Baby Cheese

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~2min Drabble / Oneshot Collection~





Table of contents


1. ALMOST ALL CAUGHT - 0.9 K words "They were curious why Taemin and Minho aren't married."

2. WHAT JINKI KNOWS... - 1 K words "After all, It was only Jinki who knew about this."

3. THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG - 0.7K words "Apparently, Taemin is a Princess and Minho is a frog"

4. TRIANGLE - 2.6K words "The three best friends fall in love"

5. CALL ME O-P-P-A - 1.7K words "Taemin and his oppa kink"

6. DAFFODILS - 1.1K words "There's a Daffodil field next to their military base."

7. WHITE - 1.5K words "Maybe Minho is lucky or so that's what everyone thought."

8. I'M KKOONGFUSED - 2.3K words "If that’s my cat, who the is this?"


A special thanks to TamaoHime for beta reading <3





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