I Love you to the Moon and Back

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Key gets the chance to meet Kim Jonghyun, the lead singer of a world famous band, Crystal Lights. Key finds himself getting closer to the singer and they start a budding romance.











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A/N: Hey guys!

I haven't been on here in a very long time, *sighs* almost a year at least?

I kept coming back to see if there were any new JongKey stories out, (sadly there are none) and decided to write something new,  (even if its horrible) because I kept seeing the same stories over and over again, with the same premise and storyline.

So I decided to come up with something at least fairly new, in which Jonghyun is a lead singer of a popular Indie band, and Key has the chance to finally meet them after winning a contest. Nothing to sad, but nothing to boring either. I basically just told you the whole story in one sentence, but thats the joy of reading something right? You find out what actually happens. There will be a lot of juicy (what is wrong with me >_<) stuff going on later in the chapters, but I'm not going to spoil anything. Plus, just imagining Jonghyun as an Indie singer is already making me go wild, beacuse who doesn't love a hot Indie singer?


I feel like JongKey stories have also multiplied over the course of this year!! 



I really wish I could have the time to thank everyone for subscribing!! So thnx if your reading this :)


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Jongluv83 #1
Chapter 6: I just found this story and I really love it. Want to finish all the chapters tonight.
Chapter 8: I love the parts you slipped your own thoughts in! Diva mode is a powerful weapon oml~ absolutely loved this chapter, you go Key!
Jonghyunisdaddy #3
Chapter 8: This book is everything T_Tj
Jonghyunisdaddy #4
Chapter 4: Honestly same I believe they are actual soulmates
Chapter 7: This is honestly my favourite fic I've read in a while, your own interest in Indie music really shines through and it's such a unique premise! Kibum is so cute oml, I adore the sly interactions between him and Jjong, his idol. I can't wait to see them really meet up, and I can only imagine how many different shades of red Kibum's face will turn in the process!
I adore this, and can't wait to see what else you write!
Chapter 8: I`m excited to find out where this is going.^^ keep up the good work. ♥
Hello I really want to thank you for this story, It is really interesting and really well written, thank you so much for creating new content, I'll be waiting for the update!!! ???