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“Hi! My name is Lee Chaeyeon and I have the power of telekinesis! I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone!” Chaeyeon smiled brightly as she introduced herself to the class.


Sitting at the last row, Eunbi really couldnt give a about the new girl. She didnt need to know who she was or what her name is. She’s going to be just like everyone else. 


Eunbi was pretty much avoided and feared by the rest of the school just because of her powers. Students with elemental powers were rare and were considered to be the most powerful of all magic users.


IZ48 School of magic was specifically built to take in all magic users to separate them from the rest of the world. It wasnt as if they were going to harm the non-magic users, but the government felt the need to isolate them so that they can have facilities and the space to use their magic freely. 


“You can choose to sit anywhere!” The teacher told Chaeyeon as she started to prepare for class. Eunbi started to use her phone to text her friends out of boredom since she didnt really care where the girl sat.






Sakusaku: We have a new girl in our homeroom! She’s pretty cute (·∀·)


Yenasucks: That’s like the 17th girl you called cute since the morning started


Sakusaku: 16th actually


Yenasucks: Eunbi unnie is my name in your phone still Yenasucks....


Eunbi: What do you mean? Isnt that your real name?


Yenasucks: UNNIE NO






what who is- 


“Hi! Is this seat taken?” Eunbi looked up to find a smiley Chaeyeon.




“Okay! I’m going to sit here then!” Chaeyeon sat down without even waiting for her reply. 


Murmurs got louder when she sat beside Eunbi.


That girl is crazy?!? Does she even know who she sat with?”


“Theres so many seats to choose from what the hell is wrong with her??  If that is the only seat, I would rather sit on the floor.”


“Do you even think she knows who she’s sitting with??” 


“Hi! I’m Yena! This seat isnt actually taken, you can sit here!” Yena turned back and introduced herself.


“I’m Sakura!”


“Oh! Sakura! Like the cherry blossom Sakura? That’s a really cute name!” Chaeyeon spoke excitedly and started to chat with them.


She’s so bubbly and noisy. If Yena and her becomes friends, I’m going to get a headache everyday.


Eunbi didnt really want to get into the conversation so she started to look through the  recent messages in the chatroom






Wonbaby: shut up Yujin, its not like you have friends either




Chaewin: okay now kids, all of us dont actually have friends, as of now eunbi unnie actually have more friends than us


Nakouldkillme: I dont need friends


Hitocheeks: yay maybe we will all get a new friend ◠‿◠ 










PrincessMinjoo: maybe yall should shut the fk up and study


Eunbi: ok firstly, she’s obviously going to run away when she knows about our powers


Eunbi: secondly, she ignored me when i said the seat is taken SHE OBVIOUSLY HEARD ME


Eunbi: thirdly, shes so noisy my head hurts


Eunbi kept away her phone as class was starting but Yena, Sakura and Chaeyeon were still chatting.


“Can y’all shut up, class is starting.” 


“Oh sorry.” Chaeyeon pouted and looked at her but Eunbi didnt bother to look at her.


“What’s your name?” Chaeyeon smiled.


“It hasnt even been 2 seconds since I asked you to shut up.” 


“True but whats your name?”


“Eunbi, now shut up”


“Oh! Okay Eunbi!” Chaeyeon smiled as she accomplished her goal.


Eunbi had always secretly wanted a deskmate but now, she wanted nothing more but to sit alone. The new girl was driving her crazy with all the questions she was asking.


“What does this mean?”

“How about this?”

“And this?”


This girl literally doesnt know anything about the class she was taking! And it was basic math! She couldnt even tell the difference between a factorial sign and the exclamation mark.


“What’s the exclamation mark doing here? Is there a question mark too?”


At one point in time, Eunbi just completely ignored her and Chaeyeon too stopped asking questions. But Chaeyeon was so lost she had to ask Yena for help sometimes.


The moment class ended, some students went over to their table, so cautiously and carefully, as if getting within 1m radius of Eunbi would kill them, and pulled Chaeyeon out of class.


Eunbi knew what the conversation was going to be about, she knew that fairly well.


“Chaeyeon right? Do you know who you are sitting next to?” One of the class girls, Nayoung, asked her.


“Hm? Eunbi right? Thats her real name right? Man... I hope she didnt lie to me” Chaeyeon asked worriedly, obviously worried about the wrong things.


“Eunbi! Kwon Eunbi! She’s the most dangerous magic user in this school! No one really dares to approach her. Some say that if you offend her, she will burn you alive! She’s a fire user, elemental power user! Get away from her when you still can.” 


Just as she was explaining, the trio walked out of the room as they got ready to leave for the next class. Eunbi glared at them before leaving, sending shivers down the girls’ spine. Yena and Sakura were disappointed as they expected this to happen and as soon as “that conversation” takes place, Chaeyeon wouldnt talk to them anymore. It happened before.


