Every fairytale has a dark origin.

Maybe this one does, too.


Hey queenies I'm back from the dead with a new loona fic (yay!)
I apologize for the really long hiatus, school has been such a pain in the lately and I barely find time to write.
Also this chapter turned out way shorter than I wanted it to be, but I promise that the next one would be wayyyy longer, and we'll *hopefully* start building up some plot by then. 
I have a lot of hopes for this fic and I really hope y'all look forward to it as much as I do. 

I'll be warning you now, this fic may contain depictions of violence, angst, drama, and gay because I wrote this fic :'D.

Of course that is definitely not all you'd have to watch out, but don't worry since I'll be adding tags as the story progresses (or if it ever will progress h e h) just to add to that element of surprise.

I've been flittering from plot to plot--originally this fic was supposed to be called Crowns, but then happened and here we are. 

A ya'll had also been asking me to write more hyewon, and oHOHOHOHOHOHO do I have something for y a ' l l

Aside from this fic, I also have a chaptered viseul drabble and a chatfic sitting in my drafts, and I really hope to be able to post those two before Loona's debut (although I doubt heh).

- thel :""D


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BakaGamer #1
Chapter 1: Uuu wonder where she has going