This is My Love


What brings a divorcee and a widowed man together are neither love nor attraction but their children. Kim Moowon and Oh Gunta - Sehun's son who shares a deeper tie with Namjoo than they let on. Their pasts continue to linger as their relationship deepens, but love comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. By giving each other courage and support Kim Namjoo and Oh Sehun will need to discover what kind of love they can give each other. 

***Characters are mine, this is all from my imagination. I'm only borrowing images and names, no other intention

***This is My Love Oneshot


The descriptions remains open to revision f.y.i. Actually what really urged me to write that oneshot before this was when I watched Us and Them on Netflix. The movie really got me and I cried a lot. It is a bittersweet movie between lovers and I've always wanted to write an ending like it, so that's the kind of ending I intended for the oneshot version but who knows what I'll do here ;) 

I was going to work on the finale but looks like that's going to have to wait to Sunday evening. I'm taking a short getaway. Maybe I can think things through more clearly. But I will definitely have this story finished by Monday, so we can all cry together.


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MissMong24 #1
Chapter 39: I truly enjoy how realistic this story is. Even the ending. They are both two broken people who need some time alone to think and come to terms with their emotion, especially Sehun. Good job dear author! You got yourself a new fan :)
theseamaiden #2
Chapter 39: crying 100x more now than the one-shot version of this. :(

thank you for this wonderful story! looking forward to your next. :D
lawildcard #3
Chapter 39: That's beautiful authornim :)
Sehun_ily #4
Chapter 39: I first read this in the morning, I went to work and still feeling sad...

haeri0610 #5
Chapter 39: I want namjoo and sehun to end up together but i know it's hard for them...anyway what a great story...wish that u could make like this again in the future...
chamomille #6
Chapter 39: This painfully good, this squeeze my heart <\3 thank you for sharing and writing this story dear. Now I left imagining what will happen with them in this universe T.T
xMicax #7
Chapter 39: como llore :( , no hay una secuela?
chamomille #8
Chapter 38: I want to say no but that just a selfish wish of me :"(
kathiitha #9
Chapter 39: La ame muy bella historia
Ode2kdrama #10
Chapter 39: The open ending is giving me hope that they might come together in the future. They both appreciate and affection for each other, so they do stand a chance. This story is actually close to reality.
Thanks for writing it. I have immensely enjoyed your regular updates. You have a way with words.