Chapter : 05

Drifting Moon Light
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The supposedly tender beef felt like sandpaper while being chewed. Jungkook grimaced; taking his time as he slowly forced the mouth full down his throat. If Seokjin and Yoongi noticed they didn't say a word. In reality, Jungkook was aware of his parent's watchful eyes and low worried murmurs since morning, but unfortunately, he couldn't bring himself to expound his dilemma.


Jungkook knew his parents would be nothing but supportive but something stopped him from telling the fine details of last night. The beautiful night where Jungkook believed he would be getting everything he ever desired… only to be disappointed as soon as the sun rose to break him from his dream.


If truth be told, there was a part of him that felt slightly ashamed to own up to the fact that his Omega left him after seeing his face. Of course, there was no possible way of knowing if the Omega left before returning to its human form or after… nonetheless, the factual reality Jungkook had to face was too much for the young Alpha's self-esteem.


“Jungkook…” Yoongi started guardedly. “What has gotten into you? You already know all the Omegas were barred from roaming the forest’s ground last night. Why do you look so disappointed and put out?”


Jungkook waited to swallow the food in his mouth, slowly and sluggishly. His eyes fixed on the table, although looking a little vacant. The bronze haired Alpha unhurriedly raised his head and tried his best to flash a smile toward his Alpha parents before muttering, “I am not disappointed about that. Something happened… it has nothing to do with this topic, I can assure you. I just have a lot on my mind.”


“Then share with us,” Seokjin urged gently. “You always share everything with us.”


"I would… but I need time," Jungkook confessed, intently eyeing his parents. Both elder Alphas nodded in understanding while reminding Jungkook that they were always there for him. Jungkook felt the warmth spreading through his chest at the reassuring words. He loved his parents for always respecting his privacy like this. They never pushed; never imposed on him. Maybe that was the reason Jungkook grew into a confident and responsible young man.


Suddenly, the weight of his own words settled on Jungkook. The young Alpha jolted in his seat before asking his parents if he could spend the night at Jaehyun’s place. A little skeptical, but Yoongi gave permission; hoping it would make Jungkook feel better somehow.


Seokjin volunteered to drop him off. But Jungkook insisted he wanted to walk. The Alpha had a lot to think about and the night was cool and calm as ever. It might help him gather his thoughts before he reached other Alpha's house. Yes, Jungkook needed to talk to someone but he didn't wish to put his entire burden on someone else either. He needed to have a plan on how to approach this topic.


Jaehyun was waiting for him, pacing in his front lawn. From the alarmed look on black haired Alpha’s face, Jungkook gathered he might have worried his friend by calling so suddenly and asking to crash at his place for the night.


“You can talk to me without being tormented that your secret might get expose,” Jaehyun muttered after a good fifteen minutes silence between the pair of friends. After greeting Jaehyun’s parents the two Alphas’ had come straight to his bedroom. Maybe the clear anxiety on Jungkook’s face obliged Jaehyun to say those words… maybe the Alpha understood a little bit of Jungkook’s predicament. “I am not a loose mouth. You can trust me with whatever is on your mind, Jungkook.”


“I imprinted last night,” Jungkook, with his head in his hands, let free the words that had been sitting on his lips since morning, taunting him all day long. Though, this is not how the younger Alpha rehearsed to drop his big news. He planned to create a whole scenario, curve his words artfully so he won’t give away much; on the other hand, also gather the information he needed. But the genuineness in Jaehyun’s features obligated Jungkook to say the exact words he had been dying for the world to hear.


"You what??" Jaehyun screeched before realizing his high pitch tone could carry downstairs and alert his parents. Getting his wits under control, Jaehyun took a calm breath and faced the dejected looking Jungkook. "I meant to say wow… because it's honestly really surprising… but how did this happen? The mayor forbade all the Omegas from roaming the forest last night. But of course, that's beside the point! First thing first… congratulations!! And second who is he or she?"


Jungkook looked up from his lap; staring straight in Jaehyun’s earnestly shining orbs before stating the core reason of his stone cold demeanor, “I don’t know.”