“Oh, is it? That’s pretty cool isnt it! Elemental power user? I’ve never seen anyone who can use fire!” 


“No, you dont understand-“


“It’s okay! I want to be friends with her!” Chaeyeon smiled. “You are Nayoung right? Thanks for the info about her, she’ll never tell me those stuff!” 


Chaeyeon thanked her and went back into class.


“What... she’s not getting the point??” Nayoung gave up. “She’s going to understand what we mean soon anyway. I’ve never met any one as dense as her.”



Eunbi met up with the others as they attended magic class together. They usually separate for academic class since they were in different years, but they took magic classes together.


“Where’s the new friend?” Hitomi asked as soon as Eunbi walked into the room and went to the back of the class where the 10 of them would dominate because you know, no one really wants to sit near them, especially during magic class where they are permitted to use their magic freely. 


“She’s not going to be our friend. She’s gotten ‘the talk’” Eunbi used her fingers to emphasize.


“WHAT! Oh man, that was quick, I thought I’ll at least get to talk to her.” Wonyoung pouted.


“This is why humans are trash.” Chaewon commented.


“Second that.” Nako rolled her eyes. “Knew she was gonna get all scared and back out.” 


“She’s here.” Sakura quietly said as Chaeyeon walked into the room. 


What the 10 of them did not expect was for Chaeyeon to smile widely and waved at them, running towards them to stand right next to Eunbi.


“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Chaeyeon pouted. 


“Wait- what... no- you’re still here?” Yena couldnt really speak from the shock.


“Are you not scared you tall pole?” Nako frowned. Why does everyone gotta be so tall?


“Scared...? Why does everyone keep asking me if I’m scared?” Chaeyeon was confused, why does she need to be scared of such pretty lovely people like Eunbi?


“Didnt Nayoung talk to you about... us?” Yena asked carefully. 


“She just told me that you have elemental power skills! Thats cool! Eunbi would probably never tell me that!”


“How bout us being dange-“


“WELCOME TO THE CLUB NEW FRIEND!” Yujin shouted from the back, cutting off what Eunbi was going to say.


“What’s her name?” Wonyoung asked Eunbi who was sitting next to her.


“I’m actually not sure.” 


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW HER NAME?” Wonyoung shouted, shocked. After all, Eunbi did sit next to her for the past 2 hours in math, how could she not know?


“WHAT” The other 10 rolled their eyes at her, as expected of Eunbi.


“Wait- you don’t know my name..?” Chaeyeon asked, obviously hurt.


“Is she going to cry?” Minjoo whispered to Yujin, who shrugged.


“Well thats fine, I’m Lee Chaeyeon! Nice to meet you everyone!” Chaeyeon laughed. “Now you know my name!” 


“Well... yeah, sure.” Eunbi awkwardly smiled.


“HEY YO! I’m Yujin!”




“Are you like...5”

“Shut up before I kill-“

“Hitomi!” Wouldn’t want Nako driving away our new friend right? 

“Hyewon, lets be comrades.”

Everyone blinked. 


“Yes.” Hyewon blinked.

“What are we...soldiers?” Chaeyeon whispered to herself.

Everyone stared.


“I’m Yuri! We can be FRIENDS”


“YES I’VE FINALLY EXPANDED MY SOCIAL CIRCLE!” Yujin pumped her fist in the air.

“That’s not so great considering you only had 9.” Chaewon stated.

“10 u mean.”

“How brave of you to assume I’m your friend.”

“HEY what about all the time we spent together.”

“No such memories.”

“I hate Chaewon.”

“Feelings are mutual.”


Chaeyeon went to sit beside Yena as it was the only seat available. 


“They are so funny.” Chaeyeon chuckled.


“I’m the funny one! Just you wait!” Yena protested. “And Chaewon isnt funny, those are her honest feelings.” 


Chaeyeon laughed, she hoped she could become close friends with all of them. They seem so nice, she really doesnt understand the whole Nayoung talk about them. 


On the other hand, Eunbi was still in disbelief that Chaeyeon actually chose to be friends with them. Its either she genuinely wants to be our friends or she’s just too dumb to understand what Nayoung said. 


Either way, she was glad that Chaeyeon had stayed, a new friend was always good. Maybe she’s not like everyone else. A small smile crept onto her face at the thought of her wanting to be friends.


“Unnie, what’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly smiling?” Wonyoung asked, creeped out by Eunbi.


“Shut up” Eunbi quickly dropped her smile. Still, she wasnt sure if Chaeyeon was going to stay with them as friends as time passed. She may leave if she learns more and gets scared. She had to keep her guard up and not get too close to her incase she leaves. 


Meanwhile, Yena had no such worries and was talking animately with Chaeyeon, about elephants... and anything under the sun.


“DID YOU KNOW! Elephants are so smart they can peel a banana or a corn! That’s so smart!”


“Are you serious?? They sound smarter than me wtf.”


