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What if there was an answer to obtaining your deepest desires? 

Insanity slowly consumes you as your soul is devoured piece by piece into all consuming darkness. But it’s ok, as long as the last thing you see before you succumb is the one thing that you dearly love.

Even if that thing isn’t real.


“The nocturne seance is by invite only, and they don’t just let anybody in.” Jinki said. He eyed Kibum up and down, not knowing whether to be pleased by his presence or annoyed in some way.

Kibum held up the neatly sealed off white envelope, silently answering Jinki’s implication that he wouldn’t be able to attend.

”I am aware.”

”Would you like to attend together?” 

Kibum nodded slightly. Jinki opened the passenger side door of his vehicle, gesturing for Kibum to get in.

”Let us go then.”

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