"Pardon?" Jaehyun asked, frowning in puzzlement. Even after spending a short amount of time together, Jaehyun knew Jungkook was not that kind of person who would lie even as a joke; the reason why Jaehyun's expressions turned into more sober form as he took in Jungkook's hunched figure. Slowly, Jaehyun lowered himself to sit on his bed, beside Jungkook. "When you say you don't know-?"


“They left before I could wake up in the morning to see their face,” Jungkook explained to other, sighing loudly as he coarsely palmed his face. “I can’t think of a reason for them to leave just like that unless they saw my face and felt so repulsed-”


"No!" Jaehyun exclaimed hotly, scowling at Jungkook. He forced the younger Alpha to sit upright and face him by strappingly grabbing Jungkook's forearms. "Have you seen yourself? Every freaking Omega turns his or her head when you walk down the corridor. Not only are you handsome from the outside, but you also possess this purity inside you, which compels you to be good to everyone. Every single soul in this town would be honored to have you as their mate or their kid's mate. So don't sell yourself so short my friend."


“But they just left Jaehyun,” Jungkook said the very words that had been haunting him since the moment he came out of that cave, all alone, , and vulnerable.


"Of course they did Jungkook," Jaehyun whispered in a softer and milder tone. "Omegas were banned from being in the forest, of course, they had to run and hide because otherwise they would be punished by law. The mayor doesn't do well if his orders are defied. Anyone in that Omega's shoes would do the same… even I."


Tersely, there was a change in Jungkook’s expressions. He wasn’t smiling but there was a hint of brightness and hope on his face now. It seemed like coming to Jaehyun was a good idea after all. The Alpha knew exactly how to make Jungkook see more positively.


"After every full moon, the mayor sends his faithful lackeys to do a round in the forest," Jaehyun explained further and Jungkook hung to every word with brown eyes wide open. "I believe the Omega wanted to avoid that and left before waking you up. Clearly, the Omega knew you are out of this town and wouldn't understand these technicalities so easily. They might have opted to keep you in the dark for a while."


“But, then, how would I find them when I never saw their human form?” Jungkook questioned the most crucial part. “All I know is; they have snow white fur coat. So unless you know an Omega like that-”


"Jimin," Jaehyun said calmly, making Jungkook jump and look at him with ballooned eyes and shock clear as crystal on his face.


"Come again?" Jungkook urged. He needed to be sure his friend did not casually hint that Jimin could be that wolf in the forest. Of course, a part of Jungkook was hoping for that but it would be embarrassing if it turned out Jungkook had been so open in his affection of Jimin that even Jaehyun was sure only Jimin could be Jungkook's, potential mate.


"I mean, Jimin is the leader of Omega Union," Jaehyun explained in a nonchalant manner. "He has filed each and every unmated Omega- inside and outside the school. All you have to do is go and meet Jimin tomorrow at school; explain to him your dilemma. He would definitely know which omega possess snow white coat because mind you no two werewolves are born with a similar coat, it is unique for every wolf. But unfortunately, I personally don't know many Omegas or their fur coat color. First, we don't interact with Omegas a lot; second, the forest is so big we hardly ever collide with another werewolf during the full moon, as you might have experienced last night."


"Ah," Jungkook let out, feeling slightly put out. He couldn't believe how he had raised his hope so high only for Jaehyun to burst his bubble. The worst part was, his inside has swoon at the thought of Jimin being his mate. Maybe Yoongi was right, Jungkook was a little whipped for the boy. "Okay… I would do that tomorrow. Thanks, Jaehyun, you helped me a lot."


“Don’t mention it,” Jaehyun grinned, mock punching Jungkook’s forearm. “What are friends for, right?”


“Right…” Jungkook dragged the word before narrowing his eyes at Jaehyun. The latter eased himself on his bed, half lying down with aid of a pillow, ankles crossed together. Finally feeling playful, Jungkook moved to put his head on Jaehyun’s stomach- lying perpendicular to elder Alpha. “Now that I have shared my problem with you… mind sharing yours as well? I mean… what are friends for, right?”


“What are you on about?” Jaehyun asked, prodding Jungkook’s head to make him look at him. “I don’t have any problem.”


