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story by FadingintoObscurity

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“your hand touching mine. this is how galaxies collide.”


author's note

I lost my creative writing mojo. I’m hoping that by writing about the characters you provide, I am able to once again jump on the saddle and write my own personal stories with my own characters.

This story idea came from a video I watched sometime ago. They were talking about how youtube celebs get treated different from celebs from other media even though they could be just as successful. I want to explore that a little within the setting of a romantic dramedy.


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What will happen when a popular YouTube channel crosses paths with a subunit of one of the biggest kpop groups in history?


Genre » Romantic Dramedy
Characters » Your OCs
Pairings » They Gay.
tags » Strong language.
UST. Angst. Misunderstandings. 
Crack. Anime physics. Romance. A whole lotta Drama. Pining.  
rating » PG-13 for language. If were to happen, selected chapter will be rated M. 
status » Receiving Applications
deadline » T.B.A


the basics

one » Submit a character you'd genuinely enjoy reading about.
two » To get a taste of my writing style, I will write teasers using the characters you submit.
three » I haven't decided on the deadline but it'll be sometime in November or December. It really depends on how many characters get sent in.
four » Once we begin, expect chapters to be posted bi-weekly. If something happens to change the posting schedule, you will be notified.
five » This fic is Applicant x Applicant.
six » I want to thank, in advance, everyone who submits a character. I know it can be time consuming and challenging.

I have returned and have reviewed the two applications that were submitted during my absence. We're off to a great start. :)
Regardless of their pending status, the first teaser will feature Kunwoo and Yongjie. Thank you for your support.


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busans #1
Chapter 3: hi there!! thanks for the kind review, i've just edited my app & added some parts about how he interacts with other people (it's highlighted in red in my app) and i hope that did the trick :") do lmk if there's more you need to know about it, thank you!!
Chapter 1: Question again! Again if I missed it somewhere I'm sorry!!

How do the pastanoodle fellas know each other and where are they based?
Chapter 3: Hi! Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked that he did reddit commentary vids. Thanks for pointing out what I needed to work on. It makes it easier to revise those parts. I actually changed it up so that their would be not contradicting traits. I think XD.
busans #4
Chapter 2: hello i was just wondering, for idols, do their work history have to be something that the fc has done irl? as in, eg can i write that my character was a judge for pd101 ??
busans #5
Chapter 1: cndhxus i’m so curious to see how you’ll write this???? uwu gonna start working on my app about soon ,, after i stop procastinating sweats
anyw stay safe and have a good trip!!!
Quick question! Maybe I'm missing it, but what are the age ranges you're thinking of for the idols? And sorry if it's there but I'm just missing it. Eek.
Chapter 1: when you say honorifics...
you mean hyungs and ummas? or just the -nims, -san, -chan, etc?
or are you just going to to use westernised stuff like brother, aunty ?

(not that i care much, but you know they what they say curiosity killed the cat)
Chapter 1: dbiugrigfir I LOVE THIS
"Pairings: They Gay" is all it took for me to be hooked
Can't wait for this!