In which Eunbi is a dangerous magic user and new girl Chaeyeon is too oblivious to see that the whole school is avoiding eunbi and makes friends with her because she's pretty




 > Chaeyeon

Happy go lucky and too naive for her own good  thus always being picked on and used but she doesnt really know

Powers somewhat unstable and unknown but possibly telekinesis with 100% clumsiness 


> Eunbi

90% tired of everyone’s (whereby 89% is from yena)

8% savage and wild

2% hates the world

Fire user



Eunbi’s group of friends


> Yena

the 89% if eunbi’s headache

may or may not have something on with yuri

lightning user


> Yuri

supports Yena is all the she does

light user


> Wonyoung

eunbi’s baby

water user


> Yujin

alone she forms 1% of eunbi’s headache

together w yena, they are too much to handle, eunbi will walk out of the room

ice user


> Minjoo

the group’s princess

highly admired in school bc of her looks

wood/nature user


> Chaewon


very calm

but highly savage w her comments

celestial spirit user


> Hyewon

quiet and awkward

eunbi loves her in times of turmoil

turmoil means everytime yena and yujin gets together

metal user


> Hitomi

bubbly cheerful existence

squishy cheeks but dont be fooled

strength user


> Nako

small and may look like a cinnamonroll but can actually kill you

ready to use her powers to stop yena and yujin’s 125% of the time

darkness user


> Sakura

popular kid101

has friends all over school despite being listed as “dangerous”

wind user


All of them got together bc they share the same uncommon dangerous skills

yikes sorry I took really long for this update;(
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