“Then at least tell me what’s your deal with Taeyong, huh?” Jungkook noticed how Jaehyun’s whole body went rigid at the mention of petite Alpha’s name. “I have noticed things but I don’t want to assume, you know?”


“He is an A-class jerk, what else could there be?” Jaehyun retorted, albeit a little robotically.


“Hmm,” Jungkook turned his head and watched the way Jaehyun’s eyes were fixed on his room’s ceiling, something burning in depth of those brown orbs. “Taeyong doesn’t think you are a jerk though.”


"Jungkook," Jaehyun whined before rolling off Jungkook's head so the two Alphas could face each other and talk. "How did our talk turned from your mate to Taeyong? Those two don't even fall in the same category."


"They don't?" Jungkook challenged, arching an eyebrow at his friend. Jaehyun's skipping eyes were quite a tattle tale of how the other Alpha established it won't be easy lying to Jungkook. "You already know I am a dual-core Alpha, Jaehyun. Taeyong mumbles things under his breath which you might not be able to hear but I sure can… and something tells me, Taeyong doesn't want to hide those words from me or Taehyung, anyway."


Jaehyun looked gobsmacked for a moment, finally realizing the gravity of the situation. The black haired Alpha opened and closed his mouth a couple of time, without making a sound, before chewing on his bottom lip as he contemplated what to say and what to hold.


“Please remember, what I am about to share… it’s only because I think you are the solitary personal who won’t judge me,” Jaehyun started sotto voce, but he still looked anxious thus Jungkook helped him out.


"Because I have two Alpha parents?" Jungkook injected supportively, making Jaehyun duck his head and nod shyly. "So…?"


Jaehyun took one last breath before looking straight in Jungkook’s expectant eyes and confirming, “I like Taeyong.”


"You like Taeyong? Or you both like each other?" Jungkook frowned in confusion. If truth be told, he was expecting Jaehyun to confess that Taeyong held feelings for him, rather than the other way around. But since the actual story held a twist then, "Okay wait a minute! If you both like each other; why the hostility then? Did you guys ever hook up? Is that it? Is that the reason for bizarre discomfort between you two?"


“Yeah,” Jaehyun admitted in apparent defeat. “We did hook-up a couple of times.”


“Then, what exactly is the problem?” Jungkook almost screamed, not entirely understanding why Jaehyun and Taeyong give each other cold shoulder whenever the group of friends is together.


“Not everyone is as bold as your parents, Jungkook,” Jaehyun pointed out and Jungkook detected a hint of envy in other’s tone. “Taeyong wants to flaunt our relationship but I am not ready for it. I can’t imagine the level of backlash we would receive from the town. I am sure you would understand, considering your parents had to leave the town altogether once they marked each other as their mate. Unfortunately, the thinking of people had not changed even a bit in all these years.”


"I am sorry Jaehyun but the fact is; you are an A-class jerk here, not Taeyong," Jungkook said out loud his raw thoughts while frowning at Jaehyun's shocked expressions. "Taeyong is the one being shunt in this relation- or whatever it is that you have between the two of you- yet he is the one who makes effort to talk to you and you ignore him like he does not even exist. How is he a jerk?"


"He is not," Jaehyun admitted sotto voce, looking down in shame. "I am aware I am the one wrong here. But rightfully so, Jungkook. Taeyong's father is an elite class person in this town. Heck! He is so close to your grandfather, everyone calls him your grandfather's right-hand man. Mr. Lee is even the next chosen leader of the clan for the town. Your grandfather himself nominated him as next leader and his status would be confirmed on the coming blue night."


“What?” Jungkook murmured, frozen on his spot. But Seokjin had said Namjoon would be the next leader because their father would never want the leadership to be drifted away from the Kims. Yet, there was entirely a different story brewing right under their noses and nobody knew about it. “How do you know this? About Taeyong’s dad being next leader…”


"Taeyong told me," Jaehyun informed, not realizing the rapid change in Jungkook's stance. "Taeyong is really close with his father; consequently, Mr. Lee shares every single detail with him. No one else in the town knows about this. The mayor wanted to keep it a secret till the blue night. Anyways, as I was saying earlier… Taeyong's father is influenced. If I and Taeyong declared our love for each other, Mr. Lee would never ever hold Taeyong responsible. On the contrary, all blame would fall on me. Mr. Lee would make sure everyone in town would know that I brainwashed his precious son and made him stray from the right path. My father has a great reputation in town, being the principal of WW High. I am not ready to drag his name through the mud. So yes, Jungkook, you can call me a jerk or anything else… but it won't change my resolve."


