Insanely Rich and a Little Crazy

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Jisoo's seemingly perfect life is crumbling to the ground. Away from her crazy rich family's suspecting eye, she struggles to face her problems alone. That is until Jennie comes along.

Delve into the lavish life of the rich which isn't as perfect as everyone thinks.



(A/N: 060120)

Story rewritten! See A/N below.






(A/N: 110121)

Hi! This story is kind-of inspired by Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians. I pictured Jisoo when I was reading Astrid in the books. She was so sophisticated, elegant, and just... amazing. However, the story will be quite different. It will revolve around Jisoo, her family, and Jisoo's childhood friend Jennie. 

Yes, Jisoo's family seems random. Haha. I love my fictional Oh family. I'm writing them in my other fic, so this is like an alternate universe of my fictional universe... if that makes sense.

Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading. <3




I know I said this is CRA inspired but if you need a visual, Jisoo here is kinda like Jisoo in the Flower MV teaser 😭
(at least in the upcoming chapters)


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Aaaaaaah jensoo
sapphicjns #2
Chapter 5: i love this story
1164 streak #3
Chapter 5: oh Jisoo Mina is right you have to figure it out and fast before its too late for you...
stankimsojung #4
Chapter 5: Thank you for the update! Was nice to see OT4 together. Now I hope Jisoo will make a move soon and choose happiness over moral.
may_bee #5
Chapter 5: Jennie deserves to get Jisoo 😽
AnDEUSAgrega #6
Chapter 4: Yeah he is right
AnDEUSAgrega #7
Chapter 3: Jennie you fool, i want to hug you
Jisoo you are a warrior i would never be able to do that
AnDEUSAgrega #8
Chapter 2: Jennie your whipped baby
She sounds like Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians for sure
sweetaswholes #9
Chapter 4: Ahhhh so happy you updated this! Jisoo definitely reminds me of Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians, but with this wonderful backstory of memories with Jennie interlaced. I can't wait for your next update =]
1164 streak #10
Chapter 2: So shes married but her husband left her? and probably the reason why Jennie went abroad is because Jisso rejected her confession in the past?