Jinki: Not What You Expect

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September 12th



Jinki left his anatomy class in high spirits. He had been working his off since last week when his parents found out about his B+ on his test. He was sure the new test he just took would result in an A or higher. He stayed up all night this past week studying for it.

He closed his eyes in bliss and let out a relieved sigh.

“Ya! Watch where your going!” A loud obnoxious voice yelled. 

Jinki apparently had his eyes closed for too long and ended up bumping into his younger friend.

“S-sorry Kibum! I didn’t even realize you were near me.”

“Obviously.” The younger teased. 

“Who walks around with their eyes closed?” Kibum said as he directed them towards the lunch room. 

“I know, I know. I was just relieved! I think I got an A on the anatomy test I just took. You know how my grade was last week...” 

He sighed.

“Really?! See Jinks, I told you! I kept you in my prayers, I knew you would do well!” Kibum cheered.

Jinki grinned at the nickname.

They all had sometimes used little nicknames for each other and Kibum would sometimes drop the honorific in preference for ‘Jinks’. But Kibum had been so tensed lately and seeing him like this made him happy.

He was usually uptight unless he was around the rest of them. Sometimes he felt it to make it his goal to make him laugh and ease up.

“Enough about me, what about you Birthday boy? It’s in like three weeks. You’ll finally be fifteen!” He teased.

“Yea, yea! I know.” He said rolling his eyes.

“I don’t even know what I want to do. I mean I know I’ll be in church that day for sure. Maybe just a small gathering with you guys?” Kibum offered.

“It’s your day. It’s whatever you want to do.” Jinki shrugged.

They finally made their way to the lunchroom to meet up with everyone else at their usual spot.

They all made sure to fit their schedules in a way that they all had the same lunch. Usually at least two of them had the same lunch and they would all meet up together later when they could. But Jinki made an effort to remind them to have their eating schedule the same, especially now that Taemin went to their school now, it was important that all five of them were together. Jinki was a senior, Jonghyun a Junior, Kibum and Minho were sophmores, and Taemin a freshman. So it was hard to get tham all together during the day.

When they saw their final destination in sight, they saw Jonghyun and Minho talking quietly about something, but with no Taemin in sight.

Their concentration on each other broke when they noticed Jinki’s and Kibum’s prescience. The two were always up to something Jinki decided.

“Oh ! We didn’t even see you guys!” Minho said started.

Jinki watched Kibum cringe at Minho’s cursing. They all knew Kibum hated foul words and tried their best to speak cleanly around him.

“Ohh haha...sorry.” Minho said laughing awkwardly.

The sat at a round small table.

Kibum took his spot on the other side of Jonghyun, as he already had tray a food already ready for him as usual. Jinki sat next to Kibum and an empty spot in which he assumed was Taemin’s seat.

“Where’s Tae?” Jinki questioned the two that were here first.

“He’s getting his lunch.” Minho spoke.

“Ah. How is he? I haven’t seen him all day.” Jinki asked.

The way his schedule was set up, Jinki didn’t see most of them until lunch and then when school ended. And then straight to his academies he went. He felt like he rarely saw them.

Jonghyun and Minho looked at each other before he answered again.

“Still quiet.” Minho said with a defeated look. 

The picture of the funeral still lingered in their minds, but they didn’t bring it up around their youngest friend.

Jinki was ready to ask another question when Kibum spoke up.

“Hey Taem!” Kibum cheered when he saw him appraoching. Also as a warning for them to yield their conversation about Taemin since he approached.

“Hey guys.” Taemin said trying to match Kibum’s level of cheery-ness but failing.

“So? How’s your first few weeks going? How’re you liking high-school so far?” Jinki asked.

“It’s okay I guess.” Taemin shrugged.

Jinki was taken aback at how lack luster and short his answer was and almost stumbled on his next statement.

“Have you...made any new friends yet?” . Jinki watched Minho try to get Tameins focus back by  flicking his arm causing him to flinch. Taemin gave him an annoyed look before shrugging again.

“Not really.” 

For some strange reason this led into an awkward silence at the table. The older four all gave each other knowing looks. 

