The Mafia Code
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A loud cry of agony filled the darkroom. A blond-haired man knelt on the floor, his hands tied up behind him. He was soaked in sweat, his body trembling in fear and pain. 


Baekhyun smirked. The sight in front of him gave him satisfaction. "Why did you break into my villa?" The mafia's voice was husky and the man felt a cold chill running through his body.


"Ki-Jung sent me here. He wants the document to your diamond company." The man confessed, but Baekhyun began to laugh. 


"I know Ki-Jung to be a womanizer, but him being a fool was something I never expected." Baekhyun walked closer to the man and looked him deep in the eyes.


"I hate people like you, and wasting your life is the only option left." Baekhyun ran his gun across his face down to his chest, and he stopped at his heart area. 


"But I like you because we both have blonde hair. You're a lucky man so you will live." Baekhyun stood straight and looked deep into his eyes, but the man quickly looked away and lowered his head.


"What's your name?" Baekhyun asked, but the man remained silent. He was scared of speaking, but he couldn't keep the mafia waiting.




"Jongin," Baekhyun muttered the name and he smirked. He looked at his right-hand man, Mark, but he could tell that Mark was s

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