Yena and Chaeyeon seem to click with their strange sense of humor and choice of topic.


“Can i exchange seats with someone? I’m actually losing brain cells listening to them.” Chaewon deadpanned. “Anyone please, save the only brain cells of the group.” 


“Join us in our convo!” Yena turned back. “Come on Hye, join us too!”


“I rather not.”


“Aww man Hye! You’re losing out.”


“I rather lose out than to lose my sanity.”


“What does that mean?” Chaeyeon asked Yena.


“Beats me.”


“Beat you?” Chaeyeon hit Yena on her shoulder.


“NO I MEAN I DONT KNOW.” Yena grabbed her arm in pain as Chaeyeon laughed at her own joke.


“Oh my gosh I cannot do this.” Chaewon stood up and carried Nako off her seat, forcefully exchanging places with her.




“Do your thing.” Chaewon said as she put Nako down on her original seat.


“Shut up yall, before i actually attack you.” Nako kicked Yena’s chair.


“Okay... time to shut up I guess.” Yena, afraid of Nako’s wrath (bc she experienced it so many times), kept quiet. And the duo did not make a sound for the rest of class.



During break time, the group went to the rooftop, their usual place for lunch.


“Okay okay! What’s for lunch today! Fried chicken or pizza?”


“PIZZA” Yujin shouted over everyone so only her opinions were heard.


“OKAY PIZZA.” Yena whipped out her phone to call for pizza delivery.


“I hate this shouting game. I never get my opinions heard.” Sakura glared at Yujin.


“Try harder next time unnie.”


“What’s your power Chaeyeon?” Yuri asked to change the topic, preventing another argument.


“Hm? I use telekinesis... I think” 


“What do you mean you think?”


“I’m so bad at it I dont even know if I can call it my skill.”


“Ey, how bad can it get! Show us!” Wonyoung encouraged her.


“Are you sure? It won’t end up well....” Chaeyeon looked at the group. Encouraged by their expectant faces, she concentrated to lift up Yena’s bag and moved it in the air.


“What do you mean you are bad at it? This is pretty darn cool!” Yujin clapped.


“Yeah! You are doing we-“ 


“OH ” 


Before Yena could finish complimenting her, Chaeyeon lost control and the bag flew out and down the building. 








The group laughed at the situation, Yena ran over look at her new backpack, now 6 floors down beneath them. 


“Chaeyeon!! Go and get it back!” Yena whined. 

ding! A new message has arrived!

“And the pizza too!”


“Alright I will! IM SO SORRY YENA” Chaeyeon quick ran off to make up for her mistake.


“Okay... does she actually know her way around though?” Hitomi asked, genuinely concerned.


“It’s fine! I believe she’s smart enough to find her way around.” Yena shrugged, still pissed about her bag.



And it turns out that Chaeyeon wasn’t as smart as they thought. After 10 minutes, the girl has not returned and they were getting worried. And hungry.


“WHERE IS SHEEEE?? IM HUNGRY” Yena and Yujin both whined.


“I more concerned about her being lost than the food at this moment.” Sakura rolled her eyes at the dumb duo.


“Go find her Eunbi Unnie.” 


“Why me?” 


“You havent spoke to her the whole day! And arent you her desk mate, go make a friend unnie!”


“Fine, I’m doing this for the pizza.”


“Whatever you say~” 


Eunbi quickly went downstairs and searched the entire ground floor to find her. Everyone either turned away to avoid eyecontact with her or ran away. This is why I hate walking around school alone. Why did I even agree to find her? 


Soon, she spotted Chaeyeon holding 5 boxes of pizza in one hand and a bag of soda in the other, looking like a lost puppy along one of the corridor.


“What are you doing here?” Eunbi caught up with her and Chaeyeon was surprised to see Eunbi.


“Eunbi? What are YOU doing here?”


“Finding you? Its been 10 minutes and everyone figured you were probably lost.”


“Right... that’s embarrassing. But thanks for coming to find me Eunbi!” 


“I came for the pizza. Don’t misunderstand.”


“And Chaeyeon, I’m pretty sure you should be calling me Unnie.”




“Don’t flatter me, I don’t believe in compliments coming from you.”


“Hey! But I mean it though, you really do look young!” And pretty.


“Hey guys, the lost sheep has been found!” Chaeyeon exclaimed as she opened the door to the rooftops. The girls immediately ran to   Chaeyeon to get their pizza and drinks.


“I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes when yall came at me like hungry wolves.”


“Can’t help it unnie, we waited for you for way too long.” Wonyoung said, already eating a slice of pizza. Chaeyeon was about to sit down when Yena reminded her of her unfinished task.


“So... Chaeyeon, wheres my bag?”


“OH ”


“Fk it, I’ll do it myself.” Yena dragged herself out of the door, not before sandwiching 2 slices of pizza and eating it on her way out.

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