Tomorrow, Today


Saying ‘see you tomorrow’ was easy for most people. For Jaebum who had no tomorrow, it was the most difficult thing. But he would fight against today to be able to see tomorrow even for just one more time, before he was swallowed again by the terrifying darkness that was haunting his every steps.


Hi! Finally back with new story again because I'm so happy of their new comeback and I don't know how many times I squealed because Jaebum looked so fine. Actually I've been writing the sequel of my omegaverse one shot, which I decided to rewrite all over again when it was almost finished because I'm not satisfied with how it came out lol. I'm stuck right now though so I need a change of pace and write this prologue in one go. The concept has been there in my dungeon for a while, just like many others I haven't find the urge to write a chapter for. Gonna be an angst this time, but I'll try to make this as fluff as possible because it seems like my mood darkened every time I write angst, I don't know why I still do it T_T Anyway, hope you like this new story and see you next update!


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aldnoah38 #1
Chapter 4: It is an amazing story!!! I hope JB doesn't forget what happened! I can't wait for an update. :D
378 streak #3
Chapter 4: Of course Jinyoung has been keeping that feeling all this time, and of course it made Jaebum felt that it might hurt both of them in the end. And when Jinyoung asked him to stay, I still have no idea if the ending of this chapter you picked would hurt less than the possibility that Jaebum lowering his guard and falling asleep there...
aldnoah38 #4
Chapter 3: Oh damn i hope he won't forget talking to jinyoung
Chapter 3: Its just sad to me that he didn't remembered the promise that he made with jin, i hope he gets to see jin tomorrow:(
378 streak #6
Chapter 3: This chapter is heartbreaking; as Jaebum is still trapped in his teenage love, it feels quite like Jinyoung has made him a teenager again, yet in a sad way... I have this feeling that Jinyoung actually knows what happened to Jaebum but keeps mum, so it only makes me even more and more curious as to how the story will progress :')
aldnoah38 #7
Chapter 2: Oooh boy this is good!! The story reminds me of an anime where there is a high school girl who loses her memories every week (if i remember correctly)
Why do i get the impression that this is gonna be sooo angsty????? *crying emoji*
Chapter 1: I'm in!!!
aldnoah38 #9
Chapter 1: Interesting! Btw i love long chapters ;)
Vyo3012 #10
Chapter 1: Omg i need the next chapter HAHHAHA