Chapter : 07

Drifting Moon Light
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A/N: Guess who rose from her grave to update after a whole freaking month?!?! LOL

And please note: the "Taeyang" used here is not BB Taeyang but rather an OC (Taeyong's father) because his name rhymed with Taeyong XD




“His shoulders are so broad and his pecs are pure muscles,” Jongin sighed dreamily, elbows plopped over Jimin’s dingy working table, face covered with a -eating grin. “Don’t you just want to kiss him breathless? His lips sure look inviting.”


“Jongin, Sehun is your Alpha,” Jimin muttered absentmindedly, hands flying over forms of newly presented Omegas in the freshman year. “Hate to break it to you babe, but only you find him attractive enough to swoon over your Alpha day and night, while the rest of us are immune to his looks.”


“I am not talking about Sehun, silly,” Jongin huffed, knuckling Jimin for not giving him the attention the bronze-skinned Omega deserved. “I will dig out eyeballs of the omegas who dare swoon over my Alpha, anyway. I’m talking about your Alpha Jeon Jungkook.”


“Jongin!” Jimin screeched looking scandalized. The Omega took a moment to calm his roaring heart when he remembered he and Jongin were alone here while the rest of the school was down at the cafeteria. “Don’t go around calling him that! He is not m-my… you know! Argh!! And why are you swooning over Jungkook like this, huh? Wait till Sehun hears about it!”


“Oooh, possessive much,” Jongin fluttered his long eyelashes at his best friend, looking unfazed at the threat. “Don’t be so jealous. I am not observing Jungkook’s good looks for my sake, I am doing for my very stupid and very naïve best friend, who is wasting away a beautiful opportunity to turn his life upside down. But on a serious note,” Suddenly the Omega wiped off the grin from his face and forced Jimin to put his pen down and look him straight in the eyes. “Jungkook truly is a nice guy, Jimin. Please open your eyes and realize the gem you could hold in your hands. He sincerely seems interested in you. He likes you Jimin! He likes you despite your sour personality and strong will to drive all the Alphas away from you. Moreover, you guys are destined mates! You imprinted on each other!! What more do you need?”


Jimin sighed, deep and heavy, afore pinning Jongin with a wounded gaze, “Jongin, an Alpha is the last thing I need in my life.”


"Why are you so against Alphas, anyway?" Jongin asked, pouting when Jimin pursed his lips. "When you used to say the same thing two years back, I never thought it could have a deeper meaning behind it. I mean, before Sehun and all the imprinting drama, I too didn't regard Alphas in the best light. You know about my Alpha father's drunkard antics. But things change when we meet better people in life. Every Alpha can't be the same, can they?"


“I don’t know, Jongin,” Jimin whispered earnestly. “Maybe… if Jungkook was not related to the Mayor… maybe things could have been different… but now…”


Suddenly, there was a timid knock on the door of Omega Union’s small office. A moment later, Sungwoon peeked inside before flashing a wide smile at Jimin, “The Werewolf History Teacher is calling for you, Jimin.”


Perplexed, because why would the teacher call during lunch hour, Jimin started toward the staff offices. Each teacher was allotted their own small office and Ms. Ham’s office was probably the one Jimin had visited the most. Jimin enjoyed all the subjects but History was one he excelled in.


Softly knocking on the required door, the nameplate on the wooden entrance reading Ham Joo Hye, Jimin waited for the ‘come in' command afore push passing the door. Ms. Ham's welcoming smile was Jimin's most favorite thing in the world. The female Omega was nice and kind, just like Hoseok, always making sure Jimin would get the best of everything.


The teacher gestured Jimin to take the seat beside the one already occupied by a male with striking chestnut bronze hair; albeit his back at Jimin, the Omega need not guess who it was. Gingerly, Jimin sat down at the wooden chair, pointedly ignoring the Alpha in the room.


"I try not to be biased, but Jimin is without a doubt my favorite student, Jungkook," The female started, darting a proud smile at the stiff Omega. "With his guidance, I am sure you would catch up enough to pass your History exam due in a month now. It's rather unfortunate, that your parents transferred you here at such a late time of the year. I talked to the principal, but I am afraid Mr. Jung refused to make any changes for your sake. The Werewolf History course is compulsory, you see."


“I do, Ms. Ham,” Jungkook assured the female Omega, making his voice all warm and gentle.


