It's a Family Thing



The couples Bae Irene and Kang Seulgi, Shon Wendy and Park Joy, are door neighbors in the building where they live, the New York Drive located in New York City. Otherwise, their lives would be forever entwined by the fact that real estate agent Bae Irene being Joy's ex-wife, and career partner with whom she lives competing and fighting; and dentist Wendy being the former wife of writer Seulgi. Even more because the children of Irene and Joy's marriage, the "annoying" Yeri and Jisoo, live with Joy and the stepmother doing a thousand of to drive their moms nuts. The daughter of Wendy and Seulgi, Olivia, who lives with her mother  Seulgi and Bae Irene, is more quiet and introspective, but no less problematic. The circus is armed with the arrival of Kang Hyoyeon, the three-faced mother of Seulgi who came to settle in the house of her daughter, and to attack the life of the current daughter-in-law, Bae Irene, and also the ex-daughter-in-law, Wendy. To complete the picture we have Victoria the domestic worker, who works in both apartments, full of stories from her homeland (Busan) to tell but never remembering the end. And Tiffany Hwang, the building's trustee eyeing the confusions of the two couples, and her husband Kim Heechul. You all may not understand the confusion of their livesm but it's ok, afterall, it's a family thing. 


Character's Profile

'The Adults'



Joy 'Shon' Park

 She's a real state agent, her rival in business is her ex-wife Irene Bae. She's always working and she's always in a hurry. Her actual wife is Wendy Shon, who was married with Seulgi Kang before.








Wendy 'Park' Shon

A methodical dentist obsessed with her profession, Wendy is Seulgi's ex-wife, and is married to Joy now. From time to time she irritates Joy, Seulgi, and Irene with her tiresome speeches about her profession and other matters. Is also fascinated by self-help books







Irene 'Kang' Bae

Real estate agent and a former surfer, Irene Bae is Joy's ex-wife and current wife of Seulgi. It's very sarcastic and ironic. Her biggest concern is with Yeri's behavior, which goes from bad to worse.









Seulgi 'Bae' Kang

A helpful and exemplary writer, Seulgi is Wendy's ex-wife and Irene's current wife. Seulgi demands a quiet atmosphere in her home, for her sake and her daughter Olivia, but she can never manage with the presence of her mother and the others who insist on frequenting her house, taking away her privacy.






Hyoyeon Kang

Dispatched and free of any taboo, Hyoyeon is the mother of Seulgi and ends up going to live with her daughter. By her ed demeanor and her phonic memories of youth, Hyoyeon horrifies those who stop to hear what she says.







'The Kids'



Yeri Bae Park

Daughter of Irene and Joy, Yeri is the "bad-character" of the family. She is a repeating high-schooler, rebellious, flirt, always gets into trouble, which drives her family crazy. Soon she become friend's with Hyoyeon, and together they do a lot of crazy things. She's always pulling Irene's leg.






Jisoo Bae Park

The second daughter of Irene and Joy, Jisoo or Jichuu is a little lunatic and seldom pays attention to what happens around her. From time to time she ends up talking sensible things, but soon returns to her alienation.







Olivia Kang Shon

Daughter of Seulgi and Wendy, Olivia is ahead of her time. Concerned about social and environmental issues but as a average (or not) teenager would be, she is obsessed with anime, video games and is very protected by Seulgi, sometimes (always) has a weird behavior, but for her she's the only normal among her family.






'The Aggregates'



Victoria Song

Born and raised in Busan - South Korea, Victoria is the domestic worker of both houses, demonstrating different behavior in each one of them. Fun, she always remembers "cases" of her hometown.








Tiffany 'Young' Hwang

It's the machiavellian trustee of the building. Unscrupulous, cruel and sadistic, Tiffany Hwang puts terror in it's residents lives and has no scruples to do what is right for her. She has a special taste to mess up the life of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. Over time, the mere act of speaking her name ends up "evoking her." Tiffany uses several methods to create extra fees to extract money from the residents of the condominium, which she, in addition to being a trustee, is president.


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