The Return of Superman: Idols Edition


Follow the 15 members of Super Junior and other idols as they go through the ups and downs of parenthood. How do they deal with overzelous fans, stalkers, past relationships, custody battles, and more? The female gender has been wiped out so it is the same universe as Fate but a completely different story. 


Couples include: 






Zhou Mi/Henry/Sungmin

Kibum as a single father. 

Shindong as the crazy uncle.

Kids will be BTS, and maybe EXO, Pentagon, Monsta X, Ikon, and a few others as well.  

This is also slightly AU where Super Junior has started their own company and Kibum, Hankyung are back in the group and Zhou Mi and Henry are also full time members as well. And there might be some MPreg as well I haven't decided on that yet but I will tag accordingly when I start writing it. Okay so I have decided that this will be an AU Mpreg story where all females have been killed by an unknown virus. Because of this the male humans have evolved to be able to carry and give birth to a child. Because of the circumstances in the story homouality is accepted since it is the only way for them to find love and to keep the human population growing. 

So I have decided on also bringing in other idols into the mix but Super Junior will be the focus of the story. The others are going to be side characters although I may change this in the future. 

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