The adventures

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Everyone's got a mess, right? Well this is a mess of oneshots that you'll either like or not like, this is your last chance to leave. No? Well then, Welcome. (drabbles/short stories/stuff) 


So, hello. These are things that are too short to be put as a single, I'll update on my own time (weeks or less). 


Prompts are Welcome! 

If you've ever wanted to know my thoughts or something, I just made a twitter account.
Come speak ships or plain anything ^^


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ravenhearst 0 points #1
Chapter 28: Love the Wheesun story! Looking forward for more =)
franch_fries 0 points #2
Chapter 28: kya! Thanks for the Wheesun authornim!!! It was so cute how Wheein's grease jumps out when she's nervous.
0 points #3
Chapter 25: Satzu, player Sana + Jealousy
Ryuki92 254 streak #4
Chapter 27: 2na ....
Narumi2932003 #5
Chapter 27: Plz do a nanwoo chapter plzzzz!!!!
Icecream013 166 streak #6
Another umm wheesun pretty please o-or wheeinxirene a-author...
Chapter 26: WHY T_T
15 streak #8
Chapter 26: you can't possibly expect me to comment on this
13 streak #9
Chapter 26: Chapter 26: This definitely sad T.T but also really good, thank you and I hope you feel better soon (hugs). It fun being sad, so I’ll give you a hug to make you feel better ^_^. I hope it helped, even just a little bit.
13 streak #10
Chapter 25: That was so good ^_^, it really sweet, thank you