that horrible subject.” 


Both of them went to the near-by cafe to get some coffee and deserts. 


“So, where were you studying before you transferred here?” Eunbi asked her. 


“I was studying at a normal school.” Chaeyeon replied, sipping on her coffee, completely indifferent about her bad past. “Was treated like a freak because I could lift things up randomly.”


“Oh... is that so? Why did you show your powers though?” Eunbi could relate to the part about being treated like a freak.


“It really wasn’t intentional. My powers are so random they come out on their own. Sometimes when i stare or concentrate too hard on something, it just moved. Like the last time during math class (hehe), I stared at the clock too hard, my powers detached it from the wall and it started floating around in class.”


Eunbi chuckled, she could imagine the situation and how panicked Chaeyeon must have been.


“I couldn’t even stop it on my own. Everyone was freaking out, including me. In the end, the clock crashed down onto one of my classmates and he got injured. Everyone knew it was me and blamed me for almost killing him.” Chaeyeon continued. “I was ostracized and everyone saw me as the freak who almost killed her classmate.”


Eunbi felt a strong sense of understanding towards her, she too experienced the same ostracization although she felt that her situation was slightly better since they were actually afraid of her. 


“People started to pick on me, I had like no friends. That’s why I’m really happy to be here, everyone is the same!”


Eunbi wanted to agree and share her problems as well, since she was the only one who could probably understand her. The other 10 girls, although elemental users, their powers were not as great as hers and so they were not as greatly feared compared to her. Sakura even had friends outside of their clique. But Eunbi wasn’t ready to share her problems with someone she met that week although she did feel like they became closer that day.




Another day of school means another day of Chaeyeon being utterly confused in math class. Thankfully, Eunbi was there to help her.


“Oh, you are a genius. Thanks unnie.”


“What do you mean, this question is a basic integration question.”


“Still... you’re smarter than me.” 


Eunbi smiled and ruffled her hair. She found the younger to be really cute and she felt the need to protect her especially after her conversation with Chaeyeon that day in the cafe. Chaeyeon, feeling that they have definitely gotten closer and Eunbi not being so distant towards her, became clinger and followed Eunbi everywhere she went. Afterall, Chaeyeon did like the older girl.


Chaeyeon then excused herself to the toilet but after 10 minutes, she still has not returned and the trio was starting to wonder if she got lost again.


“Wouldn’t be surprise if she lost her way again.” Sakura was sure by now that Chaeyeon was not that good at directions, especially that day when Chaeyeon called her because she was lost in the dorm building. 


“I’ll find her.” Eunbi volunteered. She went to the toilet nearby and when she reached the toilet, she could hear a group of girls talking loudly.


“What are you? You can’t even fight and you joined the elites group?”

“You think we will be scared of you just because you are in their group.”


Eunbi then turned away because she didn’t really want to get involved in whatever was going on in there. She wasn’t exactly someone who would interfere in other people business. Besides, it would just make people fear her more and it would generate even more baseless rumors.


“You can’t even defeat a baby ogre, don’t try and act all stuck up Lee Chaeyeon.”


Hearing Chaeyeon’s name made her stopped dead in her tracks. It ignited a fire inside of her, were they bullying Chaeyeon? She turned back and kicked open the door and revealed 3 students whom she recognized from their class. She then found a slightly beaten up Chaeyeon cornered to the wall. 


“Eunbi unnie!” Chaeyeon called out when she saw her, she felt as if she savior had arrived.


“I-I... sorry.” The girls were shocked by the appearance of Eunbi and wanted to run away but Eunbi stood by the door, blocking their only way to escape. 


Engulfing her hand with her infamous blue flame, she motioned the 3 girls to come at her. 


“I’m sorry we didnt mean to, please let us go.” The girls were close to breaking down.


“If you dared to touch her then fking come at me.” Eunbi was in rage, how dare they attack Chaeyeon but acted like they didnt mean to infront of her. Chaeyeon didnt really want to get Eunbi into trouble so she tried to make her way to Eunbi to stop her. But the girls had sprained her ankle so she could only limp forward.


The sight of Chaeyeon limping only made Eunbi even angrier, she grabbed one of the girls had with her flaming hands and pulled her closer, causing the other girl to shout in pain. 


“Eunbi unnie, please don’t.” Chaeyeon held onto Eunbi’s shoulder.


“Why did you fking touch her?” 


“I’m sorry!” The girls was already crying.


Just then, the door open to reveal Yena and Sakura who had been waiting for way too long for Eunbi and Chaeyeon.


“Chaeyeon!” Sakura and Yena were shocked to find Chaeyeon in such a state.


“Unnie, don’t its not worth it.” Yena then tried to calm Eunbi down. Eunbi then let go of the other girls wrist which was all red and bruised and the 3 of them ran out of the toilets, fleeing for their lives.


Eunbi immediately turned to Chaeyeon, checking all her wounds.


“I’m fine.” Chaeyeon assured her.


“No you are not, we’ll go to the nurse office. Yena and Saku, tell the teacher that we will be going to the nurse office.” Eunbi instructed them. 


“Yeah sure, we’ll come by the nurse office later on. Just rest well Chaeyeon.” Sakura petted her back. Yena and sakura then walked back to class and informed the teacher that Eunbi and Chaeyeon wouldn’t be coming back. 


