Kiss Me Like That... Again

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Some oneshots of Ricsyung's romantic (afcourse according to my personal taste and opinion, that is) moments... Wrote in a light simple flow and sweet (ehm... again,  only i myself thought so) storyline.


It was started as a story only, inspired (still) by the 'Kiss Me Like That' mv... but then i felt like adding some more... oh, well...


...After awhile i decided to add another story... at first i was aiming for something more of a story.. but well... kekeke...well anyway, hope you dear readers can still enjoy it...
PS. i'm planning on adding some more stories kekeke...


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i love this uwu
missstery #2
Chapter 4: Good chapter. Thanks for continued and the update
turyka #3
Chapter 3: Lol poor Hyesungie everybody is making fun of him.. Only when he's super drunk he voice his feelings .
Eric must feel like a kid in Disneyland
I super loved it ❤❤❤
Chapter 3: Nyshaahaahahja that was really fun. The conversation they have really seem so veey natural hahhaha. Looking for more
Chapter 2: Awww.. I like it.. I like it.. kkk..
Yes yes.. add more stories please..
turyka #6
Chapter 2: How can i find them cuter than ier … love the shot (^^)b
al_l3n #7
Chapter 1: I’m about to ask you to continue the previous fanfics before i read this ones. But then here i got. Can i ask you for more? Hahahahaha
Kekeke... i watched the mv then wrote 2 fanfics... indeed very stimulating ...
so so sweettt ~~~. reading while listening to the song is not good for my imagination...haha