Parents Interview

The Return of Superman: Idols Edition

Leeteuk and Kangin, Han Geng, Kyung-Hoon and Heechul, and Kibum were sitting on the ground. Sungmin, Zhou Mi and Henry, and Donghae and Hyukjae were sitting in the second row. Siwon and Kyuhyun and Yesung and Ryeowook were sitting in the back row. 

            “So, you are the first idol group to be featured on Return of Superman! How do you feel about that?” The director asks. 

            “We feel very honored. We weren’t the first idol group to become parents that was TVXQ.” Leeteuk says. “But we were one of the firsts and parenthood has truly changed us and brought us closer together.” 

            “And after starting families we took a break from the spotlight for a couple of years, enough so that I don’t even remember how many it was!” Sungmin says. 

            “It was five…five right?” Hyukjae asks. 

            “Yes, it was five,” Heechul says. “And during that, we stayed out of the public and only made a few appearances a year on various shows and that was it.” 

            “Were you guys still close with each other?” The director asks. 

            “It was hard to keep up but we were always getting together for holidays and special events like birthdays. It was hard because Kyuhyun couldn’t get pregnant for the longest time so he continued doing solo projects until he got pregnant with the triplets.” Siwon says. 

            “I got pregnant before we took a break and trying to hide it was…hard,” Donghae says. “It wasn’t as if we didn’t want our fans to know, we just wanted our privacy.” 

            “And it was our first child,” Hyukjae says. 

            “Yeah, but you two and Heechul and Kyung-Hoon are the only ones that can switch having babies. You both got lucky.” Ryeowook says. 

            “You both can bear children?” The director asks. 

            “Oh...I guess we didn’t explain that in the family interview. Yes, I carried Yoongi and Hyukjae carried Namjoon.” Donghae explains. 

            “And Kyung-Hoon and Heechul are the same? You both can bear children?” The director asks. 

            “Yes, we are still trying to determine if it is safe for me to or not,” Kyung-Hoon says. 

            “It’s just not very common for two bearers to be together. Thank you for sharing that,” The director says. “Getting back to your music, it is great to see you all together again and back to making music. It must be great to show your kids what you love to do.” The director says. “What would you say is the best part of being a parent?” 

            “Watching them grow and learn,” Kibum says. 

            “Right, watching their personalities form is so special.” Ryeowook answers. 

            “They continuously teach me about the world, they say something and I think, I never would have thought about that,” Siwon says. 

            “What’s the hardest?” The director asks. 

            “I mean I don’t think anything is really hard. But right now we are just finding it difficult to adjust to coming back to the spotlight. To find a balance between being an idol and being parents. That’s why we agreed to be on the show in the first place.” Kangin says. 

            “Right and trying to also share custody when you are so busy is hard as well,” Kyuhyun says. 

            “And the man that you had Min Seok with, does he have any kids with his current husband?” The director asks. 

            “Yes, he does,” Kyuhyun says. The director blinks as an alarm starts to sound, and his phone starts to ring. 

            “Alright, well, that should be enough for today; I know you guys had a long one.” The director says. 

            “What is that alarm?” Kibum asks. 

            “I’m not entirely sure.” The director says. Kibum quickly gets out of his seat rushing out the door before any of the other members or staff can stop him. 

            “Jin! Jin, stop! JIN!” Jay Park shouts trying to hold the oldest boy back from running down the hallway. 

            “Let me go! I have to find him! I should help look! I’m big enough!” Jin says. 

            “Okay, I’m well aware you are big enough but Shindong and Eric are both handling it. You need to stay and help me with the others please.” Jay Park pleads. 

            “What the hell is going on?” Kibum asks rushing over to them. 

            “Um…it seems Jun-Myeon is missing?” Jay Park asks nervously. 

            “WHAT?!” Ryeowook shrieks. 

            “The triplets were fighting and so were Yoongi and Namjoon so we were distracted. I’m so sorry, Ryeowook.” Jay Park says. 

            “Appa, I can’t just do nothing, I should have seen something happening…” Jin says sadly. 

            “Kid, you did fine! You were doing your best to take care of your brothers,” Jay says. 

            “You can’t be everywhere at once buddy, remember?” Kangin says. Heechul sighs in relief when Hee-Jun walks down the hallway hand in hand with Jun-Myeon. 

            “You guys lose this little guy? He said he was looking for where they film any of the KBS shows.” Hee-Jun says. “He’s a cutie.” 

            “How’d you find him?” Heechul asks. 

            “He opened my door,” Hee-Jun says. 

            “I am so sorry,” Heechul says. He looks down at Jun-Myeon who is currently looking down at the ground shuffling his feet. 

            “Oh, thank God!” Ryeowook says running over to them. “I am not very happy with you, Mister! This is not like the studio, you don’t know the people here!” 

            “I know, Eomma. I sorry.” Jun-Myeon says bursting into tears. 

            “I’m just happy you are safe,” Ryeowook says picking him up. 

            “It isn’t a busy day today so he would have been safe either way. Maybe not open doors without knocking first though,” Hee-Jun says. “It is only polite. It was nice to meet you, Jun-Myeon.” 

            “It was nice to meet you too, Mr. Moon,” Jun-Myeon says. 

            “Thank you, Hee-Jun, I appreciate it,” Ryeowook says. 

            “It really is no problem,” Hee-Jun says. He smiles as Leeteuk, Kangin, Jin, and Taehyung all come out of the room. 

            “Uncle Hee-Jun!” Taehyung shrieks running to him. Kangin grins nodding to Hee-Jun. 

            “How are you?” Hee-Jun asks. “I...I really do hope that my testimony helped your case. I...well we tried.” 

            “It did. We appreciate it.” Kangin says. 

            “Kangin, sir? The director would like to speak to you in private when you have a chance,” A producer says. Kangin looks at Leeteuk who just shrugs and nods to him to go. 

            “Alright, I guess I’ll just go now,” Kangin says. The director is sitting down in the chair when Kangin walks in. “I’m going to assume this is about the custody battle we are currently in?” 

            “Yes, I would really like to know what is going on and what we can and cannot air,” The director says. “We honestly don’t even know who Jin’s biological mother is.” 

            “That would be Taecyeon,” Kangin says. 

            “2PM’s Taecyeon?” The director asks. Kangin nods. 

            “It was a very small fling that ended in a pregnancy,” Kangin says. “We were co-parenting just fine up until 2 years ago.” 

            “What happened then?” The director asks. 

            “Heard him say something that changed everything, said it in front of our son as well,” Kangin says. “Wished he was never born, called him a mistake. He had been belittling him for almost his entire life and I never knew.” 

            “And you are trying to get full custody of Jin?” The director asks. 

            “Yes, Leeteuk and I are both trying to get custody of him. Leeteuk would like to adopt him if at all possible. But you know how these things go,” Kangin says. 

            “We can only hope for the best,” The director says. “It seems as if you have many people on your side.” 

            “Yes, I have a wonderful support system,” Kangin says. Kangin smiles, he was lucky to have them in his life and his children’s lives.

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