Taemin sat hunched over as he moved his food around on his plate with his chopsticks.

“Taemin-ah? Why not? You’re so social! I just knew you’d be popular when you got here.” Jinki said laughing. But it died out when he saw Taemin purse his lips and shook his head.

“I’d just rather...” He said slowly while stopping mid sentence not bothering to finish the rest.

Jinki had to hold in what have been an exhausted sigh.

Since the funeral Taemin hasn’t been himself, at all.

It was understandable but it didn’t lessen their worries any less.

And as the oldest of the group Jinki saw it as his responsibility to take care of the younger four. Especially Taemin.




It was the last class of the day. 

He made his way out of his statistics class routinely looking for his younger friends.

“Hyung!” He heard Minho call.

He whipped his head around to give him wide grin.

He did a mini jog towards them all.

Minho wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him in.

“So? Today is your day of freedom! Are you still hanging out with us?” Minho chirped.

Today was Friday, which meant no Academy classes. He was tired from staying up so late and studying and wanted to take a nap, but he missed his friends more.

He let out a happy sigh which sounded as if it echoed through the hallway even amongst the loud chatter of the dismissed students surrounding them.

“Kibum, are you coming with us?” Jinki asked as he look to his side. He was walking quietly looking as if he was distracted and his mind was somewhere else. But he answered after a pause.

“Oh...no. I’m sorry guys. I can’t.”

“W-why?” Jonghyun asked obviously disappointed at his answer. He was walking next to Kibum as he usually did out of habit.

“My parents want me home tonight. I have another bible study session with my church tomorrow, so they don’t want me staying out all night and don’t want my ‘mind distracted’ or whatever.” Kibum said shrugging but obviously not looking forward to the event. 

Jinki caught the look of disappointment on Jonghyun’s face.

Jinki knew Kibum never canceled church for anything. They had all gotten used to it, except Jonghyun.

“It’s okay Ki. I’ll drop you off at home. What about Taemin? Where is he?” He asked concerned.

“Oh, I ran into him outside my class before I left. He said he just wanted to go straight home today.” Kibum said.

Jinki nodded slowly not liking that idea.

“Maybe we can call him later? Maybe he just needs some rest.” Minho said.

“You know he doesn’t like to be doted on. And you two are known for irritating him the most, or irritating all of us in general.” Minho laughed at his comment which was directed to both Jinki and Kibum.

“Hey!” The both said simultaneously as Jinki pinched his side and Kibum punched his arm.

Minho jumped back rubbing both throbbing areas.

“Well I guess it’s just us three today.” Jonghyun chirped. 

“Oh great. Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest.” Kibum said half joking, half serious.

“Can I be dumb? Personally I think Minho should be Dumber and Jinki Dumbest.” Jonghyun said playing along with Kibum’s joke.

“Your Dumbest.” Kibum said without a second thought.




Kibum lives in the same neighborhood as Jinki and only lived a few houses down. He offered to drop him off in front of his house but Jonghyun convinced him to let him walk him home, even if it was five minute walk. Obviously the two needed some time alone so Kibum didn’t disagree.

Jinki decided to use this alone time with Minho to his advantage. He was sitting at his desk in his room as Minho was lying in his bed.


“Mmm?” Minho answered distractedly as he was on his phone.

“How’s your mom? How’s home?”

Minho pauses in his movements and Jinki could tell he was a little tense.

Minho knew it was code for ‘do you need anything?’.

“Everything is fine, Hyung.” Minho said shrugging and sticking out his tongue playfully.

It was a serious question but as always Minho tries to make light of the situation.

“Right...I mean, well you know you can talk to me. If you need anything-“

“We’re fine.” Minho interrupted.

“Well what about you? How are you doing?” Minho interrupted putting his phone to the side. He crossed his arms and look at Jinki with a straight face.

“I know what happend last week.” Minho said.

Jinki opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.

“Did you tell your parents?” He asked with worry laced in his voice.

“Don’t try to change the subject.” Jinki said irritated.

“I don’t want to talk about me.” Minho said.

“I don’t want to talk about me either.” He responded back.

