Of Robbing Banks and Stealing Hearts


Nayeon is quite possibly the pettiest supervillain ever, Sana is eager to be a bad influence, and Tzuyu just wants to have one peaceful day.


Sanayeon supervillain AU. First time writing this ship so I hope people like it!


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turtleisme #1
Chapter 14: Holy icicles. This is the story I didn't know I needed until I read it. I just love everything about this story. The weird friendship dynamics. The humourous banter. The fact that Jihyo is still the mom friend despite not having any super powers. It's amazing how the maknae line, j trinity, and 3 mix all kind of have their own seperate circles but they're all entwined in one way or another. All the small things about this story is great too: how Nayeon keeps kidnapping Chaeyoung, how you keep pointing out that it's only been a couple of days since Sana and Nayeon met but they're already in love. Honestly I could go on longer about how much I live this fix, but I'm gonna stop here cause I feel like this is already extremly long for a comment.
Chapter 14: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Shiela12 #3
Chapter 14: Welcome back author!!! And you came back with this great chapter.... I don’t know why but I feel like I want Sana to go back so that drama would grow haha but hapoy that Natzu had some decent conversation
11 streak #4
Chapter 13: Your story is crazy, you're probably crazy too....
Johayo ! xD
Chapter 13: They fell inlove too fast. But they’re cute and fluff together. So yes to love!
Chapter 13: Uwuwwwwu
11 streak #8
Chapter 13: Awwww
Chapter 13: This was a more serious chapter but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Chaeyu ♡ honestly love NaTzus frenemy thing sm ♡ the scene at the end was short but so sweet, can't wait for the next update!
Shiela12 #10
Chapter 13: ????