Paper Planes and Rubber Band Balls


Oneshots set in the same universe: Who doesn't love highschool? EVERYONE!  With Jimin out of the picture there's a power struggle among the gangs causing more harm than good. Nayeon is struggling with recurring feelings she can't shake as Sana and Mina begin to plan their life together.


THIS WORKS LIKE FIRE ESCAPE: You prompt anything you want as long as it is within the universe that has been created.

COVER BY: asianpapples 

Ships are:

Nahyun (Nayeon x Dahyun)

No Jam Bros (Jeongyeon x Chaeyoung)

2na (Sana x Mina)

MoJiTzu (Cause why the not!)

IMPORTANT: I’m going on a semi-break from updates, I’ll still update if I can but as I am working on my dissertation (10,000 word essay which will dictate whether I graduate uni or not) I’m going to be busy this month attempting to finish it. Sorry x
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