Euphoria Writing Contest [Closed]

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I'm currently only accepting BTS fics, I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience to you >.< 


001. jxeonie -di angelo
002. -BTSArmyForever- - Welcome to nivon!
003. Scarface - Bloody footprints in the snow
004. Jikooklover2018- In the blink of an eye
005. Esqualay- Sunet meets Cherry blossom
006. jopiety - a pack of seven
007. tear_ps - boiling water
008. Reign_lulubell07 - Falling gardenia
009. summerxblessings - Kuebiko

"You are the cause of my euphoria." My favorite track from the love yourself answer album. I chose this title for this contest because of one thing...



your stories are the cause of my euphoria.


A bts writing contest

1. No story may pass 30 chapters (of course if needs be i can make exceptions, but make sure you pm me if you think you're story will pass the chapter limit)

2. One-shots may not exceed 10,000 words and chapters may not exceed 9,000 words

3. please comment down below after you have submitted your entry so i can add you to the list.

4. subscription is required so you can keep up with that is going on within the contest

5. i do not allow only two ships (unless they are side or just crack relationships): Sugamon and 2seok. Not because i dislike the ships, but because i cannot focus when reading these ships and do not want your story to be judged wrongly. the password is kookies.

5. you do not have to upvote, but it will be greatly appreciated.

6. the deadline (when your story absolutely needs to be completed by) is April 4, 2019.

7. there is no deadline for entering, just as long as your story is complete by April 4, 2019

8. if you are submitting an already started story, it must have been published after august 1, 2018.

9. no shipping bts characters with oc's or other groups, only because once again i cannot focus on them and want to give your story the rank it deserves.

10. please use this banner in the foreward of your story to show you are entered in the contest:

11. please tag this story with euphoriacontest

12. Please make a blog-post to help advertise the shop before you send in your entry!

how to join

Please fill out this Form and comment once you have submitted. I look forward to your story and wish you the bst of luck.

Links to the entered stories

jxeonie- di Angelo

-btsarmyforever- - Welcome To Nivon!

scarface- Bloody Footprints in the Snow

Jikooklover2018- In The Blink Of An Eye

Esqualay- sunset meets cherry blossom

Jopiety- a pack of seven

Tear_ps - Boiling Water

Reign_lulubell07 - Falling Gardenia

summerxblessings - Kuebiko

1st place:

A subscription and upvote to all of your stories

A comment and full read on 3 of your stories of your choosing

500 kps


2nd place:

A subscription and upvote to all of your stories

A comment and full read on 2 of your stories of your choosing

200 kps


3rd place:

A subscription and upvote to all of your stories

A comment and full read on 1 of your stories of your choosing

100 kps


If you do not have any other

published stories, we can pm if you win

and discuss a different reward ^-^

couples (my personal favorites)




Of course i can't forget to add the rest of our baby boys ^-^ 

Thank you

I hope to see you all enter and i cannot wait to get to reading your stories!!!!

You are the cause of my euphoria.
Okay so I haven't read any entries yet and I'm so sorry about that!! I will try to get to it as soon as possible!!!
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