Jimin wanted to kick him under the table. The younger Omega couldn’t believe Jungkook was smothering the teacher with his ‘Alpha’ voice. Yet, Jimin knew if he confronted the Alpha for abusing his powers, Jungkook would deny knowing anything about it. The Alpha sure is a sly thing, no wonders he is Kim Seokjoon’s grandson, Jimin scoffed mentally.


"Jimin could share his notes with you," Ms. Ham carried on, despite the hint of blush on her cheeks. "It might be difficult for him to arrange a separate time to tutor you, but considering you two live in the same house- like you told me, Jungkook- Jimin is the best choice here. Right, Jimin?"


The Omega sat with hinged jaws, his lips coming loose with each word the teacher uttered, eyes widening in surprise. What the hell?! Jeon Jungkook did not just get Jimin roped in tutoring him, now did he??


“Of course, Ms. Ham, no problem,” Jimin replied, forcing an angelic smile on his lips. The smile that turned into a grimace the moment both the Alpha and the Omega left the teacher’s office. Jimin rounded on the bronze haired male as soon as they were out of earshot. “Did you suggest that Ms. Ham pick me as your study buddy?”


"Nope," Jungkook popped his ‘p' in agonizingly slow motion. "Ms. Ham suggested your name, I, on the other hand, assured her that my sweet cousin would be perfect for the job. So, when do we start our tutoring classes?"


“Well, I am not,” Jimin grounded hotly, hands itching to punch Jungkook’s very muscular pecs. “Besides, what do you need guidance for in history? It’s all about learning and memorizing the dates and events. I would share my notes with you and you can learn all the .”


“No, I need your presence because… well… I can’t read,” Jungkook shrugged nonchalantly, making Jimin growl under his breath.


“Of course you can!” Jimin snapped. “I know why you are doing this, Jungkook, and let me assure you this won’t end well-”


“Do you ever stop giving threats?” Jungkook deliberately yawned, testing Jimin’s limits. Then, out of blue, the Alpha took a step toward Jimin, making the Omega take a step back while eyeing Jungkook guardedly. “If history doesn’t work out… I still have ‘Omega Anatomy’ subject to ace. Would you prefer teaching me that?”


“Disgusting,” Jimin remarked, cutely scrunching his nose. But the Omega knew, as well as the Alpha, the anatomy subjects were the most embarrassing. It was a wonder how Mr. Kwon could talk about Alpha’s anatomy in a class full of Omegas. Jimin knew the Omega Anatomy subject held equally explicit diagrams in the book- the Omega had already studied the subject last year. “Okay fine! I would see what time fits my schedule and let you know. But, first, I must emphasize upon you how wrong it was that you used your Alpha tone on Ms. Ham. Like, for heaven sake, at least don’t victimize your teacher.”


“What Alpha tone?” Jungkook tilted his head, looking honestly intrigued.


“Yeah, yeah, go ahead and pretend like you don’t know about that tone,” Jimin rolled his eyes. “But for a record, I have seen you use the same deep soothing tone on several younger Omegas when you need to get your work done. There is no law to stop you from using that tone, but you should know, it affects Omegas a lot. The tone makes them woozy and bends to Alpha’s every command. It’s an abuse of your powers!”


“Wait, you mean, my deep timbre tone makes Omega intoxicated?” Jungkook asked, genuinely looking surprised before a smirk climbed on his lips. Making his voice all soft and warm the Alpha murmured, “Does my voice affects you, Jimin?”


A shudder ran down Jimin’s spine the way his name rolled off Jungkook’s tongue. With his legs going jelly, arms covered with goosebumps, and something hot uncoiling in the pit of his stomach, Jimin fought the mild compel by taking a step back. Then another. The blooming smile on Jungkook’s face promised things Jimin would rather avoid.


Then he felt it, that hotness uncoiling in his body and begging to be let free. Scared, Jimin quickly turned around to flee, ignoring Jungkook’s loud shouts of his names.


“You still haven’t delivered those twenty punches, though,” Jungkook screamed from behind.


“No fighting in the hallway!” Someone shouted from inside a teacher’s office. Jimin turned around just in time to see Jungkook being repented by their math’s teacher. The young Alpha was bowing and apologizing while Jimin ran toward the restroom.


Stumbling through the cubicles, Jimin locked the door of small confinement. The Omega leaned his head against the closed door, inhaling and exhaling as he tried to stop the slick from flowing down.


