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"You are the cause of my euphoria," he whispered in my ear, his lips curling into a smile that sent tingles down my spine. 

This is a dream. I swear, this is all a dream. 

I'm definitely dreaming and in 3 seconds, I'm gonna wake up in my tiny New York City apartment with a boat load of emails to rifle through for work and the constant pang that always comes from the realization that it's always a dream. That he's not actually there next to me, holding me in his arms, with the wind ruffling his light brown hair.

"This isn't a dream, I promise."


Author's Note: Yes, if I seem familiar, it's cause I used to write on the account "starlight9300" but sadly, I don't remember the email that I had used for that account so I'M BACK AS A NEW USER HAHAHAHA *cries*. Anyways! This is my first BTS fanfic since my obsession with them went from a simmer to an over boil. Probably cause Jungkook now has a 2 in front of his age? So it doesn't make me feel too weird about stanning him so hard haha. As always, comments are very welcomed and upvotes are appreciated! Please subscribe for more of my random daydreams~

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