Of Robbing Banks and Stealing Hearts


Nayeon is quite possibly the pettiest supervillain ever, Sana is eager to be a bad influence, and Tzuyu just wants to have one peaceful day.


Sanayeon supervillain AU. First time writing this ship so I hope people like it!


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Ilove_Sanayeon_55 12 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 5: awwwwwwww update plesss
Chapter 5: I love them. I can't wait to Dubu's kidnapping
Chapter 4: OMG they are hilarious!!! Such a crackheads, poor Chaeyu XD I hope Nayeon will meet Mimo
nizcasimiro #4
Chapter 2: SaNayeon us like Dumb and Dumber ??? i wonder whats the beef between NaTzu hmmm
277 streak #5
Chapter 1: sanayeon as thieves
Chapter 4: Omg this is so good!!!!!!! I'm hooked already! Everything about this story is amazing!! Keep it up :D I can't wait for the next update!!! Btw I love sanayeon <3
Chapter 3: I love this fic!
Chapter 3: Love this
Wivern #9
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Rooting for the p(r)ettiest supervillain!
icicleflock #10
i can't even. this whole plot is awesome. i wish i could put into words how i feel about this fic but i can't.