"!" Jimin cursed under his breath, desperately trying to stop his body from reacting in this way. "Think about dead butterflies! Think about that butterfly with a broken wing! How pitiful!"


Thankfully, Jimin made it to the washroom before Jungkook had done something else to force the slick to dribble out of him. It was by mere luck Jimin was able to run before Jungkook could smell the pheromone on him.


Jimin closed his eyes, tiredly sliding down on the covered toilet bowl before palming his face, “The hell even happened? His voice could not have affected me that much. What is wrong with my body?”


But the problem was; Jeon Jungkook made it a mission to barge into Jimin's life from every available corner. If his close proximity was to blame for today, how would Jimin survive the next two months? Anyone could get suspicious at Jimin's behavior. Could he protect his secrets for that long?




The commotion in the back lounge was rather loud that morning. Jungkook came down for breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to see his father and uncle, Kim Namjoon, sitting on the small dining table placed before the studio kitchen, where Hoseok and Yoongi were busy cooking the food and chatting with each other. Jungkook loudly greeted the elders before flopping down on an available seat beside Seokjin.


The original dining room of the Mansion was humungous, but rarely used as Jungkook had come to realize soon enough. Taehyung had been right; family dinners were not a popular business in the house. If truth be told, Jungkook was glad that their grandfather didn’t attend every single breakfast and dinner with the family; it was more comfortable this way.


Though, the fact that Jimin was still not allowed to sit and eat with his family, either here on the small dining table or the large one in the front area of the house, was not appreciated by the young Alpha. He would always frown at the empty chairs around the eight-seater dining table- because, mostly Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Yoongi would be found eating together considering Seokjin and Namjoon were almost always busy with some work.


"It's just absurd," Seokjin carried on with his conversation with his brother after ruffling Jungkook's carefully styled hairs as a form of greeting to his little one. Jungkook whined but Seokjin found it cute so he smiled in an endeared manner at his son. "I shall talk to father about it, but for now, I have sent the maid to get him down here and he will eat with us."


“I would want nothing more, to be honest,” Namjoon assured with a sigh. “But, father can be a little scary sometimes, Seokjin. I fear for Jimin’s wellbeing more than some petty argument.”


"It's not a petty argument or childish tantrum, Namjoon," Seokjin retorted, looking rather serious. "He is part of the family and deserves equal rights. I'm aware of the traditional laws our family has followed for a long time now. But, the world has changed now. Keeping unmated Omegas trapped in a secluded area, away from Alphas' hungry eyes, inside the house while letting the Omegas go to the school where, of course, Alphas study as well… how does this make sense? Jimin would be eating with us from now on. Period."


Suddenly, Jungkook jolted up. So that's what his father had been up to. Jungkook couldn't help but grin at his father. It was high time someone brought change in the old-fashion ways of Kim's Mansion. Jungkook was happy his father was taking the initiative to go in the right direction, calling out the wrongdoings in his own house before telling the town to change their way of thinking and living because Omegas deserved better.


Just then, Jimin came strolling in the back lounge looking a bit lost.


“Uhm… you called… umm…?” Jimin started hesitantly, looking straight at Seokjin.


“Call him Uncle Jin, Jimin,” Namjoon suggested to his son, seeing how Jimin was struggling to address Seokjin properly. It was not surprising since Seokjin and Yoongi hardly gets to interact with Jimin. Either the young Omega was at school or holed up in his bedroom, all day long.


“Yes, I called for you, Jimin,” Seokjin replied the nervous Omega’s unspoken question with a kind voice, gesturing Jimin to come closer. “Come take your seat and eat breakfast here. You won’t be getting food trays delivered to your room from now on. You are family and you should act like one.”


“B-but…” Jimin tried arguing but he couldn’t get words out of his mouth, partially in respect to Seokjin and partially because the young Omega was dumbfounded at the sudden happening.


"No buts young man," Yoongi singsong from behind, making Jimin jump slightly when the elder Alpha forced him to take the seat beside Jungkook. "I have made delicious pancakes. Let me bring them out so you can eat and tell me how are they, hmm?"


“Your uncles are right, Jimin,” Namjoon said when Jimin fidgeted in his chair looking around in plain fear. “You should eat with us from now on. Your uncle Jin promised he would tackle your big scary grandfather if necessary.”


