It Really Isn't Easy


The Sequel to It's Not So Easy!


After finding out how to love, how will Eunhyuk face his problems of running a new company, going to school, and having an overprotective boyfriend. What new problems will they face and will their relationship be able to continue on? Maybe it isn't so easy to fall in love after all... or to live for all the right reasons...


I also hope to include YooSu a little more in this story as well as KyuMin but it will mainly focus on EunHae again :]


P.S. I dont own any of the characters...




This is a boyxboy/ story.

If you don't like don't read.

I hope I get as much love with the sequel as I did with the first part.

Because of school I will be updating a lot slower with this story so I hope all of you can understand and continue to read!

Poster was made by Kauaikoala. Isn't it awesome?!?!? I love it and want to thank this person with all my heart ^_^

I should also try and add more gifs of the couples in the sequel.

Saranghae Yadabun!








who agrees to an update tonight?! if i get some comments saying they want it really bad then your wish might just be my command ;]

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iris_yk #1
Chapter 24: Nice sequel....great job & thanks for sharing. ..
LovingKitty #2
Chapter 24: Loved the sequel ^_^
Chapter 24: nice sequel!!! :-) enjoyed it! :-)
Ladyghai #4
Chapter 24: Oh i really love this story :) i think you didn't need to make any triquel this is already enough ending! :) you really did an amazing job! Can't wait for your next story! :)
rinasjs #5
Chapter 24: I think no more triqual........... Cause a perfect story should end like this......... That what i think......
awww the end was soooo sweet i love it. thank u ^^
rinasjs #7
i am sad and happy for the same time....... sad because this story had been end but happy because everybody is happy...... i am waiting for your new story....... cant wait.....
AriChan #8
Ahh I am so glad about the update but ... not that glad that the story is already over. I wasn't online here much, but today I saw this update and had to read it. I really love your story a lot. Glad that everyone got his own happy =)))

I am looking forward for more stories of you.
RinzSJ #9
yeay!! you finally finished it. it has been a wonderful journey reading what they went through, and a happy ending is what i needed. i am looking forward to more of your stories :-)
AWWW YEAAA! Everyone has found happiness! Even Siwon and Heechul are content with their lives. I want another series for them now and to see Micky and Xiah's wedding ^^