Drifting Moon Light

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Story Description: Returning back to his parents home town- Woodfield- Jungkook was not practically happy. However, he was promised one thing out of this small bargain; a mate. Though, why he had to fall for the guy that was like Drifting Moonlight; easy to admire but hard to chase?

(I in story description so don't judge the story by just reading the description... it might be good... just try it :))

Genre: Werewolf AU, Vampire AU, High School AU, Alpha Omega Dynamic, Romance, Fluff, pinch of Comedy, A laid back Jungkook while an uptight Jimin, Slight Angst expected

Main Pairing: Jeon Jungkook + Park Jimin (Jikook)

Side Pairing: Seokjin + Yoongi (Sin), Namjoon + Hoseok (Namseok), Taehyung + Minjae (TaeJae), Sehun + Jongin (SeJong), Leeteuk + Heechul (TeukChul), Jaehyun + Taeyong (JaeYong), Taemin + Sungwoon, Jaebum + Nayeon, Shownu + Minhyuk

Type: Chaptered

Words Counted: N/A

Original Character: Kim Seok Joon (The Mayor of Woodfield)


Warning: The story is rated for a reason... there would be mention of ual innuendos but I am sure nothing a 16 year old can't handle :)

Inspiration: Jikook smiles and I get inspire ;)

Disclaimer: The plot of the story is owned by me and the development of the whole story is 100% from my imagination so if you find a work similar to mine then that could be coincidental or someone could be stealing my work so kindly let me know about it… Thankyu!

Copy rights © FireFeerie 2018, all rights reserved


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