While everyone chuckled at Namjoon’s words, right that moment Taehyung came down for breakfast, ready to start his day. The Alpha was humming slightly under his breath when he went to give a good morning wet smooch to Hoseok, though, coming out of the kitchen Taehyung stopped short in midstride gawking at Jimin.


“Oh look who came to eat with us! Nice!” Taehyung exclaimed gleefully while pinching Jimin’s round cheeks with his dandy fingers. The Omega whined at the hard pull, slapping Taehyung’s hand away.


“Don’t treat me like the younger one when I am clearly the older here,” Jimin hissed at his chuckling brother.


“Older?” Jungkook couldn’t help but snigger at Jimin’s words. “I thought you two were twins. How come you are the older one when you are so tiny?”


“Exactly!” Taehyung quickly agreed with Jungkook’s words while Jimin fumed.


“Father said I was born before Taehyung, right father?” Jimin abruptly turned to Namjoon, his wide puppy-like eyes working in full flow. Albeit shaking his head at the childish banter between the kids, Namjoon admitted that Jimin was indeed first to be born. “Ha! See I am the older one!”


"Doesn't change the fact that your cheeks are rather squishy and pinchable," Jungkook responded with a cute nose scrunch while reaching to pinch the said cheeks. But Jimin was faster to swat away Jungkook's shapely hands.


Before a full-fledged war could break down between the cousins, Yoongi came out of kitchen laded with three tin boxes. He placed one beside each young man before muttering, "Stop annoying Jimin you two! Now, I have made lunch for all three of you since I originally had to make one for my big baby."


“Dad, I am not a baby!” Jungkook protested but Yoongi ignored him in favor to pat Jimin’s head before placing a slightly bigger tin box beside the Omega. Jungkook sniffed a little and frowned at Jimin’s lunch box. “Why does Jimin’s lunchbox smells different than Taehyung and mine? It smells more sugary.”


“That’s because Hoseok said Jimin has a bit of sweet tooth,” Yoongi shrugged nonchalantly as he returned to the kitchen where a widely smiling Hoseok was working on frying eggs and making toasts. The petite Alpha naturally started working on the coffee machine and brew coffee for all four adults according to their preference.


"I have a sweet tooth too, see!" Jungkook opened his mouth wide pointing at his pearly whites which earned him a playful slap on the head from Seokjin. The young Alpha deliberately pouted at Jimin before whispering in a low voice, which was of course heard by everyone anyway. "You better share your lunch with us. You have to sit at our table today. Don't think you can get away by eating all the deserts alone."


“Hear Hear!!” Taehyung roared across the table while happily munching on his Nutella spread toast.


“Why would I sit with you and your stinky Alpha friends, at lunch, huh?” Jimin teased with a tongue poke. “I would share this with my friends.”


"Meanie," Jungkook retorted with a pinch on Jimin's large meaty thighs, but the Omega had such well develop thigh muscles that he didn't even felt anything if Jimin's smug smile was taken in consideration. Jungkook fake glared at his smugness because internally he was smiling. He was enjoying the huge grin on Jimin's face, the bright shine in his brown orbs, and the continuous ‘thank yous' slipping out of his lips to Yoongi. The Alpha was happy to see the petite Omega happy.


The kids still had time before school started thus the family breakfast was extended with jokes and humorous jabs here and there. When Yoongi came out to put another freshly brewed mug of coffee for Seokjin, the Alpha leaned up to kiss Yoongi's fair cheeks. Jungkook, used to his parents' display of affection, didn't even flinch, however, Hoseok couldn't help but coo before loudly complaining how his husband was always engrossed by his morning newspaper and hardly spared him a glance.


Namjoon, who was actually reading his morning newspaper with utmost concentration, quickly put the piece of paper down before cozily smiling at his mate he leaned in to place a soft peck on Hoseok’s cheeks, “My love, you always come first before some useless newspaper.”


Where Taehyung fake gagged in his milkshake at his parent's shameless act there Jimin sat gazing at the mated couples with a peculiar sort of longing, Jungkook observed from the side. The Omega had a hint of a smile gracing his thick lip, his eyes glazed with an unnamed desire, and cheeks dusted pink. Jungkook had a strange yearning to just lean in and peck Jimin's rosy cheeks right then and there.


