It's you or me


As i watch her walking away from me.My heart start to race and it aches at the same time.Why am i so happy yet unhappy. Why do i have so many emotion when it comes to you,Song ji hyo.

As i look at his strong back looking away why do i feel so sad and why does he always treat me this way? Why do i have such complicated feelings when it come to you,KIm jong Kook.


"I am sorry Ji hyo ya"

"Tsk,oppa,i didn't think you where like this.It seems like i didn't know you at all."She said, not accepting the situation,Kim jong kook have a regretful expression on his face instead.
"I am sorry...i really am.I will make it up to you,belive me"He affirmed showing his sincerity as he walked close and closer to her.But Ji hyo didn't buy it.
"Do you think i belive you?There will never be a day like that,you will betray me again"She step back never leaving his glance,she tried to keep a distance as much as she could but then she was trapped to a wall.
"I won't belive me"
"Damn it"She swear.While Kim jong kook hug her.entrapping Song ji hyo with his muscular arms.She struggled.
"Let go!,i said to let me go!"
"Bian,Ji hyo ya!"
"SONG JI HYO OUT" Kim jong kook quickly let her go with her name tag in his hands,smiling for his victory while she point her finger towards him.
"YA! OPPA!YOU CHEATER!"She start to run to grab him but the man of the stuff block her since she is out.
"Nol!Wait until later!I will teach you a lesson"
"AHAHAH,sorry Ji hyo ya"Then he leave her behind.
Nest time i will be the one to betray you oppa! she smirked.
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