“Fine.” Minho shrugged again and getting back on his phone.

Jinki turned around to his desk and messed with random knock knacks on his desk.

Jinki has an anxiety attack last week. He had been studying and worrying over improving his grade on his anatomy test after his parents berated him over it. 

It happen between classes and Minho just so happen to catch him right before the nurse brought him to her office.

He hated having attacks. 

His body started to sweat and he couldn’t think straight.

His hands would tremor and his heart started palpitating. If it was really serious he would start crying, but it wasn’t the case this time.

He kindly asked a fellow student to fetch the nurse for him as he found himself frozen at his locker when his attack started. The nurse escorted him to her office afterwards and helped him calm down.

He didn’t know Minho saw him.

He hoped he didn’t tell everyone else, he hadn’t had an attack in almost two months and he was embarrassed that had happen.

But knowing Minho he’s sure he didn’t say a word.

Suddenly Jonghyun busted through the door. He looked at the two for a couple seconds immediately feelings the tense atmosphere.

“Mm? Why are you guys so quiet in here?” He said plopping down hard onto Jinki’s bed causing Minho to drop his phone from his hands, interrupting their obvious tension.

“We were contemplating on wether to lock you out, but we decided to show you mercy.” Minho joked.

Jonghyun poked out his lip and rubbed us hands together in fake aegyo.

“Thanks oppa~” He said in a fake sugary voice.

Jinki laughed while Minho faked gagged.

“How was your alone time with your lover.” Jinki teased.

“Same old, same old” Jonghyun said obviously not wanting to talk about his relationship problems.

It seemed no one wanted to talk about their problems today.

“Well...speak of the devil and he shall appear!” Jinki said as his phone rang signaling he had a message.

Kibum sent him a message with an image.


From Ki:

Hyung!!! Look!!! The school is doing a play~ I know you love this story! You should try out, your voice would fit perfectly!


Jinki checks the image attached and saw what play the school was putting on this year.

The Phantom of the Opera! Jinki loved this play!

But Kibum couldn’t be serious? Kibum onew his parents would never allow him to do such a thing. It would take away time from his studies.

“Hmm...” Jinki said out loud unknowingly.

“What is it?” Jonghyun asked nosily while looking over Jinki’s shoulder to try to read his phone.

“Nothing. Kibum just said I should try out for the new school play.” He said nonchalantly.

“That’s sounds great Hyung. You know I’d come.” Minho said. How supportive.

Jonghyun’s reaction was rather different.

“Oh my-! No! No! Wait! Can you even imagine?! Jinki on stage dancing around in costumes?!” He was bent over laughing and gasping for air. He slapped his knee while in tune with his laughter.

“First of all, their isn’t much choreography involved in this play.” Jinki said unamused.

“Anyways! I think it sounds fun. You have an amazing voice Hyung.” Minho said truthfully.

“I mean yea he can sing! But-but can you imagine! Isn’t it about that guy with the mask? It isn’t even a full mask! It’s like cut in half! Can you imagine that on him!” Jonghyun said laughing again, but even more obnoxiously than before. 

“What’s so funny?!” Jinki asked highly annoyed.

“Nothing, nothing! It’s just...your so nerdy! I can only see you with books and such.” He said offhandedly.

Jinki blinked.

That’s what everyone saw him as.

The extremely intelligent Lee Jinki.

No one knew or cared about what else he could do besides assist someone with their homework or give them answers.

Being in a play would be what no one would expect.

He was tired of being predictable.

Having expectations.

“Well. Maybe I’ll do it.”

“Seriously?” Jonghyun looked at him wide eyed.

“Yea...” Would he really do it? 

What about his school work?

He’s never acted before?

Would his parents even consider letting him do it?

“I’ll support you! Jonghyun’s just being an !” Minho said while giving Jonghyun a disappointed look.

“I was joking!” He said defensively.

“I mean...well I have to make sure I even want to do it. I’m thinking to fast. I’m letting these two put ideas in my head.” Jinki said referring to Jonghyun and Kibum.

“Just think about it.” Minho said sincerely.

“I will, I will.” Jinki said waving him off.


Would he?






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