Pink Rose (장미 분홍색 )


Korea 21th century. Monarchy is always ruling. 

The King Choi Minho lost his wife and Queen one day on strange circumstances. 

He has a hard time living with her death but days after days finds himself attracted to one of the palace servant Mi Yeong that lost her memory.

What secrets does her past hide and will Minho be able to recover from his wife and fall in love again? 



♦ Mi Yeong ♦


Loves flowers - amnesiac - never left the palace - admire her King from afar - want to recover her memory

♦ King Choi Minho ♦


King of Korea - in bad terms with his mother - elegant and soft - can't forget his wife who passed away - attracted by Mi Yeong

♦ Lee Jong Suk ♦

Bodyguard and best friends of the King - doesn't talk much - secretive - really care for Minho - knows the secrets of the palace

♦ Park Eun Hui ♦

Garderner - joyful and cheerful - has a sick mother - work because she need to pay for the medicine - Mi Yeong's only friend

♦ Choi Min Young ♦

Mother of the King - Dowager Queen - since the death of her husband has the higher atthority - rules all the palace - has somethign against Mi Yeong


Monthly published story!
If you've always seen Choi Minho as a prince, come and see him as a King!


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1 points #1
Chapter 5: WHY IS SHE LEAVING NO.....when the secret was almost out...>.<
Chapter 4: Oh that moment between Minho and Mi Yeong was so intense....for a second i thought they would kiss Y__Y
Chapter 3: Oh My! I havent read this one yet...aaaah I'm really curious about how things are like this....Hum...painter...KIBUM! XDDD sorry just cos I made him one in my fics. Maybe it was Minho....he panted his wife beautifully...of course..u.u
1 points #4
Chapter 2: Poor kids really....
1 points #5
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The first chapter leaves us with a need for more. There are many questions and we need answers. Who was the main character and why did she lose her memory, what happened to Minho's wife and what is the queen planning. Waiting for more. ^^
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I'm here! ^^ Ready to read more chapters!