Those Extras the Maknaes Bring

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With the maknaes in the equation, peace is bound to happen... or is it? everything just comes in with extra, making "1+1=2" a load of total nonsense.


A one-shot fluff(?) compilation with the maknaes by the sideline.


(This is a total work of fiction. Nothing written here is true unless otherwise stated.)


Disclaimer: Kep1er tag was added for their featuring in chapters 34 & 35 (KeViz related contents).

Updated! I realized just now, Yerin's bday story last year and Umji's this year have "knock" in their titles. It's totally unplanned but what a coincidence! as if it's a big deal. lmao~ nvm me~ also, just 4 real updates in a year? :( what have I been doing? :(
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