Soundlessly, Jungkook sat there watching Jaehyun respire deeply. Finally, the bronzed hair Alpha understood that things were way more problematical than he predicted. Promptly, he felt sorry for Jaehyun.


“I wish I could do something for both of you,” Jungkook muttered, giving a squeeze to Jaehyun’s knee in silent reassurance.


“Trust me, you being here is good enough,” Jaehyun said with a timid smile. “You are the first soul I have shared my biggest secret with. I never even told Taeyong that I like him. We felt attracted to each other back in our second year. The mutual lust compelled us to hook up a couple of times but never gave me enough courage to admit my feelings to him.”


Jungkook soaked in Jaehyun's words, trying his best to fathom the situation and give a valuable advice if he could. After a couple of minutes of silence, which was neither awkward nor nerve-racking, Jungkook opted to say, “You should tell him though…” Jaehyun snapped his head up so fast his neck produced a soft crick sound. “I think you should tell him how you feel so that he has a reason to hold on…”




Next morning, Jungkook swore never to have a sleepover at Jaehyun’s. The heart-to-heart talk they had shared was easy enough at that time, but the coming morning brought along the awkwardness. They bared their hearts out the night earlier, making them feel vulnerable and exposed for some reason now. Jungkook could tell either of them was avoiding each other’s gaze.


It was a Friday morning, meaning the school was functional for the day before the weekend started. The same weekend, during which Jungkook and his family were finally moving into the Kim's Mansion. It was hard to say who was more unhappy about it: Jungkook or Yoongi. Initially, Jungkook had looked forward to being in the same house as Taehyung… and possibly, Jimin. But, the recent events had sparked a certain sort of hate for Kim Seokjoon, in Jungkook's heart, which seemed inextinguishable. Jungkook was not sure if he would be able to look the old man without glaring daggers… and that worried him.


As soon as, Jungkook entered the premises of WW High, his first thoughts were to find Jimin. He knew the Omega might not be willing to help when the first period was about to start, but Jungkook hoped to arrange a meeting time with the Omega beforehand. Though, Jimin was nowhere to be found.


The classes in the first half of school were continuous thus he had no chance of an encounter with the required Omega. Jungkook patiently waited for lunch hour. There as well, he was faced with disappointment when Jongin came waltzing through the tables but no Jimin in tow. Despite the jesting comments and eyebrow wriggles from his friends, Jungkook dared voice the absence of the Omega. Jongin- albeit giving a look to the Alpha- kindly explained how Jimin was called in by their werewolf history teacher for some task.


“I desire a little information about an Omega,” Jungkook articulated Jongin, after much internal fight. “It’s urgent.”


Jongin regarded him with a critical eye before flashing a genuine smile at the Alpha with the words, “After school, Jimin and I always stay in Omega Union’s office- it’s a small disused class at the end of second floor’s corridor. You can come by once the last bell goes off.”


Jungkook was there, at the designated place, as soon as their werewolf history class- possibly the most boring and useless class in existence- came to an end. The Alpha didn't bother dropping his books in the locker even. He was panting by the time he was standing outside a wooden door with a nameplate informing it was Omega Union Office. He felt movement behind the door before a bout of laughter followed. Jungkook grinned when he realized the person he was desperate to meet was already present in the small office.


He knocked, out of courtesy, waited for a beat before turning the doorknob. As expected, the tiny room only contained Jongin and Jimin, at that moment. Both Omegas were looking at the door keenly when Jungkook entered. The Alpha’s sharp gaze took in the way Jimin’s face drained of color for a second before schooling his expressions.


