Black and Blue


With what used to be a group of friends, is split and turned into two groups because of a bad feud between the two leaders; Junmyeon and Kris. Sehun is a bad attituded boy who fiercely protects his group of friends; especially the leader, Junmyeon. Kai is an athletic boy who sides with the other leader and group for reasons unknown. Due to being Kai's childhood friend, Sehun is hurt and betrayed when his old friend chooses the other side; causing a feud too well up between the two of them as well. Their relationship becomes warped into a strange hatred. But now the two boys suddenly find themselves fighting an attraction towards each other. They both have to choose between swallowing their pride and admitting their feelings or staying beside their leaders in their ongoing feud. 




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Chapter 14: ToT uwu sekai kissed again!!! And yes!!! I’m living for Jongin being a sweetheart and loving and taking care of sad little hunnie ToT
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Chapter 14: Wow feeding us a good snack at the end. Yum~
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Chapter 14: Kai is right. Sehun should just listen to him XD that brat
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Chapter 13: "Black and blue bruises". Omg! Also i really like this chapter. I hope sehun will try to fix their relationship as well
Chapter 13: Wow it’s the bruises... just wow
Chapter 13: alright, this brought my attention. looking forward for what will happen next :)
Chapter 13: ahh they kissed finally
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Chapter 12: Aawwwwwweeeeeee ToT the last part ToT so cute!!! Sekai being so adorable with each other is so cute.

I feel like, Sehun's depressed
Chapter 12: I feel sorry for kai he seems to be trying so hard ...sehun needs to find the root of his anger