Thankfully, he didn’t act on his impulse because right that moment, a rave voice sounded from the mouth of lounge’s door. The happy atmosphere around the table vanished in a blink as every head turned to look at Kim Seokjoon’s burly figure hogging the whole frame of the door.


“The maid informed me you all were having a family breakfast,” The older male spoke in a soft voice but it grated on Jungkook’s eardrums for some reason. The young Alpha’s mood soured immediately. They all were having fun just moments ago and Jungkook had entertained the thought of ‘his day couldn’t get bad no matter what after this beautiful start’ but seemed like he was wrong.


The older man gracefully lowered himself on the top end of the table, right beside Jimin. The Omega fidgeted before going ramrod straight. Jungkook was sure Jimin had stopped breathing as well.


“What is the occasion?” Seokjoon asked in a murmur, looking around the table with his soulless black eyes, though sick amusement flickered on his face. “I see even Jimin is here eating with you all and Seokjin has not run for his play-doctor games when usually he goes rather early in the morning. Namjoon, you are also sitting idly sipping coffee when the office needs you. So… what is going on?”


"My shift at hospital is later in the noon, today, father," Seokjin straightened up his glasses before pining his father with a disdain look. "There is no special occasion for Jimin to come and eat with us. He is family and he will sit with us from now onwards. I know our family had some weird traditions of keeping the omegas hidden for sake of their protection but times have changed father and it's about time we change our way of thinking as well. The only unmated Alphas in our house are Taehyung and Jungkook, who also go to the same school as Jimin. How is keeping them away in their own house logical? Besides, I am sure Taehyung and Jungkook would never think of harming their own brother while Jimin goes in heat or something. They both are old enough to have full control over themselves."


Jungkook couldn't help but grow hot in face listening to his father's words. So this was the reason to keep Jimin isolated from the rest of the house? Consequently, when the Omega goes in the heat he is well protected. Even though Jungkook was all for his father's statement that Taehyung and Jungkook could never dream of hurting Jimin in that sense but a small part of Jungkook mocked him that he might not be able to control himself if Jimin goes in heat. The Omega originally smelled mouthwatering, Jungkook was not sure he would be able to keep himself in control if a heat-induced Jimin was to walk around the mansion.


“I admire your passion for Omega’s freedom,” The mayor muttered with a hint of aloofness. “But, need I remind you Taehyung and Jungkook are not the only unmated Alphas in the house, there are several Alpha servants around the place, as well. And… shouldn’t Namjoon have a say in it more than you? Seeing, he is the father of the Omega.”


“Of course, I would like Jimin to join us every day,” Namjoon didn’t lose a single second before declaring. The Mayor pinned him with a deadly glare but the other Alpha didn’t back down either. “Father, would you like some toasts? Hoseok prepared rather delicious French toasts.”


The old man scoffed under his breath before surveying the faces of the rest of the family members. Jungkook groaned cerebrally when his grandfather's eyes halted on him, a smile graced the older male's face as he spoke, "Jungkook, remember I asked you if you would like to meet some nice Omegas of the town? Well, I fixed you a date with one of the prettiest Omegas in Woodfield. She is kind and well mannered. Educated as well."


Startled, Jungkook shared an arched brow look with his parents before muttering, “Who?”


“Lee Taeyeon, daughter of my loyal fellow Lee Taeyang,” The mayor murmured silkily as he carefully buttered a toast.


“Taeyeon?” Taehyung bellowed with eyes bulging as he turned to his grandfather. “You don’t mean Taeyong’s sister, Taeyeon, right?”


“What’s wrong with her?” The mayor asked gruffly, looking irritated.


“She is four years older than me and Taeyong, which means she must be five years older than Jungkook,” Taehyung was flailing his arms around like he was two steps away from standing up and demanding justice.


“Honestly, I prefer older Omegas, anyway,” Jungkook chirped in to say, giving a nonchalant shrug when Taehyung threw him a betrayed look. “What? Older Omegas are hotter, right?”


The mayor barked out a laugh, clearly amused at Jungkook's response but the same could not be said about others. Yoongi looked aghast and ready to smack Jungkook's head. Seokjin face-palmed himself fairly loud. Namjoon and Hoseok were giving weird suspicious looks to the bronze head young Alpha while Jimin… Jimin sat with his head down and hands balled. But Jungkook felt no remorse… if anything he wanted to tease the Omega even further.