"Oh, come on in Jungkook," Jongin was first to recover and giddily invite the Alpha in. "Jimin, I am sorry, it totally slipped my mind to mention, Jungkook wanted to meet you. So, I told him to see us after school."


“Yeah?” Jimin replied almost mindlessly. “What’s the matter?”


“I needed some information,” The bronze haired male started, adjusting his slipping backpack. “Jaehyun mentioned that you have files and information of every single Omega of the town. I need to find a specific Omega.”


“Sorry, but the information we gather is not for random sharing,” Jimin’s pouting lips turned down at the corner, he sincerely looked sorry, but the petite male’s skipping eyes had Jungkook frowning. “Omegas share their information with the thought that nothing would be leaked. I cannot go and hand you a file of-”


"No, you misunderstood me," Jungkook cut off the blabbering Omega as he strode forward and smoothly took the seat in front of Jimin's- supposedly- office desk. The other male pursed his lips, clearly annoyed at Jungkook's frankness. "I don't need a file. I am only trying to find an Omega with a snow-white fur coat. The only thing I need is the Omega's name."


“But we don’t have any snow white Omega registered in our town,” Jimin dropped the news unconcerned; however, Jungkook felt the mere ground under his feet shake at other’s words. “I doubt we have a white fur coat with spots even. Dirty blonde, white blonde yes… but no snow white coat.”


For a moment, Jungkook lost the train of his thoughts and his mind went blank. He had been looking forward to meeting Jimin and discovering his mate that he never stopped long enough to realize he could receive a negation in reply. For whatever reason, Jungkook had been more worried Jimin would and not give a direct reply… regrettably, he never imagined a contradicting answer than the one he needed.


“Why are you looking for a snow white werewolf, if you don’t mind my asking,” Jongin’s sudden question jolted Jungkook. Embarrassed when he realized he had entirely forgotten about the other male, Jungkook turned to give his undivided attention to sun-kissed skin Omega. Their eyes locked for a moment and it was enough to grab the Alpha’s attention. Jongin’s usually dark skin looked oddly pale. The look in his eyes said he knew something. Now that was interesting.


"I imprinted the other night in the forest," Jungkook murmured, sharply taking in the slight widening of Jongin's warm brown eyes. "But they slipped away before I got the chance to know them better. Thus I have to go with what I know and try my best to find them, right?"


“Oh yeah! Right!” Jongin squeaked as his arm supporting his weight slipped off the table the Omega was leaning against. Getting a grip on his balance Jongin tossed a forced smile at the Alpha.


Grinning back, Jungkook tilted his head, pleasantly beaming at Jongin’s awkward features before muttering, “Do you know the kind of Omega I am searching for Jongin? If you do… that would be a massive help.”


Jongin’s eyes slowly drifted toward his best friend, over Jungkook’s shoulder. At least one of them was a poor actor, Jungkook mused mentally. However, before the frozen Omega would utter a single syllable Jimin beat him to that. The underlying anger was prominent in Jimin’s tone as he severely snapped, “I told you there is no snow white Omega in our town. How do you expect Jongin to know any? Unless you are implying I am lying, Jeon Jungkook.”


Jungkook swirled around at the speed of light, not because of Jimin's snappish tone but rather the way the petite male said his name. It left a tingle in its wake. It was the first-time Jungkook heard someone say his full name, after the initial night he declared the chosen surname. It oddly felt pleasant coming through Jimin's plump lips in that honey tone.


! Jungkook was whipped.


"I could never!" Jungkook faked a gasp, making his eyes intentionally wide and comical. The situation didn't call for it, but the Alpha suddenly felt playful. Placing his elbow on the small table separating Jimin and him, Jungkook leaned in. Jimin flinched at the sudden closeness but the stubborn Omega refused to back away. Grinning, Jungkook dared to lean in a bit more. Their noses almost touching. "Say Jimin… what is your wolf's fur color?"


Jimin's jaws flexed, breathing fire as he mumbled, "People say it has to be as black as my soul."


Jungkook paused for a moment, looking in depth of Jimin’s chocolate brown eyes which looked more like hot molten lava at the moment. Smirking artfully the Alpha whispered, “Am I the only one who sees your soul as pure as snow, then?” With t

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