So Innocent

kindred Heart
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Baekhyun got up from his bed, drank a glass of water, and headed to his study to handle some pending work in his company. He had already started working when a distress knock on his door caught his attention.


The mafia glanced at the clock, it was only past 4 am. It was way too early for any disturbance. He sighed and asked the person at the door to come in. He stared at his right-hand man, Mark with questioning eyes, demanding an answer to his urgent appearance.


"I'm waiting, spill the beans." He sounded stressed, having Mark look at him with those worried eyes was the last thing he wanted to behold.


"Ki-Jung is aware that Aera is with you, he has made news about it, accusing you of kidnapping his lover." Mark broke the news, he was sad and angry at the same time. 


Baekhyun relaxed into his seat. He found the recent news interesting, and he chuckled. "Is that all?" He asked without a sign of anxiety in his voice. He looked calm and collected, he wasn't stressed about the news and Mark found it strange.


"Yes boss, that's all."


"It's fine. You may leave now, I will join you shortly in the living room." Baekhyun went back to what he was doing, while Mark exited the room.


Baekhyun was still typing on his laptop when he suddenly halted it. He picked up his phone to check for the latest update online, and his picture where he was carrying Aera up from the ground popped up.


The mafia saw this coming. He had seen some people taking pictures of him that day. It was expected, money was involved as a reward, people will do anything to get that money.


He got up and went back to his room for his morning bath. He had a lot to handle at his company, not to mention the current situation.


Mark on the other hand went back to the living room to join the others. He was still astonished over the boss's behavior. He sat on the couch in front of Jongdae and Jongin without saying a word.


"What's wrong? What did the boss say?" Jongin asked, he was dying to hear Mark's response.


"He said nothing."


"Nothing?" Jongdae cut in. 


"Yeah, nothing. He only chuckled when I broke the news to him, he asked me if that was all, and when I replied, he asked me to go back and he said he will join us shortly." Mark shook his head, he was confused. He had known Baekhyun for ten good years, still, he can't proudly say he understands him.


"This is strange. He should be panicking or angry or making plans to fight back. I seriously don't understand Baekhyun most times." Jongdae added, he was equally confused.


"Why should I panic or get angry? Ki-Jung is a fool, and he just dug up his own grave. I will make sure Ki-Jung is ruined by his very words, and that will also be the fate of Aera's sister, Camila." Baekhyun looked at Jongin who seemed to be lost in thought and he tapped his shoulder.


"You seem lost. Are you scared?"


"No boss, I was just thinking of a way to make sure Ki-Jung doesn't get the upper hand. How did your meeting with the Commissioner-General, Zhang Yixing go?"


"He wasn't around yesterday, so I invited him over today. Don't worry, I've got everything under control." Baekhyun assured Jongin.


"That's good, boss. I would also say we let Aera know about the current situation. She shouldn't be left in the dark, that way she will be able to speak for herself without being scared." Jongin suggested and Baekhyun smiled.


"Jongin, you should have at least given me a second, and I would have said the same thing you've just said." Baekhyun was impressed, he shot the young man a genuine smile before he turned his attention to Jongdae.


"When Aera is awake, send her to my room." 


"Your room?" Jongdae's jaw almost dropped open in shock. Mina was the only person that had access to his room as a woman, ever since she betrayed him, no woman dared to step into his room.


"What's with that expression?" The mafia asked despite knowing clearly why the doctor had such a reaction. 


"Boss, you've forbidden women from your room and your life, it's shocking to hear you say this."


"Aera is innocent, pure, and naive. She has a pure soul just like Jongin over here, that's why I can trust both of them the way I trust all my men including you two." Baekhyun turned in the direction of his gym room.


"Make sure you pass my message when she's awake, I'm waiting for you all in the gym." Baekhyun left with that being said.


Jongdae looked at Mark with shocked eyes, and the two of them smiled at each other.


"This is a good start for Baekhyun. I hope Aera can bring him out of his past." Mark said in excitement. He picked up his towel and they all went straight to the gym room for their morning exercise, no one noticed that Jimin was listening to their conversation.


Once they were out of sight, Jimin smiled to himself as he got an idea. Of course, he also wants the best for Baekhyun, and he also wants to be friends with Aera.


He went straight to Aera's room and knocked twice on the door, he smiled cutely when Aera opened the door. She looked at Jimin, trying to remember his name, and she smiled after a few seconds.


"Hi Jimin, good morning." She greeted him calmly. "You're Jimin, Taehyung's twin brother, right?" She asked.


"Exactly. I'm the older twin. How are you feeling?"


"I'm fine." Aera moved aside, giving room to the smiling guy into her room. "Do you need anything?" She asked after closing the door. She was curious as to why Jimin would come to her

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