Between Truths


It had started as an unwitting game between strangers. 

Who would have imagined that they were raising up a violent storm? After all, they were only dealing cards and playing hands. But with so many words thrown down, both careless and careful, it was easy to confuse truths with lies.

Two unlikely college students who found themselves a not-quite-confidant in the silent aftermath of their settling storm belatedly realised they were in the middle of a brewing one.

A story of youths, mistakes and growing up. A scramble of cliches. Bets. Fake relationship. Betrayal. Between Truths follows Kim Dahyun and Jeon Jungkook as they innocently weave through life, learn hard lessons and maybe find love worth holding onto in the chaos.


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I also like to keep on editing my current projects and the story on this site is currently the most updated version.

However, I also post the first draft on Wattpad. 

Between Truths by faith-in-me

A/N: Enjoy :)

- Faith


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