“Precisely,” The old man nodded at Jungkook, a thick grin still lingering on his lips. “How about you take her out for dinner on, say, coming Friday? Taeyeon lives in the city; you see… a plus point for you. But she is visiting her family for ten days' vacation. It would be good if you meet up and get to know each other."


“Splendid!” Jungkook exclaimed, beaming around at others on the table, though, he only received sour looks in return. Okay, so Jungkook was right… this was possibly the best start of the day so far, anyway.




Namjoon offered to drop off the three young werewolves to school. Jungkook was all in for the idea, making Seokjin scoff loudly and complain how the young bronze head had been scared to offend his eighteen years old when the doctor tried dropping him off to school, the first day. On the other hand, Jungkook would let you know that despite having steel calf, the younger male was kind of tired from climbing up and down these steep roads. Thus, Namjoon's offer to drive them all to school sounded like a reward from the heavens.


However, Taehyung was fuming due to the stunt Jungkook pulled at the breakfast table, earlier. The slightly taller Alpha was so mad at Jungkook's nonchalant behavior at the prospect of dating Taeyeon that Taehyung couldn't even ‘dream' of sitting beside the younger Alpha while they travel toward their school's colossal building. Hence, Jungkook found himself sitting beside Jimin in the back seat of the car while Taehyung called dibs on the shotgun seat. Jungkook saw right through his cousin's plan and he would assure you no one would hear Jungkook complaining especially after gulping mouthful of Jimin's enticing Lavender scent due to the close proximity between them. Jimin had pointed out how sitting so close together was not entirely necessary given that the back seat of the car was actually designed for three people. But Jungkook had exclaimed- as dramatically as possible- how Namjoon's black briefcase, sitting on the seat next to Jungkook, might hold some rather important documents thus the inanimate object needed all the space, especially the window seat… naturally leaving no choice but for Jungkook to sit beside Jimin with hardly a hair thick distance between them, their shoulders rubbing together.


Once they reached the school’s grounds, Jungkook started strolling right behind the petite Omega. Jimin would stop every now and then and give a quick glance to Jungkook over his shoulder. A deep grimace started to sit on Jimin’s eyebrows by the time he rounded at the young Alpha, right in the middle of the partially filled hallway.


“Why are you following me?” Jimin demanded, a pucker to his lips and nose crumpled in indignant.


"Umm… in case you forgot, your and my lockers are, literally, side by side," Jungkook reminded the petite male with an amused smirk. Jimin flushed a pretty shade of pink when he realized he lashed out for no apparent reason. Swirling around at the speed of light, Jimin started walking toward the said locker without another word. Of course, Jungkook followed… suppressing the grin threatening to break on his lips. Once standing before their lockers, Jungkook quickly fished out his required books for the first half of the day before turning toward the Omega. "Hey, so… when would you tutor me for Werewolf History, huh?"


Jimin spun to pin him with a look that clearly screamed ‘like you even need to study that !’ but when the Omega parted his lips to talk, his voice was forcefully calm, “I have a self-study period right before lunch.”


“Cool!” Jungkook exclaimed, bright eyes twinkling. “I have a free period then, as well.”


“Really?” Jimin inquired, looking at the young Alpha with mistrust transparent in his brown orbs. “I don’t think you have a free period today.”


“Oh trust me,” Jungkook slung his backpack over his shoulder, tossing a cheeky smile at the Omega. “We Alphas have that period free. But, of course, you wouldn’t know our time table just like I don’t know anything related to your time table, right?”


“Right,” Jimin muttered with narrowed eyes. They played an unplanned ‘you blink you lose’ eye-contact game for a couple of minutes before the warning bell for the first period rang through the corridor. With a bright smile, Jungkook waved goodbye to the Omega and started walking down the corridor. Already formulating a plan to skip out of math’s period that fell right before lunch… something that Jimin knew as well as Jungkook but they could live without discussing it, right?




There was a time in Jungkook’s life when he had seriously contemplated acquiring acting as a career. But that was when Jungkook was seven and he had faked such a terrible stomach ache that Yoongi had phoned the school and asked them to let his son off from school for the rest of the week, while the petite Alpha had bestowed all love and care in the world to nurse his son back to health.


Today, when Jungkook pretended to be dizzy and near faint, in first five minutes of Math’s lecture, urging Mr. Lim to excuse him from the class… Jungkook again had an epiphany how an acting career was

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