I know your heart

Just Go
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I can’t make it tonight, stuck in studio again… I know you hate this excuse… I’m sorry baby, but I’ll call you whenever I’m done. Love u.


Jennie glance at her phone screen, just a small sigh slips through her lips. She reach her drink and sip it then look around. This restaurant is a little packed but it has some secluded chairs and famous for idols and celebrity to come because its safe. Jennie rest her back while closing her eyes. Tired.

“Jennie? Kim Jennie?” someone calls her.

She opens her eyes.

“Bobby oppa?”

the guy smiling brightly, “Kim jennieee!!”

he get to her and spread his arms, claiming a warm hug.

Jennie return the hug.

“Whoaa… I didn’t expect I’d see you here!” he grins, shows his cute bunny teeth.

Jennie also smiling.

He slide a chair for him, but before he sat, he asked her, “Is somebody with you?”

Jennie shook her head.

Bobby sat across her.

“Jennie.” He said, “So… how is it going?”

“Going great…” she chuckles.

“A movie star, eh?” he smirks.

“Ah oppa.” She waved.

“Seriously, how long it’s been since the last time we met?”

“Hmmm…” Jennie is thinking, “five years?”

“I think so…” Bobby nodded.

“What are you doing here? I thought you’re in ia.” Jennie asked.

“I’m back last year.” He said, “taking care of this baby.” He look around.

“This place is yours?” Jennie gasped.

“Yeah…” he chuckles, “cool, isn’t it?”

“Very cool!” she replied, “I didn’t know you’re the owner! This place is like… hype.”

“Thank you…”

“How about the lounge and karaoke upstairs?”

“Mine too, along with the club at the third floor.” He playfully lift his eyebrows.


“So, tell me everything.” He said, “I haven’t had chance to meet the guys fro—uh wait, are you waiting for someone here? Am I interupting anything?”

“No, no, I’m alone.” Jennie waved her hands.

“Alone? Are you sure?” Bobby asked.

She nodded, “I was waiting for someone but guess the meeting’s cancelled.”

“Ah I see…”

Suddenly a waiter approaching them and whispering something to Bobby.

“Oh, okay, okay.” He said and the waiter left.

“Everything’s okay?” Jennie asked.

“Well, since this is Friday, the resturant a bit packed… my waiter said if you’re my guest maybe we can move to the bar area and they will sell the chair.”

“Ah okay, it’s good for business.”

“I’m very sorry, Jen…”

“No worries, oppa.” Jennie smiles.

“Or do you want to go upstairs?”

“Upstairs? Uh… I don’t feel like having drinks or karaoke.” She said.

“No I mean to the top floor.”

“What’s in there?” she asked.

“My place.” Bobby grinned.

“You live here?”

“Yeah, and I have a very nice balcony, it’s big and the view is amazing—sorry, not that I’m bragging here, but… you know, that’s the truth.” He laughs.


“Whoaah… nice view… so jealous!” Jennie looking at the city street lights.

“Nice, right?”


Bobby took two cans of coffee from his fridge.

“Oppa I don’t drink coffee.”

“Ah sorry, what you want to drink?”

“I had a drink before, so i'm fine.” Jennie said.

“Want some wine?”

“Hmm… okay!” she said.

“So, tell me everything.” He said after opening a bottle of wine.

“What you wanna know?” Jennie took the glass he gave her.


“But before that… how’s your mother?”

“Well, after I gave up training in YG and go back to ia, I spent all my time to took care of my mom, but doctor said she’s all good now, she improved and survived the cancer.”

“Thank God…”

“That’s why I decided to go back here, since my mom also move back to Korea, but she lives in Busan now… it’s more quiet and healing.”

“Good to hear that.”

“Cheers!” he clung his glass to hers the sip it before continue talking, “By the way, I met Song Mino here a week a go, he’s a big star now.”

“He is. His group got so much attention from public.”

“What about June? He debuted with Jinan hyung, Yunhyeong hyung and Chanwoo, right?”


“How about DK?”

“He debuted with iKon but also become the choreography team along with Jaewok oppa.”

“I see…” he said, “He was the best at dancing.”

Jennie smiles.

“I can’t believe they’r

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