“I’ve never seen Eunbi unnie so angry before, to the point she used her powers on campus.” Sakura was more than shock to see the blue flame when she opened the door.


“Yeah, Eunbi unnie would never, knowing that it would generate stupid rumors again.” Yena agreed. “Oh my g- do you think the aliens replaced Eunbi unnie??”


“Yena don’t be stupid.”


“That’s the only possible explaination... oh either that or she’s whipped.” 



“Can you walk?” Eunbi asked as she supported the taller girl. 


“Yeah, I can.” Chaeyeon said as she limped out.


“I don’t think you can. Let me carry you.”


“Um no I’m fine!” Chaeyeon blushed and shook her hands. 


“Don’t bother arguing with me Chaeyeon, my words are final.” Eunbi said seriously as she easily managed to piggyback Chaeyeon. Being shorter than Chaeyeon, Chaeyeon legs were almost touching the floor but Chaeyeon didnt mind. She almost felt sad when they reached the nurse office because that meant that the piggyback session was over. 


“Where is the goddamn nurse when you need her?” Eunbi huffed. Whats the point of the nurse office if the nurse isnt going to be here 90% of the time? Eunbi proceeded to take the first aid box from the shelves. Opening the box, she knew exactly what she needed, alcohol swabs, antiseptic cream, plasters, bandage. 


“You are almost like the nurse herself!” Chaeyeon said as she saw how familiar Eunbi was with medical items and the office. She knew exactly where the things were placed and what she needed.


“I always patch myself up when I need to because the useless nurse is always not here.”


“Are you always injured?” Chaeyeon pouted. She didnt like the thought of Eunbi being injured.


“Yeah, can’t be helped. I tend to be in the front line during attacks.” 


“Attacks? What attacks?” 


“This school... We tend to get attack by either other schools or some organizations sometimes.” Eunbi explained. “Not all the time though, the last time it happened was a few months back.”


“Why would they?” 


“We arent exactly on good terms with them. You probably never heard of the other schools before because they are somewhat private and basically, they don’t use their powers for good things. Organizations aren’t good guys too, they want to become the most powerful organization out there so they try to attack others. But they usually fight it out among organizations so they don’t usually come.”


“Do you get badly injured?” Chaeyeon frowned.


“Hm, sometimes yeah.” Eunbi replied. “Don’t move, it may hurt a little.” Eunbi proceeded to clean her wounds with some alcohol.




“Come on now, it couldnt have hurt that much.” Eunbi chuckled, the wound was raw but it wasn’t a huge wound.


“But it hurts! I have low pain tolerance.”


“I can tell. Very low in fact.” Eunbi continued to clean her other wounds with much resistance from the younger girl. Just cleaning her bruises took at least 15 minutes. Finishing up by putting plasters on her wound, Eunbi sat by a chair next to her bed, tired from the fight to patch Chaeyeon up.


“I’m more tired fixing you up than when i fight.” Eunbi sighed.


“Ey, unnie, it cant be that bad, besides, I’m a joy to be around.” Eunbi snorted at her comment.


“Tell me, what happened back there?” Eunbi turned serious.


“Nothing much, just that i heard them saying bad things about you! They said y’all are like monsters. Especially you, just because you defeated an S-class monster with ease. So, I just told them that they were just jealous of you. And yeah, that happened.” Chaeyeon ranted, she didnt like how they called Eunbi a monster. She wasn’t! They didn’t know how lovely Eunbi could be (although she can be quite savage at times).


“You don’t have to do that, I’m used to it.” 


“No, they can’t go around calling you a monster! You’re not! You are just strong and thats cool! They are just jealous lil pricks.” Chaeyeon scowled. Eunbi laughed, she did enjoy how the younger was so on about protecting her reputation. She didn’t really have to do that, this has been going on for years and she was used to it. After all, they all scramble like rats when they see her.


“YO CHAEYEON UNNIE HOW ARE YOU? ARE YOU FINE?” A loud voice resonated in the room. They didn’t need to look to know who it was. Yujin definitely.


“Hey Yujin, I’m fine.” 


“How do you know its me, you can’t even see me pass this curtain.” Yujin opened the curtain. “You don’t look fine at all.”


“How could anyone do this to you!” Wonyoung ran towards her and pouted. “I’ll drown them.”


“I’ll make them meet their worse nightmare.” Nako offered from the back.


“Do you need me to punch the living light out of them?” Hitomi asked innocently. Chaeyeon laughed at how deceiving Hitomi looks could be, with her squishy cheeks, you definitely wouldn’t suspect that she was a strength user.


“Thanks guys but I’m fine!” 


“I’m pretty sure Eunbi unnie burnt them alive already.” Chaewon spoke out.


“Nah, almost did until Yena stopped me. Damn should have done the deed quickly before Yena came.” Eunbi joked. “No one would even realize if I flush their remains down the toilet.”


“THATS TOO VIOLENT UNNIE, THERES A CHILD HERE.” Yujin said as she covered Nako’s ears.


“WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING YOU FREAKING POLE!” Nako said as she chased Yujin around the nurse office. 


Although injured, Chaeyeon felt like this was the best moment of her life, surround by friends who cared for her and made her laugh. Genuine friends. And of course, Kwon Eunbi.

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